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January 26, 2020
Crazy, I just saw on CNN that Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter crash along with other people. They guy was a legend, he’ll definitely will be missed.My thoughts and prayers go out to his wife and kids. As well as to the families of the others that passed in the crash.
If you're like me many of you are promoting wealthy affiliate. And part of your promotional efforts include creating reviews of other make money online programs and services. Both good and bad.Well here a little something you can use as part of your research and include within your reviews.When doing a review, I always go to the checkout page. Not only to make the purchase (in most cases) but I'm looking for the checkout page domain URL.And why am I doing that? Because I'm am going to test the
Want to succeed at anything? Then Do The Work If you're not willing to do the work you won't succeed at anything. It's no more complicated than that.I believe in youLeo
If you're creating videos for YouTube how often should you be creating and uploading videos to your channel? Great question.Well, Matt Koval from YouTube was asked this question. And fi you're not sure who Matt is, he's the guy in charge of YouTubes Creator channel and the Team YouTube channel.Here's that interview. Enjoy believe in youLeo
August 31, 2019
It's that time of year. If you've noticed the premium member counter in the top menu has changed. So from today (Sept 1st) until the end of December it now only takes 100 premium referrals to make it to Vegas.Good luck to everyone!!I believe in youLeo
When using Bing you have to send your leads to a site you own, so you need to create a pre-sale page. I've noticed some of the offers I'm looking at do provide a pre-sale page that you can upload to your own site.My question is, should you use this pre-sale page or is it better to use the ideas and elements of that page and create your own so you are more unique?Leo
Like many members I do reviews of products and services. And the majority of my reviews are in the MMO space, so needless to say many of the products I review turn out to be pure crap.Now to do an in-depth review in most cases I need to buy the product. Now if the product offers PayPal, I do that, plus if the product is crap, I can get a refund with no problem.However, if the product does not offer PayPal and only offers the use of a credit card. I do not use my regular credit card.What I've do
If you're like me I do product reviews in the MMO (make money online) niche. Some products are great while others are complete scams.And like all reviews I try and make mine as in-depth as possible. So this means I investigate all aspects of any product or service, and the includes the support channels.Many products simply provide basic support with just an email address. And when they do I make sure to see if that email address is valid or not. You would be surprised how many are not valid.And
As content marketers’ part of your onsite SEO is to include your keyword phrase within the first 100 words or the first paragraph of your content. Well depending on your keyword phrase sometimes it can be difficult or awkward to get it in the first paragraph, simply because the paragraph will not read or flow smoothly.If you’ve had this problem like I use to have, here’s a very simple solution. For this example, I’ll use the keywords Wealthy Affiliate.Like many people I
So, the question is - can you make money with affiliate marketing? Of course you can. But it does depends on many things. Now, I've been online since 2000 (man I'm old) and I've making a full time income online as an affiliate marketer since 2005. So I've been around the block a few times.And today I want to share with you what I feel are some of these important key elements needed to build and grow a successful online business. Of course, this is just my perspective and from my experience onli