The Art of Following Others on WA

Last Update: September 08, 2018

I have noticed in my experience here at WA that some people try to follow as many others as possible, while some individuals seek to make a real connection with others.

What's your process for hitting the "follow" button?

A little background on me, I'm an overachieving competitive person (just against myself), so give me something like a "rank" to increase and, watch out, I'm going to work on increasing it!

One component that I learned was that important to things like rank here at WA was interactions with other as well as growing your network. So I set out to do that, from day one. However, I want to make connections with people, not just increase a network rank number. I'm here to learn from others after all, and that takes authentic communication.

So I made a conscious decision on how I would approach the art of following others here on WA.

  • Never just silent follow someone.
    • I mean, don't click that follow button without at least putting a few words together to say hello and that you want to connect.
  • The "Follow Back".
    • Thank the person who has followed you (they didn't have to) and do them the courtesy of following them back. Tell them you are following them back as well.
  • When following or following back, make it personal!
    • I follow a lot of new people or people who have just opted in for Premium and when I reach out, I always introduce myself as another Newbie (it's authentic and relate able), and then I always offer help.
  • Take 30 seconds to look at someone's bio and pick up on something they are passionate about.
    • You don't want to make the personal component just about you, people love to be complimented (genuinely). So find something that strikes a cord from their bio and call it out. Maybe it's where they live and you want to travel there, their passion or hobby you admire, their positive attitude, whatever. Make it something they can actively connect to.

As much as I love seeing my rank increase from day to day, it's more about creating and fostering a caring community here. No one is too busy to take 30 seconds to craft a personal "hello" to another.

Think about how you would greet someone who you meet in person. Do the same here!

Remember, you don't know what's going on in their lives and your follow and comment to them may just be the thing that makes their day or gives them the encouragement they need!

Best wishes for everyone's success here!


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Ashabahebwa Premium
Ohh my God I knew this would be you my favorite Christina. Thanks for that insight.

Your number one fun,
lottie17 Premium
I'm glad this could be helpful Allan! you are very welcome and thank you for the kind words!
YanFellow Premium
Hi Christina

That's pretty much what I do. I followed a few of the top rankers :-) and I followed some new members - someone said this helps your rank but I did it just to be sociable :-) - and anyone who posts something interesting that I see but you could spend your whole life doing this and how many people can you realistically interact with? Some members have 10K's of Followers.

So I'm a bit more selective now although I always follow back anyone who follows me.

lottie17 Premium
I think that's a good policy. You don't want to follow people just to try and achieve a number. It's really about establishing connections that will lead to learning, community, etc. It's not quantity so much as quality!
MichaelYi Premium
This is a great way to network here in WA. Thanks for posting this.
lottie17 Premium
Thank you! I think that networking here is so important as we are all on this journey together and have the opportunity to help each other out. But that takes authentic connection first :)
EandS2018 Premium
Spot on !
Thank you for this reminder!
May we all inspire and encourage one another !
lottie17 Premium
Thank you so much! I want to see this community thrive and I think it all starts with the first interaction!
gehorner Premium
Great advise Christina. I find myself getting in a hurry sometimes and just doing a quick thank you or just follow back. I need to slow down and put a little more effort into connecting. Thank you for your insight.

Best Regards,
lottie17 Premium
There are times I have to give myself the same advice. We all get in a rush, but when we slow down and actually make worth while connections, that's when we really start to succeed. In my humble opinion at least :)