Comments Not Showing On Site?


Question: Are your "comment reply" or "response areas" not showing up on your site?

I am sure with all the talents here there are many folks that have lots of ways to figure this problem out.

I have 2 suggestions to make:

First :

Go to a post.

Click on edit.

Up in the right corner there is a button that is called "Screen Options" and click it.

Be sure "discussion " is clicked

Scroll down on the page til you come to "discussion section" and be sure "comments" is checked.

Second Solution which is best over-all.

Go to the Dashboard-Appearance-Plugins-All Plugins

There is most likely a plugin causing the problem.

Open a new window in your site.

Go to your "Home" of the page or a "major page" of your site.

Deactivate the top plugin

Refresh your page.

If nothing changes go to the next plug in.

etc etc etc until your comments show up. Be sure to always "refresh" the page.

That plugin that you deactivated last is a plugin that is not letting you see the "comment or reply areas".

If you comments are working fine now all the other plugins work for your site.

I hope that helps and if it does that will cost you"$100" for my services. lol

I won't charge you that just please go to and leave a comment. I will return the favor. If you recently tried to add a comment please return and try again.

Hey isn't this fun? You don't have to answer that I know your enjoying it all.


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Thank you, I solved the issue in no time by deactivating a plugin, that was an easy one!:)

Hi Manuel - I tried both your suggestions and it does not make any difference :-( I have been asking for help but nobody seems to know. May I ask you to have a look for me please?
Thank you

Hi Angel, some themes only allow comments in the Posts/Blog pages. You may be using one of those themes. Also some themes let you choose different page styles like, Page With Sidebar Template, Page With Comments, Page Without Sidebar. You'll see an option for this if you go into your dashboard, then pages, then all pages and look about halfway down on the right for a drop down menu.

Ok thank you I will try this

Hi angel if you have not managed to solve it you can always do a screen shot makes it easy for people see what the problem is, it could be your theme, if all fails you can try putting a support ticket

Thank you! I needed help with this.

Good post, Manuel. Thanks for sharing this. Seems like I remember seeing some others who have hit this issue recently. I haven't had an answer for them until now.

Well it certainly not the all or none answer, but it might help someone out and that is what's important

It is not an all or none answer. But it's definitely something to look at and see if it works. Most things online are trial and error process. Just like some other things in life. I have had success with that process when other things did not work.

Definitely right on that one!

Good information. Thanks for sharing.

Great suggestions....and much needed information! Thank you for this....going to your site now and will leave comment ( You are one funny guy!

I left you a comment. However, I read a discussion recently that it is better not to ask people to leave their name, email, and website as this might prevent some from leaving comments. I took out all that from my posts. Take care.

That depends on what your wanting the comments for and who comes to your site. That concept does not fit all scenarios. I appreciate your comment on that issue. That does make for a good discussion.

One other point on this topic of asking for name, email, and website. In this business of online marketing a person has to always take the good with the bad. If you do away with the bad your liable to do away with some of the good that is so important to your marketing. I personally want people to see my website so I am going to take every avenue to make sure they have it. I realize there is some negatives in that. But in the positive side it can create an opportunity to engage a person in your business by returning the favor to comment on theirs. Concerning the email address you will decide when they leave it is it legit, but without it good luck on your email marketing campaign to prospect interested clients that leave your site. Now the name is really up to them they will decide whether they really leave their name or nickname or etc. However, in the end I would not let fear guide you in your marketing endeavors or as well as on their end. Most people in this world of visiting sites and getting information at the year 2015 understand that they have the option of opting out whenever they want to and even provide an alternative box of some kind. I give away many
items on some of my sites and they are free in a financial way, but not without a email address. Let's face it not many things are really free. There is always a swap out. That is true online or in the offline business. If fear is driving them, they will not buy anything or get anything online without giving some information. That you can't control. The only thing you can control is electing to taking the bad with the good for your success. That is my opinion anyway. What say you?

Good idea Manuel. I will do half with and half without and learn from it first hand. Would you say it is a good strategy?

I think your right on target.

I would say your right on target with your thinking.

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nice information on this problem

Nice one Manuel.

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