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You know what I love about Wealthy Affiliate and working online? It is always a work in progress. Every day I am building my website and business - each day it is getting stronger and stronger.

A few years back I was charging about $50 to write a product review or a promotional post on my website and share it on my social networks. Today I charge $360 for a product review - talk about a nice price increase right?

Now while I have a set rate card with services I offer I regularly get contacted by PR companies now that need something out of the box - sometimes I give them a quotation but other times they will send me an email with their requirements and give me an offer.

The amazing thing is that very often the offer is a huge amount more than my rates. In fact last year I was asked for my rate card which I sent the customer and they sent me an email back offering me R10 000 (approximately $700) to write and publish a sponsored post when the rate listed on my rate card was $150!

That job took me 2.5 hours from the time I started it until the time I had sent them my invoice and they paid me within 48 hours.

Last year I wrote a few success posts and I love looking back and knowing that I am constantly besting my best.

This is what Wealthy Affiliate is about, what working online is about.

And yes this week I am once again besting my best - by a long shot. On Wednesday I am being flown across the country to Benoni, spending the night in a hotel and in the morning attending an event at their factory and then they fly me home again. All expenses paid trip plus I am being paid R17 000 (approximately $1185) to write a blog post and do a few social media posts as per their requirements.

Now I am not writing this post to boast, I am writing it to share with the newbies and those that are still struggling to earn their first dollar that Wealthy Affiliate works!

I remember 3 months after joining Wealthy Affiliate my husband laughing at me because he wanted to know how much money I had earned for all my work over the 3 months and I said a grand total of $7. Also just note that the $7 was not profit, it was income. I had paid in my monthly fee to WA so I had actually made a loss of over $100...

So I went from my earning $7 over a period of 3 months working till 2am every morning in 2015, to earning $50 per product review in 2016 to $1185 for a blog post and social shares in 2019. At this rate of increase I wonder what 2020 will have in store for me?

Here are some of my highlights from last year:

12 March 2018 - Received Two Biggest Influencer Jobs To Date

20 October 2018 - Biggest Influencer Job To Date

30 October 2018 - Free Night On A Cruise Ship - Some More Perks Of Blogging

23 November 2018 - Instagram Influencer - Nailed It!

There have been plenty of other smaller jobs in between the big ones and lots of incredible free products such as my LG washing machine and microwave and kids smart watches, and more.

I've also been completely surprised with hampers showing up at my door!

And yes WA teaches affiliate marketing and I do make money through affiliate marketing, including WA referrals and Amazon, as well as income through Google Ads.

The point here is that WA teaches you how to build your website and get traffic. Once you get that traffic the world is your oyster and you can monetize your website in any way that you like. You don't have to stick to just one thing and you can be as creative as you like.

Here's to you and me, besting our best all the way.

If you would also like to earn influencer income, here's some info I put together:

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Lynne, you have always been an inspiration to anyone that has followed you and that knows the challenges that you have faced in the past. You put in the hard work, you ignored those who would not encourage you, and by your own grace, and the the grace of God, you have been successful. Thanks for sharing with us.

That is great!!!! Congratulations. WA gives us so many opportunities to make money in slightly different ways.

I'm starting to think that I might want to be an "influencer" like you some day. That trip did sound nice.

I know that physical brick and mortar business has some big very down sides - like uncontrollable costs. And not being able to control the weather outside which affects the number of customers that may come in.

Yet, the online world requires our time and work effort initially. You are proof that the investment will pay off with time and hard work.

Great job!

Starting to work online has been the best move I have ever made. I love being in full control over what I want to do and being able to come up with more ways to add to my income.

You have so much to be proud of besides your on line success. You are an inspiration (any that have not seen Lynn’s bio need to check it out)

Proud of and for you. You are amazing


Aww thanks Barry :) That is so sweet.

Well done on your increasing success Lynne. I'm inspired by and continue follow your progress.

p.s. 'Straight outa Benoni', lol (methinks that was the movie title)

Hi Les - yeah but I'm going straight into Benoni. Charlize Theron is from Benoni :)

Awesome hobble Lynn! Thank you for sharing.

It's a pleasure Celina :)

An awesome and inspirational post. Your success is such a boost for all of us just starting out. Thank you.

It is a pleasure :)

Congratulations Lynne and thanks for your sharing! Really broad my eyes and let me know so many new things.

It is a pleasure!

As always you are doing amazing work. Best of luck to you.

Thanks Matthew :) It is just so exciting I had to share it with you all.

Thanks for sharing! Wow!

Thanks Theresa :) It has been the most amazing journey!

Congratulations Lynne!!! So proud!!

Thank you! This week is a travel week for me which is so exciting. Normally I just sit at home! Tomorrow I've got an Xtraordinary Women breakfast in Cape Town, then Wednesday and Thursday I am in Benoni - Saturday I am traveling with my hubby to Botrvier for all expenses paid night away at a Guest House on a wine farm in exchange for a review and some social posts. It is going to be our first night away together (without kids) since.... ummm wait not even sure we have done no kids since we had kids hahaha

Omg, this sounds wonderful!! It is well deserved, I must say. The guest house on a wine farm sounds amazing!! I wish I could stalk you there, haha. That would be hilarious.
Anyway, do tell us how it went once you are back home!! Have fun!

Yeah I am sure my hubby would love to see you peeking in the window ROFL :)

We are actually really looking forward to it, some time alone without kids!

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