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April 18, 2020
ATTENTION PLEASE READ!I am attaching screenshots of what I received to make you all aware of this. Not sure what type of scam you want to call this one, but I purchase all my domains through WA and know that this is some type of new scam someone has created.Do not be fooled by people know what you have here at WA is the real deal, I have no idea where this person came up with thinking I would pay for my domain that I purchased through WA let alone pay almost five times as much for a single yea
February 25, 2020
It's Been A Long Time!Hello all, I have not posted a WA blog post in a couple of months so today I thought it would be a good idea to let ya all know how I have been doing.It used to be I would spend hours in the WA community in Live Chat or helping other members, but that time has passed to other members who need the experience of answering the new members questions.My PM is always open to anyone who needs help and I am always available to assist those who request information about WA.So, what
End of 2019The end of 2019 is fast approaching, which I am sure you are all aware of. So many times we wish time in our life away and we are all guilty of this.Think back to when you were coming up on getting your driver's license or becoming legal age to drink. What were your favorite things you would say?Wow, I cannot wait until I am old enough to drive or go out drinking with my friends. I am guilty the same as the rest of you.This year I did not wish very much of my time away but instead
October 12, 2019
Tips on Writing A Blog PostFor many of us here at Wealthy Affiliate starting out it was impossible to think we could write a good blog post.Especially for me considering I had graduated over 40 years ago. Yes, I am in the senior generation looking to supplement my retirement income.But that is not all, this has been something I had wanted to accomplish earlier in life. Only problem was I found all those "shiny objects" wasting time and money.Other than selecting a niche this is probably the s
Why Is Niche Selection So Hard?It has been brought to my attention by a person who I will not mention that they feel WA does not provide enough training for Niche Selection. Being a Premium Member here at WA this gave me the first thoughts of lashing back at the person defending our wonderful platform.However, I did not do that, but instead decided to do some research to see if this person's claim had any merit.Going through the training: Level 1 – Lesson 3 - Choose a Niche – &ldqu
April 27, 2019
Progress - So Much To Do So Little TimeWorking on the SAC does keep one busy this I must admit. Finding those 50 keywords has been a challenge all by itself.This is the one thing that I can not seem to find enough low hanging fruit keywords to fill 50 posts.Still working on it this accounts for my stress level more than any of the other tasks right now.Writing a minimum of 12 posts to my SAC website is completed and I am still posting away I was keeping up with doing one per day but got a migr
Super Affiliate ChallengeFor the past month I have been doing the training in Boot Camp and working on building out my websites. So for those of you have not seen me visible in the community this is why. I have been pushing out plenty of content now that I combined my websites. Following Jay's Live Training Process for SEO even going back and redoing some of my older posts making them more SEO effective.The reason for this blog post is mostly to say "Thank You" to Carson and Kyle for being on
March 01, 2019
Wolf at WA Door?Oh, NO, they have already broken in! They are here so watch yourself! These wolves are heartless and do not care about the rules that WA has set in place!Worst of all they want to condemn the two people who own this platform for not keeping it safe from people like them. On top of that these members will take it upon themselves to belittle members, showing disrespect to the members who stand up for the community against them.Handing out abuse in any form they find is appropria
February 08, 2019
Congratulations On VegasFirst, I would like to Congratulate those members who made Las Vegas this year and were kind enough to let us see what can be for any of us who are willing to work hard enough to make it there next year.Also, I would like to thank them all for sharing their own wonderful stories of what they brought back from the experience.I consider this to be one of the Hot Topics in WA this week and for possibly a couple more because Kyle and Carson are going to be rolling with imple
February 03, 2019
Seven Months TodayToday marks my 7th month anniversary with WA and I am experiencing all those doubts like Kyle warned us about when we started our journey here at WA.I was doing great the whole month of January until the last week keeping up with the daily tasks that were set for 2019 in December.Then things started to fall apart lost my motivation and started to procrastinate about doing what needed to be accomplished on a daily basis.During the past couple of days I have been checking traffi