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I've been getting a lot of questions lately like: How's your traffic? How many sales have you made? I've also been seeing a lot of posts with individual's revenue statements from August. I am inspired to see such success is out there and those posts work as great barometers for what is possible with long term work and growth!However, from several members that I talk to, there is an idea that with any website, even mine in a niche that is pretty competitive (health and wellness), I should be se
I have noticed in my experience here at WA that some people try to follow as many others as possible, while some individuals seek to make a real connection with others.What's your process for hitting the "follow" button?A little background on me, I'm an overachieving competitive person (just against myself), so give me something like a "rank" to increase and, watch out, I'm going to work on increasing it! One component that I learned was that important to things like rank here at WA was intera
As I have been leaving comments on lots of others websites, I usually see a pop up for a newsletter, free download or special offer sign up. This type of email marketing is very typical and can be a very powerful tool. But the big question is, at what point to implement it?As someone who is new to the blogging world, I definitely want to increase my readership and my regular returning readers. However, as I started to explore the email marketing world, I was confronted with questions and roadb
I'm celebrating every milestone because this is a whole new venture for me, and today marks another milestone. My first site is indexed on Google!I'm so excited! And I just joined WA and started this site last week. So far I haven't added a lot of affiliate marketing (a little but not a lot), but now I will slowly sprinkle more in! I feel like the premium training provided, and the support of the community for likes, shares, comments, etc has been invaluable!For other new comers, here's how it
As I was working through another training today, I created my second post (yay!) and this time I was so excited to have learned how to affiliate link! I just couldn't wait!Until Kyle's words came through the video tutorial that you shouldn't have too many affiliate links in your post as Google will look upon that negatively in your ranking.Oh no! I don't want to be viewed as just a pusher of products, by either Google or my readers. So the question of the day became, how many affiliate links a
This is day 3 of my new endeavor on WA and I have to say I have learned so much more than I really expected to when I first took a glance at this platform. Not only am I loving these tutorials, and my inner achiever is always satisfied when I can check the box next to the training I have just completed.So far, I have established my niche (health & wellness/mobility products), bought a domain, created an email specific to it (and successfully forwarded it), wrote a really great (in my humbl
So I am part way through my basic affiliate training and am now tackling the big question: How to choose my first niche. I read the training, I watched the guide, I went to, I looked at google searched, I posted to the training feed, I messaged my referrer. All the right steps, right?! I'm starting to narrow it down, but for me I am going with my gut feeling. My gut is what wakes me up at night thinking about how I am going to improve a Pilates' client experience and positively
Day 1 and I had no idea when I woke up this morning that I would end up here. It's amazing how synchronicity and the universe sometimes put just the right opportunities in front of you. The question is, are you ready to be in. Not like 'toe in the water to test the temperature" in, but all in! Like "full running start, jump, tuck into a cannonball and land with a gigantic splash" kind of in. That's where I am today. It's exciting. It's a little scary to try something new, and let's be hon