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Last Update: May 29, 2018

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You can’t buy anything for $0.98 anymore. I walk out of my house, start my vehicle and I have blown through 98 cents in gas before I back out of my garage.

Heck, just yesterday I went to the local Starbucks, and dropped over $10 on a muffin and a ‘latte’. That is almost half a month access to Wealthy Affiliate, which is the ONLY platform, community and environment you need to create, grow and manage your business.

That sounds insane, and I can tell you the cost efficiency within the business world has not always been like this and it is certainly unique to our ethos here at WA (to make WA available for everyone).

When I Started Out, It Was Much More Expensive.

I look back 16 years ago (back in 2002) when I started out as a complete newbie within the online world. I think of the costs involved with start my affiliate marketing business. It's wasn't cheap. There were many “other” fees associated with getting a business up and running, that don't exist here at WA these days.

Photoshop and Dreamweaver were two pieces of software that you need to properly create a business. I think these alone were $300-400 at the time which I took out of my tuition money for college.

Then there were hosting charges. $25 per month for an "el garbage” host, domain fees (I paid $35 for my first domain) and then I bought a few physical "for dummies" books on how to program websites in HTML that cost another $100 or so.

Then I needed to get traffic somehow. Because I had no idea about anything.

I had a limited budget. I was assigned a $5 budget per day by my girlfriend (now wife) for PPC ads. The reason...I didn’t even have a credit card, I was a starving

So before I was a month in with my business, I was into it for $535 (after just one month), with ongoing expenses of close to $200 per month.

Thankfully I was able to recoup some money during month 3 or I would have been in big trouble. It was one of those “trust me, I know I can do this” situations.

But even at $700-800 to start a business, I thought that was quite reasonable and didn’t see it as a big deal.

I mean, I was bleeding away $3,000+ every semester in college. A quarter of these costs didn't seem like too much to start a real business. Not to mention comparing this to the offline business world where you are looking at a minimum of $10,000 to start ANYTHING.

Here we are 16 years later. With inflation you think that starting a business online would have gone up, but instead here at Wealthy Affiliate we have pushed these costs down and done so drastically, while improving your efficiency to a level never been seen online.

In fact, I personally would have moved mountains and done so much quicker if I had access to the platform at Wealthy Affiliate back in 2002.

But back then there was nothing like WA and there still is nothing like it.

For 98 cents per day ($359 per year), you are getting access to something that simply isn’t available anywhere else in the world. An all-inclusive platform for building your online business that has gotten and will continue to get BETTER with every day that passes.

Let's have a quick peek at what you are getting.

Training. At Wealthy Affiliate, you are getting access to world-class training within the online business world. Regardless which direction you want to head with your business model, we have training helping support and guide you to success.

There are MANY entire classrooms of education that you can leverage on a wide breadth of topics, 1,000's of training resources, 100,000's of discussions and new training tutorials/videos be added to WA daily.

Value: $1,000's per month.

Live Classes/Events. Throughout the week we are running Live Classes. These are completely promotion free, value based classes on new topics related to running an online business. These are going to advance your skill set and make you a much more rounded affiliate/internet marketer.

There are companies in this space that charge $1,000+ for a series of 10 hours of video, you have access to close to 400 hours of video training through the Live Events platform, and this is added to every week with the live and very interactive training.

Value: $1,000's

Websites. Websites are a key and fundamental part of any successful business. At Wealthy Affiliate we provide you not only with the most advanced and easy to use website builder in the space (SiteBuilder) we offer you a complete environment that will lead you to more efficiency, security, and speed with your websites.

There are 11 exclusive platforms included in within your website builder. SiteSpeed, SiteDomains, SiteHealth, SiteProtect, SiteSSL, SiteEmail, SiteContent, SiteSupport, SiteFeedback, SiteComments, and PageSpeed Insights. You simply cannot get a website platform this advanced, and this useful anywhere else.

Value: $100+ per month.

Content. Content creation is a big part of any online business, in particular the search engine optimization element of it. To create content and to do so with efficiency and accuracy, you want a platform to do so.

SiteContent offers an environment for you to create, organize and publish your content. With the many features such as the SiteContent Grammar, SiteContent Images, automatic image compression technology, and the internal plagiarism checker this is simply a service that is not available anywhere, and the ones that are available have significant monthly costs.

Value: $30-$50+ per month

Hosting. The Managed Wordpress Hosting at Wealthy Affiliate is world-class and is the elite hosting platform within the Wordpress industry. Comparable, but inferior platforms are charging 5-6x the membership costs at Wealthy Affiliate alone.

With the hosting platform, you have access to fully monitored, redundant, and lightening fast hosting. We have also developed 100's of layers of technology on top of a typical platform to advance your website security, spam protection, speed, and overall robustness. Layer that with direct access to our server specialists through the SiteSupport platform, and you have no reason to ever seek out another host.

You can literally run several million dollar businesses from the hosting that you have included here at WA.

Value: $250+ per month

Research & Analysis. Included in your Premium membership is access to Jaaxy Lite. This offers you unlimited keyword and niche research, within our state-of-the-art platform.

Not only that, you are going to be able to track your rankings under particular keywords, spy on the competition, and store and manage keyword lists, access new 'hand-picked' keyword regularly, analyze websites for SEO, brainstorm new keywords and niches, and use the amazing Alphabet Soup search platform.

Value: $100+ per month

Expert Coaching. Wealthy Affiliate is a community of aspiring and very successful affiliate marketers and entrepreneurs. You never know when you are going to be rubbing shoulders with a 6-7 figure affiliate/marketer. The cool part. You can get coaching and mentoring from anyone within the community as a premium member, including the CEO's of the company (myself and Carson).

You simply cannot get that anywhere in the world, well you can, but typically you will be charged $5,000-$10,000 PER DAY for this sort of treatment. All included here at WA, within your amazing premium membership!

Value: Priceless.

Updates. Last but not least, we never sit still. We have a great deal of updates slated for the year ahead, all of which you are going to get full access to. We are NEVER done, in fact, we have our busiest year of launches, new platforms, and feature enhancements schedule to roll out within the WA community in the year ahead.

At the end of the day though, there is something that we cannot do for you. The work. All successful businesses take time and effort. YOU are the one that determines your fate. You make the choices in life that could either lead you to creating success or lead you to doing the same thing.

What I can tell you though is that with the platform you have here now, and what we have coming through 2018/2019, you are going to have the upper hand on the rest of the competition and building a business online will be more efficient than it has ever been.

We continue to build out WA in a way that will further help our members, make life easier and more efficient to run a business, and ultimately take people to any level of success they are willing to work for online.

Yearly, it's an option for everyone...

So I just wanted to mention the yearly membership once again, for those new to WA that aren't aware of it, or those that are Premium monthly members and want to save on their current membership dues.

$359, includes an entire year Premium at WA. Access to the most elite education platform. State-of-the-art websites and premium managed Wordpress hosting. An amazing keyword & research platform. Coaching and mentoring from real world entrepreneurs.

Not to mention one filled with love, support and expert coaching from the community. One filled with positivity, growth, and progression. One filled with innovation, evolution, design and technological improvements at WA.

I can’t wait to see the BEST YOU moving forward. It is a journey we would love to share with you. An exciting year lies ahead here at Wealthy Affiliate and the affiliate marketing and online business landscape has never looked to be more exciting.

PS. If you are a Starter member, you will be able to upgrade to a yearly membership when you have already gone Premium.

Recent Comments


I remember my first dive into websites. I knew absolutely nothing, and got taken to the bank! Their bank, not mine! I paid over $1,200 for a person still on the internet. He charged me this and promised me 32 websites. I bought the domains for 32 websites, paid for hosting in the hundreds, and they were supposed to build them for me. They did, and I did make about .32cents per site for about a month. Then they were hacked ( I believe by his company since they had my passwords?) and came back to me and told me they could fix them for another $1,200??? By that time I was broke! Then I got a message from Google that all my websites were infected and must take down immediately or ELSE!! I had no idea what to do. Somehow they were taken down - don't remember how. That was my first burn, and it took me years to recover, both financially and personally. I continued to look for YEARS, and I finally, after 10 years, ran across WA. I instantly saw the value! I have learned so much and believe I am on the verge of making my break-through. Thanks Carson and Kyle!

Classic, Kyle I love that " one of those trust me I know I can do this" moments. That self talk can make all the difference, sometimes needed on a daily basis in my neck of the woods.
Looking back going yearly was a game changer, making that commitment to creating our online business can be the mindset change that can make things happen.

Recommend it to any one, don't stand on the sideline , better to be in the game and making the most of the resources that WA provides.

Enjoyed your insights.

Thanks Kyle. I like your blog. I know of a fact that the prices that are charged at Wealthy Affliate are very reasonable.

I also know that the quality training that is offered here at Wealthy affiliate is not found any where else. I learn something every day.

Thanks to the way in which you two have formulate the platform.

However, from my experience, The charge for yearly premium "does not include Jaaxy" Jaaxy have its own charges, two upgrades to premium members as also its own yearly upgrade.

The charges are super reasonable; If every one can earn money there should not be a problem to pay $0.98 per day.

I hope that everyone will find fun in this truth: $0.98 cents is BIG problem if you do not have it.

Thanks again for WA

Hi Dorcas

Just a quick note... Jaaxy LITE, is free, included in Premium Membership.

If you go to "Research" (at the left, below your profile picture) that is where you find Jaaxy and where you can do keyword research.

If on the above page, and you click on the bottom left button "Jaaxy Upgrade Options" you will also notice that Jaaxy Pro and Jaaxy Enterprise is offered to Premium Members at HALF price!

Hope it helps! Wishing you all of the best! ;-)

Sharlee (Chocolate IceCream)

Hi Kyle,

Absolutely. There is nothing on the world wide web of opportunities that compares to what Wealthy Affiliate is offering. A chance to make it big. A six-figure career to be exact. But not without putting in the work, first. Absolutely, love having to pay for my lunch, as opposed to having my lunch for free. I'm in it for the long haul, lol. Definitely!

Have a great week, Kyle and Carson. Have a great week.



P.S. Thanks again for always putting your clients first.

This is a great reminder of how much value we get out of here, Kyle. And if you think how much is spent each day on junk that has no benefit whatsoever, you wonder why anyone hesitates to make use of such a unique offer. Going yearly was a very easy decision for me.

Yeah, lots of time and money waste going on out there. Imagine if everyone applied themselves to things that matter and that would actually benefit them. There would certainly be a lot more successful people out there.

I always remember when I first started I was like a kid in a sweetshop.

I couldn't honestly grasp that I was getting all I got for such a small amount of money. I have done some other training programmes. Nothing to this affect.

Infact nothing out there beats Wealthy Affiliate. The best thing is I dont need to keep flitting about for dribs and drabs of training like I have found I needed to do else where.

I am nor ever will be the best student. I can be a pain in the backside too lol (I am not a bad person may I add.) I just love it here. Why wouldn't I look at what I do now.

I have to admit though I have come a long way. I still am powering forward and I dont care how long it takes me I learn something every single day.

If I am a person who had no qualifications in marketing websites online ETC was never tech savvy nor the best writer, if I can do this then anyone can.

98 cents its a tiny little blip. I am glad I went yearly. As for Jaaxy well thats is going to be massive if it isn't already and I get that free.

I should have done yearly sooner. Anyways I have now! Guess what. I am here for this year and the next after that and the next. God willing lol.

I am still like a kid in a sweetshop. I know where I am at.

Wonderful approach to influence more potential WA members. I completely agree and have already told many friends/family of the "WA advantage." Thanks for all you do Kyle. Keep working hard - you enable so many people to shoot for their dreams, which is a priceless outcome from your hard work. You should be very proud of this thriving WA community.

Great Post Kyle enjoyed reading the post and thank you for all that you and Carson have for all us here at WA. I really appreciate the time that you took to write this up and you are so right about these other so-called affiliate programs they are scams. But anyway I just want to again thank you and Carson for what you have built here at WA.

I have a confession to make...My content ideas for writing have dried up...It's not writer's block though

I see that I need to write with intent ...I have felt rather lame as to how I can write 2000 words every other day for 2 sites...!

Internet marketing is a Wide subject and I realise now how little I know...It looks like it's going to be research, write and write some more...with my audience in mind...

Ah why?, there's always something to write about. Do you have Google alert for your niche?

I think today you are much better served taking LONGER to write better content with intent, as you suggest. The search engines really strive to provide their customers the best search results.

BE THAT RESULT and you win.

So I would go for more competitive keyword phrases and produced over-the-top great content... versus just cranking out words for the sake of production.

You can do it! :)

Yes, Kyle, WA is a great platform with many benefits. Just the hosting alone is quite competitive if you have three or more websites. The training is great too. There is so much stuff here that it can be quite overwhelming to someone who is new to internet marketing. I would recommend anyone new just diving into the beginning training modules and then to just keep exploring at leisure.

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