Cheeky fiverr gig update

Last Update: January 10, 2017

Heya Everyone!

Just a quick note to say my first fiverr gig is done & dusted! Yay!

So I made my first $5... well technically $4 because, of course, fiverr takes 20%.

More importantly, I got my first 5 Star Review! Woohoo!

Thrilled! It's happening, it's really happening!

May have something to do with the fact that I delivered my Premium package (worth $50) for only $5! Who am I kidding? I actually delivered way more than that...

  • Our skype interview was nearly 2 hours long & took me about 15 hours to transcribe (lost count).
  • I worked every available moment (when I wasn't looking after my son) from 4 or 5am & finished at 11:30 at night.
  • I created 5 Pinterest pins on Canva.
  • I prepared a long list of keywords in her niche
  • I delivered the finished product (her interview published on my site) 2 days early

Most importantly, I had so much fun working with my first fiverr client, I made a new friend.

That warm fuzzy feel-good feeling is what makes all the hard work worthwhile.

Oh... & I'm on the clock again because I have a 2nd fiverr order to work on. This one is for $10. New client.

Gotta get back to work. :)

To Your Success


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JLoccisano Premium
You go girl! That is great news, and sounds like you over delivered too. Great stuff Lauren.
MPollock Premium
Nic work.
reanna1 Premium
Well done, Lauren!
DarleneB Premium
Awesome. Keep up the great work.
laurenjean Premium
Thanks Darlene.
HarveyBrown Premium
That is really good Lauren, congratulations.
laurenjean Premium
Thanks Harvey.