High ranking keywords - A Jaaxy gold mine!

Last Update: May 09, 2019

So today I was doing what we are all farmiliar with and that is, finding high ranking keywords with low competition. But what I found today on Jaaxy was an absolute gold mine.

As you know, there is no point on writing a wonderful and informing post that really helps people answer a question.... that they didn't ask! What you think people would want to know and what people actually want to know are usually suprisingly different.

That's why we do keyword research, but you guys already know that.

The gold mine

This post would be a waste of my time if it was just to tell you to do your keyword research, and it wouldn't be fun to read either.

So enough of telling you what you already know and let me tell you about something amazing that I found, something that blew my mind away.

Obviously to rank well, it is going to be easier to target long tail keywords that have very little competiton. After all you will still rank somewhere close to the top if there is nobody else at the top. Being the worst of 10 people in a room still makes you the 10th best person in that room.

The same goes for traffic. No point being at the top of there is no visitors to greet you?

Well what I found from this particular keyword was like none other. It was a truely rare find.

How rare was this keyword

Okay enough keeping you in the dark. This keyword is a 10X!

10X better than my criteria for what makes a great keyword. 10X more traffic then what I typicly aim for, 10X lower competition and best of all, its a great long tail keyword that makes perfect grammatical sense!

Usually I will target keywords with atleast 100 searches per month and with less than 50 competators. These types of keywords are easy to rank for and still provide a decent amount of traffic when compounded with all of the other blog posts.

Finding a keyword that is searched for nearly 1500 times per month usually indicates that there is a lot of competition around the keyword, but this one is not!

There are only 7 other competators going for these keywords and 2 of them lead to the same domain (different pages).

This is an untapped mountain of gold that somehow hasn't been discovered in my popular Niche.

I always make a point to check the QSR of every result that meets the traffic criteria because you never know when you will find a gem like this one.

Don't take offence to me not sharing the keyword at this time, I mean its only a gem because the competition is so low for it right now, don't want to spoil that yet!

Don't be lazy with your keyword research

I would be lying if I said I have never come ascross a keyword that juicy, but it is very rare, especially in a popular Niche as broad as the one I am in.

But don't ignore keywords because you assume there will be too much competition, you don't know until you check.

It only took me 1 click to reveal this little nuggets true value and it would have been missed (yet again apparently) if I hadn't of checked.

Keep your targets firm and strong the way a chef keeps to their recipie, but if oppertunity presents itself, take it!

Your turn

Anybody want to raise me 500 searches an -1 competition? I would love to hear the best keyword results you have found that made you double take at your screen when you saw it. Doesn't matter if it is better or not than anyone elses lets have some fun.

Post your favorite keyword's Ave search and QSR in the comments.

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tbowyer Premium
Hi Mark.

I'm still trying to wrap my ahead around the whole keyword thing, especially in my rather specialist and narrow niche. Even my competitors don't seem to be drawing that much traffic. Still, I hope to build a great website which will branch into more popular–but allied–subjects.

Congrats to you on your find.

Mark-AI Premium
How can you tell what traffic your competitors are getting?

The trick with keyword research is to find ones that you can rank quickly for. This is because if your post is high quality then you will rank for other keywords too once you get a good ranking for the target keyword.

Keep up the good work and build the website of your vision.
tbowyer Premium
"How can you tell what traffic your competitors are getting?"

My niche doesn't do well for good keywords because if they're good they're taken but if they aren't taken they're not good.

Life—sometimes it's like that. (shrug)
Mark-AI Premium
Thanks for the link. IL check it out.

Hope you find what your competition missed :)
tbowyer Premium
Aw, cheers. #metoo 😉
Jenna7 Premium
Thank you for sharing this.
Mark-AI Premium
My pleasure.
BVince Premium
A great post thanks I’m always surprised by the gems you can find if you play around with keywords - found a diamond a few days ago with 0 QSR for a couple of hundred monthly searches- currently waiting to be indexed with my fingers crossed
Mark-AI Premium
That's excellent. Hopefully that traffic will be yours shortly.
jvranjes Premium
Be careful, I have had such eureka moments only to realize it is not a correct keyword. Two things to bear in mind.

1) If it has stop words, try without them. This is your true competition when it comes to quoted result.

2) Check incognito in Google without quotes. This is your true/real competition.
Mark-AI Premium
Yeah that's great advice.

This is a great thing to test.

If the results are still relevant a few pages in then there is more competition then you think.

If the search stops being relevant on the first page then you have serious potential.
NormanS1 Premium
I found a keyword with an avg of 2905 and a QSR of 0. That is really good.. Thanks for the blog.
Mark-AI Premium
Wow that's super! Amazing!