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September 17, 2021
Look, when it comes to content marketing for driving organic traffic to your site, we all know the process.It's the core of the training here in the WA. But the biggest thing (I feel) that is challenging for many people is believing in the process.Unfortunately, we are in a "I want it now" world. Many people want instant gratification and if it doesn't happen. Many people abandon things and move on.And a lot of people do this over and over again. And by doing so never achieve what they want to
If you're using the generate press premium theme there are a ton of elements you may not be aware of and/or how to use them.Here's the link to the documentation of the available elements you can use with your generate press premium theme. Each element is explained with a video tutorial.
July 25, 2021
I bet it's safe to say that many of us have experienced a broken site. You've done everything right. You updated your plugins and WordPress when your alerted.And then one day your site is all messed up. Queue small panic attack.Natural, but no need to panic. 9 times out of 10 when this occurs there is a conflict with one of your plugins.Take me for example. When WordPress made its latest core update to 5.8 my sites looked perfect on the desktop. But when you viewed it on mobile my site did not
So, a member PM'ed me and asked me this."Would it hurt my site (meaning Google) if I took a break from writing content for 7 to 10 days?"Now this is an older site, many years old in fact, with over 450 posts and this member adds fresh content every 3 days with the posts averaging 2500 to 3000 words, sometimes more.Ok, you're up to speed. So, my answer.No not at all.Firstly Google is not alive - it's an algorithm. People first - search engines second on the list and lower.Don't let Google contro
Who doesn't need content ideas? Hmmm everyone. So if you're like the rest of us online superstars here's a few resources I use when I am completely brain dead when it comes to content ideas.First is This fantastic little tool can be used to generate hundreds of content ideas with one simple search.Simply type in a key phrase. So, for example Digital marketing. Soovle will then search Wikipedia, Google, Amazon, YouTube, Answers, Bing, Yahoo, eBay, Overstock and Buy.That firs
Sometimes it's the little things you forget. Like I forgot to do.And I’m talking about the follow up messages you can create for your referrals that choose to upgrade to Premium+.You already have your follow up messages for your starter referrals and then a series of follow up messages for your referrals that upgrade to premium.But now that there is another level - Premium+. So, you will need to create a follow up series of messages for those referrals that have upgrade to Premium+To do t
When I was a kid my dad told me this. And its so true.There are really only 3 types of people.1) People who make things happen.2) People who watch things happen.3) People who wondered what the hell happened.I think its safe to say if you're here you're #1.I believe in you! Leo
I know as affiliate marketers we have usally have big to do lists. But I just wanted to give everyone who is actively promoting the wealthy affiliate a gentle reminder to make sure you update your wealthy affiliate review if you have one on your website to reflect the recent updates and changes within the WA.That's it. Back to your regularly scheduled programing - lolI believe in youLeo
Currently a lot of affiliate marketers are making the same mistake a lot other affiliate marketers are making. And because of that their leaving a lot of money on the table.So, what’s this big mistake?Not Actively Building An Email ListNow I'm not talking about creating a squeeze page and driving traffic to that page using paid traffic. Which by the way is one very effective method of building a list.I'm talking about building your list through your website using the free traffic that co
Just a heads up, as of October 14, 2020, the "Request Indexing" feature that is found in your webmaster tools has been temporarily suspended.They are making tech updates and expect things to be available in a few weeks. Fingers crossed.Your content will still get indexed; you just can't make a request.Of course, you can still submit your requests with Bing.I believe in you!Leo