If You Don't Know This Quiting Is A True Possibility

Last Update: May 16, 2021


It’s great you’re learning how to build a thriving online business, but can I ask you one very quick question?

Why Are You Doing What You’re Doing?

Achieving your goals takes dedication, sacrifice, hard work and persistence. And I'm sure you know that achieving your goals is not going to come without challenges.

And when those challenges arise if you don’t know why you’re doing what you’re doing. What and where is your true to the core motivation coming from?

When a strong enough challenge happens that it shakes your resolve, and makes you question why you’re doing what you’re doing, and you don’t have the answer.

The thoughts of possibly quitting can be very powerful and compelling. But if you know exactly why you’re doing what you’re doing, you’re thoughts of quitting everything will simply vanish.

But there’s a catch.

It’s great that you may want to have a new SUV or a big house or that dream vacation – there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

But when a strong enough challenge comes along that makes you really question why you’re doing what you’re doing. Wanting an SUV or a dream vacation is really not that empowering when you REALLY need the motivation to keep moving forward.

You need compelling and meaningful whys. These are the whys that will truly empower you and keep you in the game.

And to get those types of whys you need to get a lot deeper than wanting a dream vacation or an SUV.

I had one of my new private mentoring students send me his whys. He had 12 in total. Almost half of these why's in one form or another were about how he was going to show the people that doubted him that he could be successful.

He was going to show his friends, his family and his co-workers that told him his dreams were a waste of time and he would never amount to anything. So he was going to prove them wrong.

I understand the root of this type of motivation but it’s not that compelling or meaningful, let alone empowering. In fact, it's very temporary.

So I called him and after talking to him for a while I asked him. “What if all those people you wanted to prove wrong went into a spaceship never to be seen or heard from ever again. They were all safe and happy but you would never see them again”

You now have nothing to prove to anyone. What is your true motivation now, what's your why for doing what you're doing?

Not surprising he had no real answer. But after a while we did find some real powerful whys he could fall back on when needed too.

You see you’re going to need these compelling whys more than you know. And your whys can and will change as you move forward and change.

There are going to be days, and believe me they’ll come if they haven’t already, when you’re not going to be the most motivated person in the world.Days where you may even want to quit.

But that’s ok. It’s normal and natural for this to happen. It’s how you react that’s the secret to getting past these days and staying focused on achieving your goals.

One day someone or something is going to make you second-guess yourself or just make you feel beaten to the ground.

Something will happen (it always does) and you’re going to say to yourself “Why the hell am I doing this, what’s the bloody point? “

And at this point if it's happened enough times or even strong enough on the first go around, people can quit.

But with compelling and meaningful whys second guessing yourself or the temptation of quitting/stopping will simply vanish. But ONLY if your whys are powerful and strong enough.

So How Do You Discover These Compelling Whys?

One great question you can ask yourself to discover your true whys is “What is my purpose for being on this planet?”

Chances are it’s not to own a new SUV or go on a dream vacation.

Here are a few samples of what your whys could be like by asking yourself that question:

  • I’m doing what I’m doing so I have the ability to send my children to the college of their choice.
  • I’m doing what I’m doing so I have the means to take care of my aging parents.
  • I’m doing what I’m doing so I can have more time to volunteer.
  • I’m doing what I’m doing so I have more time so I can help the homeless.
  • I'm doing this so my family never has to worry or struggle ever again.

Can you see how having compelling whys such as these are more powerful, more motivating and more likely to get you back on track and focused then, “I’m doing what I’m doing so I have a dream vacation”.

With these types of whys you’ll achieve all that you want to achieve and you can go on as many dream vacations as you like.

So Let’s Start Your List Of Whys Right Now

Take a piece of paper and I want you to write down at least 10 whys or reasons if you will, of why you’re doing what you’re doing.

Writing your whys just like writing out your goals will be more effective and make a stronger neural pathway in your brain than typing them on your computer.

In other words you’ll have a stronger connection to your whys.

Time to go old school people.

Remember you can use the sample question “What is my purpose for being on this planet?”

Remember you're wanting to create compelling and meaningful whys that will empower you when you need them most.

And start your why statement with;

I’m doing what I’m doing because…


My purpose for being on this planet is…

Now put your whys where you can see them everyday.

I also want you to read them outloud to yourself at least twice a day. You don’t have to wait for a challenge to happen to remind yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing.

Make them part of your daily self talk, you know, that running dialog in your head – make these whys part of who you are.

I also tell my students don't be afraid to give your list of whys to your friends or family so when you’re having one of your “Why the hell am I doing what I’m doing days”.

They can also remind you why you’re doing what you’re doing.

Now you’ll have another set of tools to keep moving forward and achieving everything you have set out to achieve.

Your Now Unstoppable!!

I believe in you!

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Great stuff Leo! Thanks for the encouragement and the motivation.

The work has just began.. I'm all in... thanks Bruce..

You're welcome

For me the "Why" is the root of the rest of the questions that guide my path in business and life...Who, What, When, Where, and How...

All can be addressed and actioned once you have the why! I have used this planning strategy since a young lad and it has never failed me...

There have been failures, but overall these have lead to far greater successes, because the "Why" did not change....

Cheers and thanks Leo, good subject to induce some critical thinking in us all, never a bad thing!

Dave : )

Thanks for the comment Dave, once you have your powerful whys, you're unstoppable

Well put. The why should always be the center and everything else should rotate around it.

Exactly, it is the root, the foundation if you will

Hmm..another blog of wisdom...way to go, Leo.

Thank you

I am here to create and income when I am retired, I don't have an additional pension

That's a powerful why

Powerful stuff - thank you :)

You're welcome

Great motivation. Good way to set goals that are truly meaningful and important. Thanks, Saul

You're welcome

I like almost everything that comes from you.

You truelly make life a reality and not a drama.

Well at least it sounds like you like most of my stuff, don't expect anyone to like everything, and thank you for commenting.

I have ZERO drama in my life, simply because I don't allow it

I'm doing this because:
- I'm bad at having a normal job.
- It matches my skills.
- I enjoy working on my own.
- I know I can succeed at this eventually.

Great whys Marcus, and you know after our PM I will and always have believed in you

Thank you.

Great stuff, work your plan and plan your work, have a why that makes you cry in 2016

I like that, your whys should make you cry, now that's power!!

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