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Last Update: December 26, 2016

Hi all hope you had a fab Christmas and holiday,

I received an email yesterday and below is part of it. I pasted part of it because the other bit I know how to answer, but this part I'm not entirely sure.

I'd appreciate your thoughts on how to tackle this question and answer it correctly.

Thank you so much 😊


""""""""What are the chances that one can make serious money with one's own niche website, following the WA program faithfully? Any light you can shed is much appreciated. Looking forward to your reply. Thanks so much. Janina""""""""

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drjec Premium
I found that very tiny,,,,, very tiny success came fairly soon after publishing my site, but working on the site over time is what will make it successful.
Lady May Premium
I agree thank you :)
JewelCarol Premium
Hey Sharon, that is a challenging question, Kyle and Andrew's post are awesome! This is like a sales objection.:)
I posted my first training on sales objection, would like to share with you:
Lady May Premium
I agree Jewel, it is a challenging question, thank you for your help it's very helpful. :)
Takatomo Premium
Kyle's post is good and this one is a good answer as well.
Lady May Premium
Ok cool, I may just link that to the person :)
MKearns Premium
This appears to be a genuine request (no phishing really) Just someone that wants an early payout. They know this deep down but want to magic up a feel good solution even if someone lies to them about it!