Information Overload!

Last Update: July 30, 2013

You may have noticed that I have not been quite so active on WA over the last few days, this is not because I'm losing interest - far from it!

Having completed the initial training I decided to embark on the Affiliate Bootcamp as WA is a product I am more than happy to promote, it stands head and shoulders above anything else I've seen out there. My mistake though was to try to rush through the training which resulted in what I can only describe as information overload. So I am trying to take things a little slower, take more breaks, work fewer hours etc.

My goal remains to have portfolio of websites each with a different niche.

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2yorkiemom Premium
I was just wondering where all my WA buddies have gone to, I was thinking everybody was on vacation. I miss the sun and sand of the Gulf Coast.
I have put time and effort in WA and ignored the other website and I have to get to it because I am pretty sure it will be my "moneymaker"
steveo5770 Premium
I hear you Liz! I have this propensity to put the cart before the horse and get bogged down in details I don't need to worry about yet. With the WA training, I don't even LOOK at the future training modules, I stick to what's in front of me now, and it's made a HUGE difference in my productivity :)
Hudson Premium
I think you are taking the right approach. A little off screen thinking time often produces great results
tommydillard Premium
I agree with Rick we all need to slow down and breathe. Good luck
Rick Jantz Premium
Yeah, sometimes you just have to slow down and breathe. I've now gone back over some of the training because I didn't realize how important it was at the time.

BTW, after 7 months, I'm still on information overload. But what does that tell you about this great training and support center? Now I know where to to look for the information as I need it though.