Expectations of Online Revenue. Why Most People Fail.

Last Update: July 26, 2018

People work for years, they earn an hourly wage, they maybe get a raise or small promotion after 5-10 years.

That is an incredible amount of time to wait for a raise. I mean, you work an average of 35-40 hours per week, for 52 weeks per year. That is 2,000+ hours.

Extrapolate that over 10 years, and you have spent 20,000 hours to get a meaningless increase in wages, often times following the rate of inflation (so you are not actually LOSING money as your career goes on.

The Online World, a Skewed Reality

People start building a business and have a different set of expectations. There is the tendency to expect things much quicker online than offline. We can connect with each other instantly, we can send messages to others with the click of a button, access any information we could ever imagine with a simple search. The expectation is instant.

However, that “mindset” bleeds into the Internet business world. Partly because of this instant expectation and a load of misleading information and offers out there claiming “instant riches”.

Not the reality. An amazingly successful business won’t happen in a few months. Sometimes even a year. Sometimes two.

Some Perspective of Time vs. Rewards Payoff

I know I can make you feel much more comfortable about your journey moving forward within the online world, but you have to have a realistic and appropriate outlook.

Let’s say you blog 2 times per week on your website, say average time to create a research your content, write your content and publish is 1.5 hours. That is on the high side.

That is 3 hours per week you have invested into the most critical aspect of your business. Of course there are going to be other things that you work on associated with your business (educating yourself, keyword research, social marketing, etc), but generally speaking that is the core tasks that you are doing.

If you invest 3 hours per week into your business, you can get a lot of it. The problem is the expectations of this far exceed that of those that invest 40 hours into a day job per week.

3 hours vs. 40 hours!

The reality is that 3 hours per week can lead to a sustainable and full time income with time, but after 3 months, that is really only 36 total hours you have invested in your build out of your business. Why would your expectations be a full time income at that point, or even income as your foundation is being built?

I know partly why.

There are companies claiming instant success, showing pictures of fancy cars and big commissions and then stating how quickly these can be achieved. All things that are drawing you to the idea of instant success.

Putting 36 hours into your business is just getting the foundation in place. That is why after 3-4 months folks are not generating a huge income, they have invested less than a full working week into their business.

Imagine putting 20 hours per week into your business?

Imagine if you ramped up the actual production side of your business. I have no doubts that you create a minimum of 7 posts on your website (one per day) as well as manage all engagement, social activities and build out the comment side of things on your each and every one of these posts.

After just one year, investing this amount of time you would be looking at a website with 350+ posts on it, a website that is getting a considerable amount of traffic, and one that likely will be in not just a state of being a full time income, but will be in a position to be scaled far beyond this.

Now imagine putting 40 hours per week in.

You could amplify the production of your content, or you could focus on building out more thorough and detailed articles.

Perhaps you do 7 posts per week, but they are very detailed and “thorough” pillar style posts.

Perhaps you can get comments and engagement rolling on all of them while managing.

Perhaps you can invest time into integration of charts and proper imagery into all of your pages and posts.

Within a year’s time, you could have an authority website in place, one that has a good deal of brand recognition and one where relationships are naturally being made in the industry. You have CLOUT in an industry after just one year. Not to mention a significant foundation to continue to grow your business from and one that is likely bringing in close to a full time income stream.

Then You Start Earning, You Start Scaling…

And as you start generating income, you can start getting help. You can get help with your content authoring, what if you could put in 10 minutes of time spec’ing out an article and have someone spend their time (1.5 hours) writing an article for you by paying them.

Imagine how quickly you could scale if you could literally get 7 articles written per week in 70 minutes of your time! Imagine if you could start sourcing out all of your comments and engagement through purchasing credits here at Wealthy Affiliate and simply paying for them (100 comments for $100)

Imagine if you could use income that is coming in to drive design on your website, perhaps a more advanced Wordpress theme, some infographics, developing a logo or custom graphics.

Imagine, imagine, imagine….

That is all you will be doing if you give yourself a month and 15-20 hours to build a business. It will never happen. That is something that I can be sure of and that I can be blunt to you about.

Be realistic about the process of building an online business, and the realism of a business will take place before your eyes.

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MKearns Premium
For those coming out of an employee background which entails a steady paycheck, building as a freelancer is a leap.

I would venture that most affiliate marketeers here fall into that category. You have an unstructured atmosphere where YOU must provide the incentive and structure.
It requires :
-committed work
to seed the benefits that WILL come.

Thank you for promoting this basic operating rule and for all the great training and assistance here that facilitates this as a reality Kyle.
Barbaras27 Premium
This exactly!
STillman1 Premium
Realistic post here Kyle. The truth is if people spend some of those hours of creating valuable content and engaging in income producing activities like monetizing their offers, replying to comments to build relationships, properly tagging their posts, and more, etc. then the more time they spend on their business the more profitable it will become. However, I find the greatest virtue of all is having patience as sometimes even the things I mentioned may not bring in immediate results but at least you'll be on your way!
salbene Premium
I have a problem with being impatient and wanting the results much faster than they actually come. I always have to remind myself to be realistic and think long term. Thanks for the post, always helpful to be real!
Reminds me of this great article that I found:
Kyle Premium Plus
Yeah, that is another similar post I created awhile back. Same tune, different ideology.

One thing I haven't mentioned is the idea that people will invest 4 years and 10,000's of hours into getting an education with no expectation for income, actually the expectation for loss of income and incredible expenses ($100K+ in lots of cases).

When it comes to their own business, 50 hours should be enough and heaven forbid investing $100 or $200 into their own business.
salbene Premium
wow, that is incredibly true and I have never seen anybody put it this way, very eye opening. Thank you so much!
AriefWibowo Premium
I think I have a very real expectation of what I'm doing here. I'm building 3 websites (Phew...) with one article per week per website. So, I'm giving myself a 5 years plan to achieve all my goals.

I am tired working 40 hours per week. I want 15 hours per week. 3 hours per work day. That is my dream.

3 hours per work day will allow me to have fun times every day with my daughter and wife. And I still work.

I want my daughter to see me work. I do not want her to have an idea that her parents (eventually we will) get rich without work.

Thank you for the post, Kyle!
Newguru Premium
I'm pretty sure that most people don't realistically think that they can make a full time living after being a member of WA for one month.

But I think the vast majority of people who quit this do it because they actually realize that it does take time and hard work just like any other business.

A lot of people probably do join WA thinking that it will give them quick success. Maybe not the "Quick Success" that a lot of scams out there promise like over night success....But I think there are a lot of people that join this community thinking that they will make money within a month or so.

I know that when I joined this community I was told a lot that it takes time and that I wouldn't make money quickly. Even hearing that I still thought that maybe I would get lucky and that maybe I would have just what it takes to make money sooner than most.

Now I realize that it truly does work for anyone willing to put in the time and effort but that's the hard part....Time and Effort.

If you stick with it and put in the time you will see results. The amount of work is actually less than a normal job but like Kyle says in this blog, "If you give yourself a month and 15-20 hours to build a business, it will never happen".