July 2018 Results - $500+!

Last Update: Aug 3, 2018


Hey there!

I've been thinking about it a lot and decided to start sharing my results. Even though I have my fears, I found it more benefitial to the growth of my business while I was sharing.

It kept me accountable to my progress and goals but also inspired others to give this business a try. I'm still learning how to do this and trying to figure out what I should share.

I have my affililate site, I'm going to develop my make money online site and I have been doing some self publishing too which I'm thinking I will probably drop.

So here's my results for July. I started making money from this site in December 2017 technically?

It was $10. I didn't make anything in January and in February and March it made about 30 bucks each.

Right now traffic is just shy of 2k visitors/month and conversion can be anywhere from 4% - 10%. Seems like when I overshare on social media it drops.

I'm also experimenting with a couple other things to see how they effect both conversion and bounce rate.

July Results

Gosh I'm so nervous but its not even anything spectacular. People post about making thousands and I'm here, nervous about posting a couple hundred dollars.

Anyways, for July I made an approximate total of $576.79. I say approximate because I'm not sure how KENP calculates the total page reads but also there's no way to know what the foreign exchange rates will be on sales either.

You can also see that for June I made $328.72.

I have to admit that I'm dissappointed in my June and July results. May was when I stopped sharing my results on my social media, in particular FB.

June I had other projects going on and also got distracted with other ideas. July was sort of the same unsteadiness.

My goal is to publish 2 articles per week. I was barely making 1 per week.

The site is 15 months old as of July and getting about 2k visitors per month.

I am pretty excited about getting nearly 100 visitors per day. I'm happy to know that the info I write is helping people.

Oh yeah, I write all my content and I don't use any ads. So I'm my own solo train right now, lol.

My original money goal is back in place. I never believed I could do it but I did every time. That is to triple my earnings for each month.

In other words, for August my goal is to make $1500 from my affiliate site. That sounds so impossible but like I said before, every other time did too and if I don't feel like its ridiculous then I won't push as hard.

Well, that's human psychology really. So make big goals that you don't think you can make just not too too big where it discourages you.

Everything in steps :)

I think that's about all I have to say for now. If you have any questions please feel free to ask them in the comments below.

I have a training that I'll be posting later on too so keep an eye out for that! :)

Talk to you later,


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Hi Marlinda.
Well done on your results. I know that sometimes it can be difficult to share things but I think you are doing really well. You are seeing increases in traffic and income and your approach in consistent which is the key to success.
I think you should be proud of these results.

Hey Gail!

Thanks for your kind words of support. I really appreciate it and you are right.

I should be proud of these results :)

~ Marlinda

It's $500 more per month than you had 2 years ago! :)

People may be sharing their success stories with thousands of dollars per month income but honestly we all have our own journey and we move at our own pace.

You should definitely be proud of yourself!!

I created my amazon site in November 2017 and July has only earned me less than $300 (which almost twice more than June results though).

But I take it easy, first of all, technology niche websites are tougher, plus I am happy with every progress I have even if it's a bit slower by some standards.

Congrats on your achievements, Marlinda!

Hey Zarina!

Congratulations to you too and keep up the good work :)

Yes, it takes a while to break through in more competitive niches so keep up the good work too!

I appreciate your support and wise words of wisdom :)

~ Marlinda

That is pretty good going, Marlinda...keep it up :)

Thanks James :) I appreciate your support.

~ Marlinda

Not bad, Marlinda. Keep up the good work.


Hey Wayne!

Thanks for your support and I hope that you find success in your endeavors as well :)

~ Marlinda

Earning $500+ with only 2K visitors in the month, that's fantastic!!

Could you imagine if you can blog more and not be so distracted?!

Your blog is already making good money for what it has, so now you just have to keep adding the way you've been adding content because you are applying the training right!

Could you give me an idea what kind of niche it is? You don't have to tell me exactly if you don't want to.

Keep it up and you'll be at 4 digits pretty quickly!

Hey Grace!

I appreciate your support and encouragement! I'll message you the niche because I don't want anyone people copying it.

I find your results inspiring as well :)
~ Marlinda

Thanks so much! :) You're very close to 4 digits so keep going girl! so excited for you!

Wonderful, Marlinda! Good on ya!

Thanks for the support Netta! :)

Marlinda! I am so happy to hear you are doing so well! That is awesome! Congratulations!!!!!! I am not making that much yet.

Good job!

Hey Jessica!

Thanks so much! This means a lot and I hope that you continue to grow your business as well :)

~ Marlinda

Don’t be afraid Marlinda! I’m glad you’re doing this because it definitely keeps you accountable.

You’re doing good and I’m proud of you. Keep up the good work!

Look forward to your training :)

Hey Jerry!

Thanks for your support. This really means a lot to me and I learn a lot from your training as well. :)

Look forward to following your growth and progess as well. You and Grace inspired me to share too.

Keep up the good work! I look forward to see you reaching your goals as well.

~ Marlinda

Thank you Marlinda! Let’s do it :)

I appreciate your honesty about the struggles and fears. I too have some fears, but I have to say that as I go through each step in training, I am growing in confidence and excitement. Best wishes to you! I will be watching you soar!

Hey Leann!

Thankks for your support and sharing. Yes, I have and have had many many fears.

Many fears and many tears. Lots of doubt and other obstacles too.

I hope that you continue to challenge and overcome your fears and grow your online business :)

If you need someone to talk to you can feel free to message me. I want to be soaring but I want you to be soaring with me too! :)

Keep up the good work,


Thank you Marlinda!
With great people like you lifting and encouraging me, I believe success is the only option!
Please keep me updated on your successful steps!

Happy for you and thanks for sharing. It motivates us! Keep rocking!

Hey Paul!

Thanks for your support and I'm glad that you and others can find inspiration/motivation from this information.

Keep up the good work too :)

~ Marlinda

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