From the Damage comes Beauty

Last Update: May 04, 2017

Hello Everyone, I just wanted to share some of the crafts that we will be making from the trees that Mother Nature destroyed. These pieces were made from trees that we found at the river bed.

This is a clock I made for my hubby on our 4th anniversary, it is 3 inches thick, I sanded it stained it and then did the wood burning and last I coated it with polyurethane.

My husband made this, its my favorite piece of art. He made this from a thin slab of tree trunk. He then drew the design and wood burned it.

I make keychains from small limbs. The same process is used, cut, sand, stain, woodburn, and polyurethane.

So you see all the trees we had to cut down from the snow storm, will be used to make beautiful pieces of art. All was not lost.

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XinZhang Premium
Very nice!
SondraM Premium
The raccoon is amazing! Your husband is very talented. Best wishes.
SAtkins1 Premium
That's really cool!
MKearns Premium
This is beautiful Lori and could be the start of an unusual niche!
loriC1 Premium
Thank you, I never even thought of it as a niche. Will have to mull that around a little.
Oyz49 Premium
Oh my, very very nice, and you have a good fantasy to.
Good to see that something good came out of the broken trees. :)
Great job
loriC1 Premium
Thank you