Oh My! $1400+ In One Day! Affiliate Marketing Is Amazing!

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Hello WA Warriors!

I hope you are all safe and being healthy!

We are living in crazy times STILL in the USA here and although there is caos, I still can report good news.

At a time when so many people don't have jobs, I'm able to earn like this yesterday:

Plus, the doesn't include my other smaller affiliate commissions, and ads.

It's not everyday like this, but I also have other mornings where I wake up to something like this:

So, what's the secret?

Paid traffic? NOPE. I'm definitely not that good at it yet.



What the heck am I talking about? Your website! That's the first and most important online asset you have, it's your home, your hub, where people go to find you.

Plus any other online assets you want to build but don't spread yourself out thin and go all over, concentrate on certain ones so that you can have consistent action on them.

I have 3 online assets driving free traffic for me:

1. Website

2. YouTube

3. TikTok

I finally hired a writer again to write for my site, it's been way too long and it lost all its momentum.

This is what I mean about staying consistent, whatever you want to build, do it for the long term. My site was getting 2K visitors a day at its height and I let it slip by not writing on it.

I started other other projects and as my focus shifted, my site continued to suffer after each Google update.

But I'm not giving up on it! I'll see how it all goes with the new posts but it's going to be a long road to recovery.

I've been building my YouTube channel for a year and a half now and late last year joined TikTok to do video marketing.

As it turns out, I really love video marketing, very fun to do, and I enjoy learning all the new things in my video journey.

It's definitely been a crazy ride with the TikTok to YouTube combo, if you guys haven't tried it, it's worth looking into. It's super fun and easy to learn.

I've definitely been consistent with both of these platforms and that's why they've grown to where they are today.

It is hard to juggle it all and that's why hiring a writer is a must for me at this point because I didn't have much bandwidth to write that much with YouTube and TiKTok.

It's been going well so far, but what I'm finding is not enough discipline.

I feel like I'm doing the bare minimum each week to get by when I know I have to do some other projects I have going.

So getting motivated and continuing on everyday on your online business continues to be an everyday battle, no matter where youl're at.

But, you have to remember why you started in the first place.

What ends up keeping me going is that I know deep inside I have much more to give, and so I continue on, because I know the more people I help, the more money I make.


Pick what you're comfortable with to build your online business on and go 100%.

Whether you like to write or do video, pick your platform and go for it deep and long. Don't let anything stop you and don't dabble.

I know this works when you're fully committed because I have done this three times now.

First with my website, in the first 2 years of my business I was in 110% cuz I wanted to get to Super Affiliate status so badly and my goal was achieved!

Then, I went really hard on YT and TT, and look at the results there too.

So, pick your platform and go for it!

You have the perfect training and tons of resources here at WA for building an awesome busienss with your own website.

It is absolutely possible to start and host your business here for so cheap $49/mo and position yourself to earning a full time income from your website. Of course, there are no guarantees and it's all up to you, everyone's results will vary.

Stay consistent, work hard at it, and the results will start rolling in!

Take care out there and stay safe!


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Hello Grace,

It's great to hear that you're still chugging along and making progress in your affiliate marketing journey.

I was thinking about you the other day and I wondered how things were going for you.
It's great to hear that you're still making sales and things are going well for you.
Are you going to make Vegas this year?


Hi Scott, How are you? What are you up to? Yes I'm still building my business. I wish I could be more "done" but nope. Things happen and I have to keep building. Lol. So I'm in trenches like everyone else here.

I sure hope Vegas happens! But I wouldn't be surprised if it was canceled due to COVID. We barely made it this past February. Everything was shut down a month after we finished.

I hope you're doing well and able to rebuild. There are many ups and downs in this business, and it takes a lot to keep it going at times but it's all worth it.

Wishing you well!

So happy for you Grace.

May you have everyday where you wake up to this amount of money waiting for you in your account! :-)

Yes definitely, being consistent and giving you 100% does give you results.
If it's the right niche and you are doing all the right things, your business bound to grow no matter what. It's the law of the universe.

For the past 3 months myself and my partner have crossed leaps and bounds here at WA, and we are really motivated to keep going.

Many thanks for the motivating post.

That's great to hear Habib about you and your partner! I'm glad you guys are making strides here and taking action. That's what it all boils down to, is taking action!

I wish you much success!

Thanks for your reply Grace. :-)

We've been with WA since 2018 but only been actively working on our business since end of May 2020, and we feel we have made so much progress in the last nearly months.

Imagine giving it a year! This really motivates us.

Seeing how much you have achieved is truly inspirational.

We need some Tik Tok lessons from you ;-)

Best wishes

Habib and Rani

TikTok lessons coming soon. :)

Yesss! :-) Looking forward to it!

Thank you so much!

I miss seeing your posts Grace, so this was a pleasant surprise. I'm glad to see you're moving and kicking in the online world. Your Tik Tok growth is amazing considering you just started there less than 2 years ago, right? Great job and I hope the momentum continues to build for you.

Hi Tiffany, thanks for your kind words. :) My TikTok growth is actually from 6 months of work, TikTok is only about 2 years old so I only heard of it late last year and then finally joined late Nov. It's been fun and yes definitely has built great momentum for my business.

That’s amazing Grace!

i was reading your port folio or should i say your blog im very impressed thank you i just came premium so i have a bit of a hill to climb will still need to read your profile and i started to follow you , thank you for the inspiration its very nice i have goals but lets hope and pray it works out .

Thanks so much Richard! I'm very lucky to be able to inspire. :) Wish you much success!

That's impressive, Grace, atta woman!!! I was wondering just recently how you were :))

Congrats on hiring a new writer, it's quite a challenge in the beginning but makes your life sooooo much easier! Hopefully soon mine will be better with content writing and I can just focus on video marketing. It's been a while since I uploaded on YouTube!

Question: I didn't realize you've already hired before but I wonder: what were the challenges with the first writer that I would need to look out for?

Thanks so much Zarina!

My previous writers still took me a lot of time going through their posts and editing so I just thought, what's the point?

This time, I'm training different and with allow this writer to write from my back end which helps a lot with formatting and such that I won't need to do.

So now, my review process is much quicker and this one I got has improved quickly so I'm hoping it works out. :)

Good luck to you in your search! Yes, it's worth the investment of the training and such. If you can get a good writer, you can really reach a new level in your business.

Hope you're doing well girl!

I've already hired a full time girl and a part time girl! The part time will be doing all the research for me and I'd edit and stuff (mainly best of's), the full time girl seems to need more guidance and feedback but is very dedicated. I've temporarily decreased a workload for her, so she focuses on the kind of quality I expect from her.

I followed Jerry's training, did you do anything different from his training? (Except it's not for my MMO niche site and perhaps that's why I'll have to give my girl more time to get used to it.)

Hi Zarina, sounds like you are on a good road. I have hired a few writers following Jerry's training. Here are some mistakes I made on the first hiring that I have avoided and what I have learned:

1) I provided a thorough guide on how I wanted the articles to be written and giving them a few examples of my own work that was formatted that way. With my first writer, I did not do that, and it's working ok so far, but we are having issues with that because she is not so well-trained. I have tried later, and it seems not to work. With my other writers, it works very well. So, I recommend you write out word by word, step by step what you want them to do. That way they have a guideline.

2) I don't edit a single thing in their first 2-3 articles. I mark every single detail, giving them examples, showing them, pointing out mistakes, etc. I make sure the first 3-4 articles are exactly like I want them to be (and perfect), and that way I avoid future problems. Hint: I give them really extensive feedback after the first few ones, pointing out every single thing, from bad to good, strengths to areas of opportunity. That has helped them greatly!

3) I have not had good success in teaching them to find keywords. It seems like they don't do their research well enough. Maybe that is only on me, I am sure they could be trained for that.

4) I make a Skype Call and use the TeamViewer app teaching them how to edit and style the articles, insert images, do the snippet, etc, so they don't forget anything. I send them a checklist that they have to finish every time they finish an article to make sure they don't forget anything. I just publish them - obviously, I read them and go over them just for the sake of a second opinion. But I currently have some very very good writers. Jerry's training rocks:-)

Hope this helps. If you have any other specific questions, please PM me.

Happy belated Canada Day, Zarina!


I've been using Loom, it's a Chrome extension that allows for quick screen recording, so I record a lot of the how to's and what I want done with little training videos.

When I review a post, I use Loom as well to record all the things that need editing or explain a learning point. This has been very useful and easy for me to deal with.

I hope this helps!

Thanks for sharing this great info Oscar! :) I do also find research is something I haven't handed over, but have now tried on researching new topics for me to do videos on but she hasn't come up with much at all so far and seem to prefer just writing posts. So, I don't know, maybe they feel they aren't being paid enough or they don't like research? Who knows. Lol

Thanks for the tip, Grace!

Wow, Oscar, thanks for sharing these gold-nuggets! Appreciate your input!

I'll definitely do the video-based extensive feedback on her work. I keep getting frustrated with the repetition and sounding like Wikipedia but I know she's dedicated so I'm willing to give her a bit more time to get into the groove.

Haven't thought about the checklist though, certainly will do that!

As for the keywords, I removed that from her responsibilities. I have a habit of writing down good keywords anyway and she'll have plenty of them to cover for a while hahaha. I feel it'll be a lot of work for them, at least in the beginning stages. I'd rather her focus on quality work and then gradually increase the amount with responsibilities (especially with the raises in salary).

I'll certainly reach out to you should I have any questions. Thank you, Oscar! :)

Thank you, Grace. I don't think that they aren't paid well enough to do it or that they don't want to do it right. I just feel like they are not the business owners and they don't exactly see where the business is going. I've tried the keyword research, and one of my writers really wants to do it, but somehow it still doesn't work. I am planning to teach her keyword research once I understand it even better. I have learned a lot about it, but I still feel like I make some mistakes here and there, so I need to learn it well first.


No problem, Zarina. Why not share what you have learned, right? You can potentially avoid some mistakes I made by following that my tips:-) Yes, keyword research is a point. I haven't been able to teach that very well. Will still learn to do it even better myself, and then try to teach that again.

Anytime, reach out to me, I am willing to help, Oscar

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