My First 100 Dollar Day!

Last Update: November 17, 2017

How to Make 100 Dollars a Day

My First 100 Dollar Day!

You know that feeling when you just want to JUMP FOR JOY!

That's how I felt yesterday afternoon when I realised I had just had my first $100 Day as a Blogger.

Technically, I made 80 Pounds Sterling but that translated into $102,40 once it appeared in my Paypal Account.

I am particularly excited because what I did for that $100 can easily be repeated.

Something I could very easily do for 20 days a month...

which would earn me $2000 a month and that would be LIFE-CHANGING for me.

How did I make 100 Dollars Yesterday?

The short answer - I published 4 Contributed Posts on one of my Websites.

Really? Was it that easy?

Come now, Lauren... Tell us really...

How to Make 100 Dollars a Day?

The longer answer...

These were the steps I took that led me to this day....

  1. I created Inspiring Mompreneurs on 18 January 2016
  2. Wrote and Published 69 Posts and 20 Pages (on Inspiring Mompreneurs alone - I have two other sites)
  3. Approved 407 Comments (on this site)
  4. Built Social Media Profiles on Pinterest, Instagram, Google Plus, Twitter and Facebook.
  5. Shared Posts on Social Media Profiles as well as StumbleUpon and Flipboard
  6. Made friends at Wealthy Affiliate
  7. Followed the advice of one of my best friends at WA, Lynne Huysamen and
  8. Joined Fiverr and set up my Cheeky Fiverr Gig (selling people the option to guest post on my site)
  9. Completed 20 Fiverr Orders this year, earning a total of $184
  10. Published 18 Guest Posts on Inspiring Mompreneurs (some paid, some unpaid)
  11. Discovered in the process that Guest Posts containing Backlinks are a Hot Commodity
  12. Also discovered that genuine sites allowing guest posts containing backlinks are a hot commodity
  13. Built my Site's Domain Authority Over Time (DA currently 24 with a Home Page Authority of 35).

If you want to know your Site's DA check out PJ Germain's brilliant training on Moz Toolbar

12. Called a company in the UK that Lynne Huysamen had mentioned that sends her Contributed Posts.
13. Received no response, so called back a week later and got onto their books.

14. Waited another week before receiving my first post.

To arrive at this point:

24 Hours - 4 Contributed Posts Received and Published - @ 20 Pounds per Post.

= $100

Woohoo!!! Now to just rinse and repeat...

I hope this post gives you some encouragement to keep following WA's Training.

Keep writing rich content and publishing and when you're ready, perhaps you could also call for some guest posts.

Remember, the more often you post on your site, the more authority and traffic you gain... so why not get some written for you... and hey, it's cheeky... but why not charge for this service while you're at it?

After all, it takes valuable time to get a guest post published - you still need to:

  • research keywords,
  • format the post
  • create and add social media images
  • add meta tags
  • publish, and
  • share on social media.

And whoever is guest posting gains not only a link to their site, but also access to your entire audience. It's a win-win.

So give it a shot... it may work for you too.

Here's to your first $100 Day.

To YOUR Success,

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lynnsam61 Premium
Hi Lauren,
That is awesome and very motivating! I've used Fiverr but need to look into the Cheeky Fiverr Gig as well as PJ Germain's training. Many thanks for sharing!
laurenjean Premium
Hi Erica,
Yay! Glad you found it so motivating. Mission accomplished.
You're welcome. ;)
DBlanchard Premium
It's not magic. You are absolutely right. The more you post quality content, the more authority and traffic you gain. Now if I could just be as diciplined as you, I could probably say the same thing. But I guess that life got in the way for a while. I'm not giving up though. Thanks for the inspiring post. Keep on keeping on!!!
laurenjean Premium
Thanks for the compliment, Denis. Good luck with your site. It's not important how long it takes, we all get there in the end.
islantresj Premium
Wow! You've done a lot of work! So inspiring :)
laurenjean Premium
Thanks I & T, lovely to meet you!
WLusink Premium
Hi Lauren, this is very inspiring! And also very informative. I'm happy you wrotr this so I get an idea what I'm up for in about a year :-) This is the second post I'm going to bookmark :-)
laurenjean Premium
Thanks Wouter. Oh wow, I'm honoured that you're bookmarking my post.
JulietAA Premium
Well done Lauren!
This is great motivation!
laurenjean Premium
Thanks for your enthusiasm, Juliet!