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So if you're like me you're doing reviews. And some of the reviews I do are about well let's say less than moral programs promising easy online money.No say it isn't so, someone pitching easy money online with no effort? I know, who woulda thunk huh?Anyway....Now one common theme with these crap programs is to show you an image(s) of someone claiming they made X amount of money using said program.And in 100% of these program pitches, these are all fake testimonials with stock images. Now just s
As we all have been taught here through the WA training doing product reviews is a great way of generating organic traffic to any website.But where can you find products/services to review?The Clickbank affiliate network that's where. This is just one of the resources I use for finding products to review. Currently, Clickbank has 276 categories and 21562 product listings.If you wrote 1 review for every product they have it would take you 59 years. Yeah I know not every product will suit your ni
Unless you've haven't been around much or you've ignored blog post notifications regarding Partha's view of doing keyword research and ranking.You best start listening to what he has to say.Now what he has been talking about when doing keyword research and getting ranked quickly and at the top of the search engines is when doing your research make sure to head to Google and check your competition.And what you're looking for is keywords that show results on the first pages that include sites lik
Ok, we all should know by now there are many different types of article structures to choose from.A list post, a round-up post, a VS post, an alternative post, a review post, etc.But which one to write? You may think you know but you may be wrong.Before I get to what my little share is when it comes to which article style to write.Know this:1) Every keyword tool's numbers are wrong. Do not take the numbers as golden or exact. The data is skewed. Even Google's own keyword tool's data is skewed.
I'm sure you've heard or have been told once you have a library of content on your site updating old content can and does give you better results for your efforts compared to creating fresh content - and I'm referring to ranking content.Yes adding content on a regular basis never changes. But updating old content is a working smart not hard kind of thing.Lately, I've been updating content that is a year old as well as content that is years old but still relevant and valuable to readers.In each
How often have you found an image on a free image site or one you have paid for but you can't use it the way you want because of the background within that image?If only you could remove the background you would have the perfect image.Well, no need to worry you can remove the background of an image using this free online tool called RemoveBG.By using this tool you can create an image with a transparent (PNG) background. Now you can use the image any way you want. This is perfect for marketers,
Here's a great free tool I've been using for years.It's called WordHippo.This is a great tool for expanding your level of content creation. With WordHippo you can find similar or opposite words.So you simply put your word in the What's Another Word For search bar and you'll get all kinds of suggestions. Their word tools include Synonyms, Antonyms, Rhymes, Sentences, Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs, Plural, Singular, Past Tense, and Present Tense.Enjoy!!I believe in youLeo
Now, this is my opinion some may agree others may not. But hey that's life.I think the worst thing you can do to your business growth and to yourself is live inside an educational bubble.WA is a wonderful learning resource, but it's definitely not the end-all and be-all educational resource when it comes to making money online with your own website.There are so many more resources online that you can learn from.I'm always searching for educational sources that can expand my business and my unde
It's no big secret the key to generating traffic organically is through creating amazing content. But did you know that by updating old content you can give it that ranking boost faster than creating new content?Now of course I'm not saying to stop creating new content. But if you want to give you're already published content a ranking boost - update it.Because if you're not you're missing out on a HUGE opportunity.Like it or not old pieces of content die a slow death in the Google rankings. No
On-site (page) SEO is one of those very important pieces to succeeding online. And to make your job easier there is a great free Chrome and Firefox browser extension called SEO Minion.With this free extension you can:Analyze On-Page SEOCheck Broken LinksSimulate Multi-Location SERPCheck RedirectsSERP Preview ToolHreflang Checker (the what?)The Hreflang tag tells Google which language you are using on a specific page)You can install and watch the video covering all the features at SEO MinionEnjo