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May 13, 2017
Happy Mothers Day to all the Mothers, Grandmothers, and to all the fathers that play both roles. May your day be blessed with happiness and family.
Hello Everyone, I just wanted to share some of the crafts that we will be making from the trees that Mother Nature destroyed. These pieces were made from trees that we found at the river bed. This is a clock I made for my hubby on our 4th anniversary, it is 3 inches thick, I sanded it stained it and then did the wood burning and last I coated it with polyurethane.My husband made this, its my favorite piece of art. He made this from a thin slab of tree trunk. He then drew the design and wood b
April 29th was just the beginning, the 30th she dropped 12 inches of snow. This morning I saw the damage that she caused.Tree in front yard split in half.Elm tree destroyedCherry tree half thereAll that's left of the Peach treeApricot tree, some branches brokeShade tree branches downLarge limb downAnd the Iris can with stand anything.We spent most of today cleaning up the yard, cutting down what's left of the fruit trees and shedding a few tears in the process. The fruit trees were planted in t
April 29, 2017
Mather nature sure gave me a very unwelcome surprise this morning. Snow at the end of April, we are supposed to get around 12 inches and freezing temperatures tonight. The really sad news is all the fruit that my trees have will be gone this year.I was praying all year that she would find it in her heart and let the fruit mature without any mishaps. Well that being said, another year goes by without fresh homemade, apricot, peach, and cherry jam.
April 24, 2017
or evenMeet Sally, she is a 1926 Model T Sedan and the newest addition to our family. Sally was completely restored, there are a handful of parts that are new, the interior and the wood flooring which is made from Oak. The spokes were hand crafted by a Amish man, who resides in Kansas.Sally is very difficult to drive, it actually takes two. One to just steer and run the gear shift and the pedals. The gear shift has neutral and second, the left foot pedal is first gear and you must hold it down
April 21, 2017
Its a beautiful rainy day out, the smell of the rain is intoxicating, its the kind of rain that cleanses the earth and the soul.The tulips have their heads bowed in thankfulness for the rain quenches their thirst. The grass is turning greener right before my eyes. The Apricot tree is overjoyed with the gentle rain, her limbs are full and the rain will just add a little more sweetness to her fruit.With this peaceful rain also comes boredom, the dogs stand at the door with a melancholy look, just
April 14, 2017
Guess what I learned today here at WA?I learned that people care, even if we truly don't know one another, we are there for each otherI was reading the comments that was for one of the community that had a SMALL heart attack( according to him) and everyone that left a comment was so warm and supportive. This support even happens when someone makes their first sale, or when they hit the top 200 rank. There are many posts that get everyone's support which is fantastic.It really makes my heart sin
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April 11, 2017
I was just wondering if there were any other pet lovers here at WA. I'm talking about the ones that treat their pets as family.Here in my home town, people leave their dogs tied up even if they have a fence, no protection from the elements, half the time no fresh water, and left standing in their own mess. Heck, they don't even spend time with their pet.Since I'm such a critter lover, I have earned quite a few bad names, just because I will knock on their door and tell them about how to take ca
April 09, 2017
I woke up breathing, so I know its going to be a beautiful day. The weather is great, sun is shining and the yard is calling. Its time to clean out the flower beds rake up the dead grass, trim some bushes, and pull out the dandelions that are already raising their heads to greet me this year. Now I must say the dandelion is my favorite flower, they were the only bouquet in the house the whole time the kids were growing up, now they are back in the house because of the grandkids. Well WA, I hope
April 05, 2017
Today I was talking to my 8 year old granddaughter on the phone, and she picked such a bad time to call because I was working on my content. Trying so hard to listen to her and write was not going good at all. And out of my mouth I said I was going to FAIL. She stopped in mid sentence and informed me that was a bad word according to her teacher. She stated that whenever we are doing homework(which she calls what I'm doing) that we can never say that word and to practice saying we will get a A.