Offering A Freebie Absolutely Works On Building Your List!


I have recently added a free guide on making money online on my site as I mentioned in an earlier blog here:

6,300 Word Guide For My Site

It was implemented on August 15, so 11 days ago, and I want to share what's happened.

I've been here for almost a year now, so without my guide, you can see below, it took me almost a year to get 43 subscribers (September 2016 to Aug 15th, 2017):

Now that I have a free guide to offer, it only took 11 days to surpass that number!!

So this is definitely proof that having a freebie works to get new subscribers to your email list.

I still have much work to do with this list as I still have to build my email series as I only have a welcome message set up, but they will get the guide from subscribing.

Could you imagine how big my email list will be in a year if this keeps up?!

At the same time, this guide is available within my posts without subscription and with subscription - and some still subscribe. Lol

My guide is available also on side bar, site menu, and all over social media so I hope I will continue to get lots of subscribers. :)

Have you started your list?

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Yes, a freebie of good quality is a great way to increase the list or leads.

Thanks for the confirmation. :)

Hi Grace. It's great to hear that all your hard work is getting results. Which autoresponder are you using to set up your email series?

Thanks Isabella, I use AWeber. :)

Thanks. AWeber seems to be the best. :)

Yes they are the leading one in the Industry. :)

Hi Grace, it's nice to see your demonstration which proofs beyond doubt that it works. I haven't done it yet and I think I would need some tips on implementing it now. I would be glad to borrow a leaf. Thank you.

Hi Paul, yes no problem, it's basically putting down absolutely all you know on your niche! Lol I know you can do it too.

Hi, Grace...

I agree and your proof is yet another example. I have seen this work for myself, as a potential subscriber...If I see something interesting, I will provide my namer and email address....

My thought process is that I can always unsubscribe if too much spam starts rolling in...That happens too...

The key as a provider of lead magnets is to find content, a tool, or training that people really value and normally would be willing to pay for...

Depending on your niche, that can be many things...

I prefer to go with videos over text, a package over a single item, and maybe a useful tool i.e. a WP plugin or perhaps another tool that subscribers would actually use in their business...

Also, I try to look fo evergreen type stuff to give away, maybe even with reseller rights (even though I do not think many people actually follow through and try to resell)...

Another consideration is how the offer is presented. These days, lots of people have seen too many of the same opt-in pages so they are numbed and will not take action...

There are some new tools that make this a less obvious plea for contact information. Things like a survey like 3-4 step process might work, or a chat box with a preset set of responses that add personalizaton (i.e. using the name of the person) can help...

Also when and where you add this in can make a difference. many such tools I describe allow for on exit intent, prior to clicking away, or appearing only after a set period of time or when the viewer has scrolled a ways down the page, etc.

Lastly, you can set up a different sequence by page, so the offer fits more closely what it is they may be viewing. That is kind of a targeting maneuver...

The maxim of getting leads so you can build a relationship and promote your products and services has not changed, but because the online world and acumen of people has changed, so must we as marketers...

One area I would seriously look at spending more time on over and above the traditional opt-in forms and lead magnets is the social side of things...

Using the available tools these days, you can directly market via the FB Messenger app to prospects. You can also create a mobile app, then send notification messages to their phones...

Why be interested in these type communication means? The open rates for emails is absymal, often less than 20% (that is a good percentage if you can get an open rate that high?)...CTR are less, of course...

Compare those to the 80-90% view rates from mobile app notifications..CTR are also higher than with email - all this means as long as you have something of value, present it in a congruent manner throughout your funnel, your conversion rates are going to be better...

That means: More income for all your work!

Good advice!

Dave : )

Hi Dave,

That's for all your insight! You have very good suggestions as usual and I must look into those easy to market even more.

There are really so much you can do and how to offer your freebie.

We are lucky these days with so many options! We really have no excuses not to offer one.

Appreciate your input on this topic!


That's awesome, Grace. I was thinking of offering some type of freebie; now after seeing your success I'll definitely put something together. Thanks for sharing.


Hi Randy, I'm glad I was able to give you a push to get that going for your site! :)

It took me awhile to get to this point, there's just so many things to do in your business that things like this get put to the back burner.

But now I wish I did it sooner! :)

Best of luck to you,

I am going to have to get involved in this idea for generating leads. The word FREE does seem to create interest even if the inquirer doesn't convert it does bring traffic.

Hi Carol,

Yeah free really attracts people but I do say what it's for so there has to be some interest in my niche for them to join.

But yeah I could be getting a lot of people just curiois and not really serious about my topic.

Regardless, I do like the traffic! :)


A perfect incentive and lead developer Grace a guide or eBook works wonders!

Thanks Michael, appreciate your support! :)

I just started offering freebies on my website as well. People love the word free!

Yay, Krystle, good for you for starting that early! :) Yes, they sure love the word FREE! Lol

Grace - Great demo on Freebie offerings. I'm working on one. Thanks for the reinforcement of the idea.

Thanks Patrick and glad you're also working on one! :)

Thanks for sharing, Grace.

You're welcome Roger, glad to do it. :)

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