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So today I was doing what we are all farmiliar with and that is, finding high ranking keywords with low competition. But what I found today on Jaaxy was an absolute gold mine.As you know, there is no point on writing a wonderful and informing post that really helps people answer a question.... that they didn't ask! What you think people would want to know and what people actually want to know are usually suprisingly different.That's why we do keyword research, but you guys already know that.The
Today I have completed my research and have launched a brand new WooCommerce dropshipping website and have decided to share my progress and updates with the WA community.Before I begin:- I am hosting my website here at WA- I have purchased a dot com domain name- I am only using the free plugin's that are available as part of your WA membership- The SEO plugin I will be using is the free version of All in one SEO- I will be generating all of my traffic through organic traffic with no paid ad'sTh
February 24, 2019
So I have been using Jaxxy lite for about 10 months now, and it has been very good for keyword research. But now that traffic is more important than ever, it has been really hard for me to start tracking progress on the web searches that are not on the first page of google.You know that button that says upgrade Jaxxy to see the first 20 pages? Well that's not Jaxxy Pro, that's Jaxxy enterprise.That being said, Pro gives 10 pages, which to be honest is way more than enough as anything beyond tha
Its a new year. 2019 is the year it is all happening with a fresh start and new beginnings.Unfortunately one of these new beginnings is all of your best .... of 2018 posts! Especially if you have a lot of them on your sites, they are now all out of date.Im sure you smart people are already fully on top of this but I had forgot to update some of my most successful posts and noticed a huge drop in traffic!Im keeping this post short and sweet as I have a lot of posting to do. Put the work in now a
May 03, 2018
So I just spent 2 hours writing a post for my site and just learned a very painful lesson... The auto saves had stopped working an hour ago! When I clicked on the check grammar it reset my post to the last saved point and I have lost most of my work. There is no way for me to recover what I have lost and are going to have to do it all again.This post is to serve as your friendly reminder to save your work manually often, especially before you click anything else!!!
April 28, 2018
Hi everybody at WA and thank you for the massive warm welcome you have all shown. I truely feel like I have joined a family and not just a business platform.With my site nearly ready for feedback I am excited to get some good quality content up and running.If any body would like to support me then please add me to your google + account and +1 my posts if you like them. love each and every one of you and thanks for making my joining of WA a no braine
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