Wolf is at the door!

Last Update: March 01, 2019

Wolf at WA Door?

Oh, NO, they have already broken in! They are here so watch yourself! These wolves are heartless and do not care about the rules that WA has set in place!

Worst of all they want to condemn the two people who own this platform for not keeping it safe from people like them.

On top of that these members will take it upon themselves to belittle members, showing disrespect to the members who stand up for the community against them.

Handing out abuse in any form they find is appropriate until they push the member that disagrees or calls them out into leaving our community.

Yet, their Narcissistic ways turn into they are doing nothing wrong and want other members to rally around them. Saying new members leave because of these members, WHAT?

They are here to tear the community into to separate sides, theirs being no rules and no holds barred with spamming or anything else they feel is appropriate.

Against the real faithful and true members of WA who hold our community with its rules in the highest regards.

One thing this time around that really annoyed me was a member who has been with WA for some time, since 2016, jumped at the chance to side with the WOLF?

Finding this highly unusual until I found the profile of this member and knowing of past dealings with them things then began to make more sense.

Notice I am not putting any member profile names out here not to protect those who are doing this community wrong, but instead to protect those who can get hurt by this instead!

Respect for Rules

I am sure lately many of you have noticed I have not been visibly active inside the community like I was earlier in my membership.

Members who I am close to and trust know the reasons for this, the rest of you presume it is because I have been working on my own business (to some degree this is true).

Carson, Kyle, and Jay who I have so much respect for giving me this opportunity to build my own online business are why I disappeared into the background.

Not wanting to be banned for any reason even the slightest slip up, some members who take offense with the drop of a pin, holding up the rules of WA is difficult.

Those of you who are not familiar with the rules of WA please read them here:


Some members are very sneaky so read rule #19 below:

"19. Anything else that you are knowingly doing in attempt to sell something."

    Other than EDUCATIONAL LINKS to training or blogs no other links should ever be shared inside WA whether it be on blog posts or in Live Chat.

    Please NOTE what is written above EDUCATIONAL LINKS sharing of others blog posts for any other reason is really not educational!

    Exception: If the blog post is a WA one then putting in your affiliate link due to Google indexing and ranking is not hurting anyone, everyone here is already a member!

    All members need to abide by the rules not just a select few who try to make sure the rule is followed! If a new member makes a mistake then a warning is appropriate along with a copy of the rules.

    Should the new member continue to post links then they should be spammed - everyone is entitled to make a mistake especially a new member!

    Those members who have been here and know the rules need to start playing by the rules if you do not like them I suggest you work on your business and stay out of the community eye.

    Anyone Can Join WA

    This is fact, and because of this fact, keeping the wolves out of WA becomes the responsibility of the community!

    Carson and Kyle are busy owners they rely on members of the community to alert them to the wolves who join as members to hurt our community.

    For those of you not brave enough or not wanting to bother them please get hold of an Ambassador or someone you trust to do it for you!

    My guess is 95% of the members here feel it is not their responsibility to watch after the community and keep these people away, how can you think this?

    With only 5% of the community watching out for the wolves some are bound to slip in and make life miserable for all of us! They are here now!

    I for one try to help all I can with the knowledge and experience I have gained since becoming a member of WA.

    This community is based on helping each other not trying to separate the community into two exact opposites where one side thinks doing whatever is fine!

    As adults how hard is it to stay within the guidelines of rules that Kyle has put out there? Is it so difficult for anyone to understand that self-promoting within WA is not permissible?

    Our community is the best there is go try to find one that is better, please report back because I would love to know about it.

    In Conclusion

    Referred to as a trouble-maker by another member this stuck me as funny, sorry but I really had to put this in here, how is respect for other members and following rules being a trouble-maker?

    Plus considering my absence from the community for the past three months this also amused me I have not been in Live Chat but to say hello to a few members on occasion.



    Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post today - for those of you who agree with me smash that LIKE button - those who do not you are in the 95% or a wolf ::))

    Sorry, I call them as I see them,


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    SueKolman1 Premium
    I have a problem with WA because of the fact that they do not update their training with the changing "rules." I've been burned following the training and then find out that -oh wait, that's not allowed today. I could theoretically be suspended or banned.
    I always warn Newbies about the pitfall of the training.
    Marley2016 Premium

    Honey, the Spam is a No No should be brought to everyone's
    attention when they first come here, I agree! But these
    people, some have been warned by people that have been
    Ambassadors down they continue to self-promote! Ever on
    the sly - such as if you are interested PM me I will give you
    the details hooking them up with an affiliate link so they make
    a commission from another member ::((

    This is to caution all of you to these members who are doing
    this they try to be sneaky and sly, but if you take the time to
    watch for them - be brave let them know it is not allowed!
    Ask politely for them to remove the post/link, give them a copy
    of the Spam is a NO NO, should they refuse and ignore you
    slap that spam button!

    Just saying we all need to watch for them and do by the
    community in the right way keeping these people out!

    Thanks for the input - I will be sure to include the Spam is
    a NO NO to all of my referrals from now on ::))

    Eliz65 Premium
    Nicely said... Glad you are back. Sure hope Kyle and Carson are on top of this. One reason I joined WA was because of how supportive everyone is! We can’t let a few bad eggs stop us from being here for each other.
    I know I’ve stopped using chat and site comments for now...
    Too much spam coming in and not sure where it’s coming from.
    Here’s to better days ahead!
    Marley2016 Premium

    I left Live Chat a few months ago due to these wolves to
    think that they are returning is very upsetting. But, I will
    stand my ground against them!

    Truth and honesty will prevail over those who are here to hurt
    WA and with members standing together they will not win!

    Thanks for the support,
    Susie ::))
    NnurseBecca Premium
    I believe this, narcissists are rare but dangerous. The wolf conspiracy seems like a big problem that is getting a lot of attention. I tried to share some tips and my blog was completely empty of responders with floods of comments for the wolf and spammysammy posts. 3 people expressed encouragement for my writing the next day, though. And that made me happy!
    I really think these warnings are appropriate to share in any business. Bullying and creepos and thieves are demolishing the spirit of companies, especially new starts. It pertains to us all. I vaguely wondered if I was the wolf with amnesia when no one answered my posts...but I have not profited from accidental acts of ignorance nor have made any unethical attempts knowingly. Still it is good to closely examine blogs and comments to avoid accidents. I have been blocked from making comments without knowing what exactly was beyond my bounds to say. So that was a slap of reality.
    Warmest Regards,
    Nurse Becca
    Marley2016 Premium
    Honey, I am so sorry that you were blocked from comments.

    But, knowing what has been going on with that platform I can
    only surmise! Site Comments affect the SEO of a website for
    new members, they do not have a clue about this. Comments
    must be relevant and well written for some members which I
    do understand, for myself I prefer them to be relevant to the post
    and not be where the people reading them know they have
    come from a WA member ::))

    Thank you for giving me support in this we must keep these
    people out of WA,
    SondraM Premium
    Well said!

    All the the comments that I received on my recent post, that I am still trying to respond to, reminds me that Wealthy Affiliate is an amazing community full of members that are ethical and full of integrity.

    Yet it is up to each of us to protect the integrity of this community.

    We have a wonderful community here. Like everywhere else, there are wolves and slimy snakes will find their way into our ranks from time to time.

    If we try to pretend that the issues do not exist, we risk becoming a breeding ground for more unethical behavior.

    So far, every reputable affiliate marketing program I have come across has no tolerance for spam.

    Those utilizing Facebook forums seem to have moderators with the power to immediately remove them.

    So, the wolves that are spamming should not act like they are getting mistreated here.

    Trust yet Verify

    No spamming
    Marley2016 Premium

    Thanks to you I was able to write this blog today - your inspiration
    to me is invaluable!
    This is what WA means to many of us - the ones that do not
    belong here will be found out!

    They need to stop trying to be sly self-promoting is forbidden
    and needs to stop - call me the WA police if you want but I
    follow the rules so should everyone else!!!!

    Thank you honey,
    RDulloo Premium
    I absolutely agree with you here, Susie.

    This community, Kyle, Carson and Jay already do so much for all of us, from updating training, to doing live classes, to keeping our websites and businesses safe.

    The least that we can do is educate the newbie that comes in, about the rules and it is also our job as a community, to look out for the best of EVERYONE within the community.

    Being in the make-money-online niche, I can confirm what you have said about WA being the only one of its kind on the internet. I write a lot of reviews on other programs (I have written over 200 of them) and I'm yet to find a community or a training platform that is even comparable to what we have here within WA.

    What we have to realize is that it is a PRIVILEGE to be able to communicate with each other within the platform and we should do that considering how it will affect the person it is directed to and to the rest of the community.

    Thanks for bringing up such an important point!

    Marley2016 Premium

    So right you are - I have seen members being abused for
    standing up for the community to enforce what Carson and
    Kyle have wanted for us here - only to be abused by these
    members who think they should be able to waltz in here and
    take over.

    Wrong we are not going to stand for this - we love our WA
    community we will stick together and out THEY will go!

    Thank you for coming by with such wonderful words of
    ShaunnaLynne Premium
    So true Renee... it is a priviledge!!