It's Conclusive, University is a SCAM proof inside

Last Update: October 25, 2016

I know, many of you reading this have likely obtained some form of post secondary education. Some of you may have great jobs as a result and not agree with this statement, some of you probably are on board and feel though that you have been “ripped” by the system and over-paid for your education.

One thing that you cannot argue is the fact that conventional Universities are charging way too much money for their education.

What better way for me to analyze this problem and case my point than to take a local University in Western Canada (University of British Columbia) and reveal a course that is a concept that we are all familiar here with at Wealthy Affiliate; Search Engine Optimization.

I just caught wind of an “online only” offering, called “Search Engine Optimization” (HAS SINCE BEEN REMOVED FROM CURRICULUM).

This is a 6 week course that runs from the dates of May 20th to July 8th, 2014. I think as I dig into the University type of education that is out there, it is going to add a lot of perspective as to what is really going on and how these companies (yes, they are businesses) that we are supposed to trust are gouging us.

The Course is Delivered How? OMG!

It is completely online. It is using free services like Google Hangout and Google Talk (really?!) to run the course. They have no dedicated platform for offering the training other than a Google Hangout and some dialogue with Google’s instant messaging platform, Google talk.

I am surprised actually they just didn’t run this as a Facebook group, it would have been much more relevant to the audience in this day and age so they could post “selfies” while taking the training.

What is going to be taught in this $2,000 SEO Course?

So if you are paying $2,000 for a course, you are going to be expecting to getting a pretty advanced education right? Well in this case, you would be DEAD WRONG.

Here is the breakdown of the topics that are going to be taught within the “accelerated” course:

(1) Key word selection - never seen it spelled this way in the industry, this by all means should be referenced to as "keyword research". I imagine they are using an ineffective tool like keyword planner for this one

(2) Key word placement - very rudimentary stuff, a one liner would suffice for this portion. "Put the keyword within your title, somewhere within the first couple of paragraphs of your content, and then write naturally (with the reader being your focus)." There, saved you $2,000!

(3) Refactoring website content - Rewriting your content from scratch is the best form of refactoring. Anyone with any knowledge of SEO knows that if you try to "fine tune" your content, you are going to be in for a long road in the SEO world.

(4) Evaluate results by running a captive search engine to improve a site's search rankings (huh?) - This makes absolutely no sense and is technical speak trying to fool folks with obviously no SEO knowledge.

Learn techniques related to key word selection, key word placement, refactoring website content and other optimization methods for search engine optimization, and evaluate results by running a captive search engine to improve a site’s search rankings

The keyword training on "low hanging fruit" here at WA is likely much more advanced than the entire training on keywords that will be taught within the course and is all someone really needs to know if they truly want to understand how to rank under keywords.

Are the "teachers" of these courses going to be the "experts"?

That is yet to be determined and they are definitely not selling the course based on “who is teaching” nor do most post secondary programs. Why? Because those that can’t do, typically end up teaching (there are definitely exceptions to this though).

I can recall a business course I took in college. I asked my teacher what her past experience was in business. She told me about her failed attempts at opening a few different boutique "retail shops” and the fact they both failed and went bankrupt. She had actually never achieved success.

I wondered why I would ever want to "learn" business from someone that didn't understand how to create or grow a successful one. It was a complete oxymoron.

That is why you can truly benefit from getting help from those that have experience REAL LIFE success here at WA. Not only are you getting help from people that have been there done that, you are getting help from folks that are at every level success and that are “in the trenches” creating success online.

When it comes to SEO (something so integral to an online business) you want to learn from those that are succeeding with their own campaigns, those that are actually ranking, and those that truly understand the most important metrics (the ones that most others don’t know) that lead to rankings.

I can assure you that THIS WILL NOT BE TAUGHT in this course. Why? Because they don’t have that level of experience, the teacher comes to work to get paid their salary and is likely teaching from a manual. If they were so great at SEO, why wouldn't they be doing it for themselves.

Some quick perspective, Wealthy Affiliate vs. University! (6 weeks vs. 6 years!)

$2,000+ for a 6 week “university” course. To the unsuspecting and those that have been “programmed” to spend lots of money on training within institutions like this, it probably seems like an OK investment. I am investing for my future right?

I guess. Chances are people that take this course will not end up with adequate knowledge, they will have an inexperienced teacher or someone who doesn’t have the “in the trenches knowledge” and the community in which they are going to have access to are also complete newbies, so no community support.

To put this ONE course into perspective of what you are getting here at WA (which is 100x more), you could have a 6 YEAR membership for the same price you could get this ONE 6 week course!

6 years of current and trending training, 6 years of expert help and support, 6 years of earning while you are learning, 6 years of building a successful business online, 6 years of websites/hosting on a state of the art platform, 6 years of access to a platform that has 10,000’s of active discussions/blogs/training resources every month, and 6 years of constant innovation, evolution and improvements!

Or a 6 week course...and one that offers no “credits” or value towards an actual degree.

Also, SEO is only good if you...

  • Understand how to set-up your website for SEO
  • Understand the intracies of keywords and have access to the right data (like and the WA keyword tool)
  • Have the ability to build websites and host them on a high speed platform
  • Have access to network with other successful folks
  • Have the ability to query folks and get instant responses when you need it
  • Have reliable and proven video training
  • Can get help from experts.

All of these are not included within this “University" SEO training. Now if anyone can tell me that this isn’t a complex hoax and another prime case of universities taking advantage of I would love to hear about it. Also, if you agree or have had similar experiences with “high ticket” education, I would love to hear about it.

PS. Hope this put some perspective as to the value you get here as a Premium member and it is only increasing by the day (as we continually evolve and improve the community here).

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RaniaM Premium
Thanks Kyle for this comparison between what Wealthy affiliate teach and that university. Apart from the cost. there s another thing I will add that I am sure that the information and illustrations provided in WA is better than that provided at the university.. I am sure no place resembles WA.
Wishing great success for all people at WA
Bibian2 Premium
There is truth in your comparison of wealthy Affiliate and University. The money they pay in Universities is so exorbitant. Before you will begin to get an idea of what is being taught in the Universities you must have stayed up to 2-3years. Here at wealthy affiliate company people who are fast start making it as early as three months even if you are a newbie.
The opportunities we have here is really great .
Thank you Kyle for this recap
Anonymoose Premium
They are nothing but scams where we are forced to get in so we can earn money from the very same system who created universities -> The centralized government. Lol. I don't mind schooling for doctors and the likes, but eff the rest. The whole world can't still see the trillion dollar debt they have accumulated from students who were promised the good life called "job". These people need to wake up.

Then here we have the very same people who are in a thousand dollar debt from these schools whining about $49 ripoff claims. This is mentally draining.
herinnelson Premium
This very thorough rendition of University vs. Wealthy Affiliate is phenomenal and so appropriately used to drive home your point!

It is so true how schools take full advantage of their students.They are like predators seeking out their prey!

I knew it existed, Kyle, but I had no idea to the extent of the dishonesty! Thank you for this eye-opening post! What a great way to emphasize the value of Wealthy Affiliate!
HarveyBrown Premium
No mas, Kyle, I hear you and agree. The value of that six week course cannot and I repeat cannot compare with what we can obtain here at Wealthy Affiliate (WA).
I do recall taking a university course, in fact two still stick in my mind, on Strategic Planning. Most courses that are offered for a week or month can never do justice to the subject and both those courses proved me right. The course where I did learn what strategic planning is about and how to develop such a plan took a year and it was one of the riches courses in terms of content, and tasks. Very similar to WA and it did not cost me $2,000.
rtbeers Premium
There are a lot of scammers out there. I guess they don't believe in Karma. Before I found Wealthy Affiliate I signed up with Rory Ricord because some other web reviewer said it was the best. I did not do my due diligence. I was desperate to get started and forked over $70 (which I will try to get back). His web site is unprofessional and his videos are big on hype and little on information. He keeps stressing the need to talk to his support people to set things up. One would have to talk to someone to supplement the gaps in the online information he supplies. I never actually went through setting up links because it just didn't feel right. I'm looking forward to having a better experience here. Just based on a couple of hours here I feel a thousand percent better. This is professional!
herinnelson Premium
You had me from "University!" You don't have to convince ME that WA over shines any university teaching internet skills. I feel I have earned a "degree" right here without even paying for tuition! Great post, Kyle. Right down to the point, and you expressed that point well! See you around!
HarveyBrown Premium
You sound a bit cheesed off Kyle. Yes I am sure we all had a few of those instructors who taught from the manual. I thought it was only me who thought it was a ripoff.
The problem is that your outlay,like so many of the scams out there is gone once you sign up. I was sure when I joined Wealthy Affiliate that I would be getting my money’s worth and nothing has convinced me otherwise.
MichelleE16 Premium
After attending college and dropping out 3 times, I couldn't agree more! I've really been struggling trying to figure out what kind of career I want, and I've been dreading the thought of going back to school for years, paying all kinds of money and learning loads of irrelevant stuff. All stuff that can easily be learned for free on the internet. So I'm really hoping WA works out for me so I'll never have to go back!
maesitas Premium
Estoy de acuerdo con todo lo que estáis diciendo, yo tambien me encontré con una universidad de Bellas Artes donde los profesores no se actualizan, ademas con nuestros trabajos de investigación ellos hacen sus libros y les ponen su sello personal, somos sus esclavos. Bueno ya no, yo me fui y continué por mi cuenta.
viyee Premium
I have found this repeatedly on the net.
"Reputable" schools or "universities" offering courses that are only a fraction of what we can learn here.
There is also the factor of "follow up support."
Whereas most of these high priced schools offer support while you are studying, they leave you high and dry afterwards, unless you pay some extra fees for on-going support.
And of course, they will give you a "Completion of Course" certificate.
Keep up the good work you guys. This is quality here.
JohnBochtis Premium
Totally agree. I never attended a business college, but I intended to quit my job in Greece as an army officer and move to Germany to study International Business in Dortmund.

I was intensively looking up every small detail for one whole year, putting stress on me, my parents and my girlfriend. I ended up one year later, not being able to quit my job unless I paid a fair amount of money, for some unknown yet reason, and the University, while accepting me at first, told me that my papers were not good enough, although I have a C2 in German and I even got the specific diploma they asked for in order to be accepted into the university. the price was ok 600 euro a year, but, eventually, I hit a wall from both directions and thought:

Now, what? And for what reason? And then it hit me! Why should I study for 4 years+2 years post-graduate education when all I really want is financial freedom? Why should I study until I am 30 years old only to work for someone else?

And exactly then began my online research on how to grow a business from home. I thought that it was not possible. Thank God, I didn't sign up for other programs and ended up after 5 months of searching at Wealthy Affiliate. I am still thankful for the person, which got me into WA, although I don't remember either him or his website. I may be a long way from financial freedom and quitting my job but I am making great progress especially the third month now. WA opened my eyes.
EConley Premium
I don't want to delve to deep into the personal here, but I decided that more time and money spent on academic credentials was unlikely to net me the modest financial success, good quality of life and security I longed for.

I have punched my time card in school up to a BS degree and recertified as a teacher by taking college courses. This did not educate me. I had to learn everything worth knowing through independent study. Yes, that included things like grammar, spelling, composition, calculus, geometry, history, literature and logic!

If formal education can't even convey the basics of a classical education, why would I take them seriously over anything else?

It's been my privilege to read a lot of doctoral theses. Sadly, these pinnacles of very intelligent, hard-working students' academic efforts are nothing but jargon-laden tripe.

I'm here to learn through doing, and I am thankful to learn from doers. I believe it's my best chance at the modest success I long for.

All the best,

jmatos Premium
Wow, you hit the nail on the head!
WTucker1 Premium
This has been my beef ever since I graduated from college. It's such a rip off. I tell people that the best thing that can come out of college is the people you meet. And for my career, architecture, I had to get a professional degree, but honestly, I learned very very little from that degree that I couldn't have learned on-the-job in about six months!
Our system is fraudulent, at best.
So glad I'm not alone in how I think about our educational system
PKama Premium
Twenty years ago I was passed over for a promotion for a production supervisor job at a plastic manufacturing plant I worked at for 15 years in California. Their excuse was, I lacked the necessary education (college degree) required for the position. So the HR department decided to hire younger college graduates who had never worked in the industry to take the job. We must have gone through 4 or 5 of them in a row. All of them were fired because none of them could do the job. Guess who had to train these new hires how to do the job. Yes, ME.

Finally the plant manager put his foot down and went over the HR department's head directly to the owner of the company and begged him to promote me or else he would quit. The man had not taken a real vacation in nearly three years. He knew that I was the only one that could run the place efficiently during his absence because he trained me himself.

To make a long story short, I got my promotion with the condition that I would take some kind of higher education classes of my choice, whatever I feel that I need to improve personally to help me do the job better and paid for 100% by the company. I chose to take computer classes at a community college at night and my boss finally got to take three whole weeks off to go fishing and hunting in Alaska.

So, I wholeheartedly agree with what you folks are discussing in here. A piece of paper from college is a good thing to have in some cases. In a lot of cases after you put yourself through thousands and thousands of dollars in dept to find out later that a person with hands on training can do the job way better than you can be an eye opener for some college graduates. That is how I feel about what we do here in Wealthy Affiliate. Rather than paying thousands of dollars to sit in a classroom somewhere trying to fill our heads with gibberish from some professor who has never done any actual online affiliate marketing, we are here learning hands on from actual affiliate marketers who are very successful at what they do.

Sorry if my rant is a bit too long but that is exactly how I feel about what we are doing here folks. We are learning hands on from a community full of affiliate marketing experts who have a lot of integrity.

JennieG Premium
This is so true! I did think about doing a course in a local college here in Dublin a few years ago. I'll see if I can post the link if I can find it. It was so expensive though for what you got. Really when you think about the way this "industry" changes on a weekly or even daily basis no college course could keep up unless the teachers were involved in online business and kept up themselves (like you guys)! It's just so fast paced whatever they put on the curriculum would be out of date within a month or two! People are being hoodwinked!
Kyle Premium
Exactly, and why would someone be teaching in school if they were well versed in the online business space...wouldn't they be too busy operating their online business. It is because they aren't.

That is something that was more than evident with the criteria of local programs, the ones outlined within this post that are no longer available. They were highly expensive and they didn't actually understand the fundamentals of online business...which was apparent in their lesson plans.
Matstabler Premium
This is a very interesting point Kyle. On the same type of subject, I chose my niche, music production, because I went to college and did 2 years training. Not university grade but definitely ok.

I had the option to turn it into a "foundation degree" for an extra £3k and another 3 years of my time. All that for something that wasn`t even a "full fat" Degree!

My main concern is that I don`t have enough knowledge to come across as an expert in my chosen field because I have no real industry practice ie actually recording artists who pay me.

I absolutely see the value in WA, and I am glad I found it.

To put this into perspective, I was going to at some point last year do a year course learning Forex trading at a cost of £1200. This was from a guy who at the age of 30 has been trading for 15 years!
Kyle Premium
It is not just the cost of University itself, which is outrageous, it is the cost of the missed time you have in terms of lost income. You go to school for 4 years and you have missed potential income and experience within an actual career of 4 years. Often times this time isn't made up for 20-30 years of actually working, which is crazy when you think about it.

School doesn't just cost $80K, it cost another $200K in lost income and it takes a long time to save up $280K after coming out of school.

There are much more cost efficient ways to go about building an income and ultimately doing something that you love. Of course I am a proponent of the online world, but there are many different ways.
Matstabler Premium
Exactly Kyle.

In fact, I am finding at the moment that without a University degree I can`t even get an interview for a job I KNOW I could do with my skillset, and they are missing out on a good employee just because I lack a piece of paper.

Its madness.
Kyle Premium
I know, that is part of the problem indeed. They are basing first stage "screening" on whether or not someone has a degree, versus any experience at all.

I personally would want someone working for us with 10 years experience and no degree than 10 years higher level education.

I have often wondered about offering your services for free to a company for 3 months, letting them training you and decide whether or not they want to hire you. I think that would break the ice and is MUCH cheaper and offers much better experience than going to any institutionalized education.
kristinmarie Premium
So true. I went to college... and all I have to show for it is thousands in debt, and can't even do anything with it. Man, for what I owe I could probably pay for premium well into my old age! lol

I mean, I don't regret my experience, but having something like WA, that takes you through the process of starting a successful online business. It definitely has much more value than classes, that while interesting, have really not gotten me anywhere.

But I have learned that really, anything I learned in college I could learn on my own just reading online, and a lot of the stuff I knew before I took the classes! lol

I had been considering taking a program in Pharm Tech at an online career school. I didn't do it because I didn't know if it would work out anyway. Even that, I could get 2 years of premium for what I would have spent on that. Also, ideally, I want to work for myself, from home! WA teaches me that it is possible.

I haven't been here long, so I don't know if I will find success, but from what I can tell, I'm already getting a lot of value, between the courses and the ability to create websites, use the domain I bought at the beginning of the month, etc.
Kyle Premium
I have always wondered if you applied all the money that you spent in school to your own business and all the time that you invested in school in your business (without the anticipation of immediate results), what would be the outcome.

I think the same effort, the same budget and the same time frame with a business would lead to much better results.
DaveSw Premium
Hello Kyle!

Can't argue any of your points,they make too much sense...Today the internet has leveled the playing field for ways to make money online from endeavors...

Unfortunately ONE of the ways to do it is to screw other people over by taking their money and making it yours, as it appears this offer is doing for some nefarious characters...

My choice: Go the ethical, if slower route and build up a business over time...Plus I get to sleep peacefully at night and not worry about who is banging on the door!

Dave : )
Kyle Premium
I agree with all of your sentiments here David. There is an ethical way to build a business, and there is one that is the business of taking people's money and presenting it as YOURS.
NatNiches Premium
Yep - I have a degree and I owe thousands in student debt. My degree never led me into a career that I wanted - many students come straight out of uni and into unemployment, or into very low paid jobs. :/ It's a shame I didn't follow my own path sooner, but at least I've done it now!
Kyle Premium
The story is all too common. I know many people with a degree that never used it, because simply said, a degree no longer differentiates you in a work force. Even lower paying jobs these days are requiring degrees because everyone has them!
NatNiches Premium
Yep exactly - seems we are all brainwashed from kids to think one way is the right way, or many of us. Many people don't imagine there are many different ways to make your living independently - or believe they are capable of it.
Kyle Premium
It was a good model when nobody had degrees, but when you have millions of people getting degrees each year competing for a smaller pool of jobs, you have a lot of people wasting their money on degrees. It is no longer a competitive advantage to have a degree.
NatNiches Premium
Yes, that's unfortunately the case. I spent many years in education and at three different universities because I thought it was something I had to do - then left it even more lost than I was before. Oh well! :)
CoolCrazyDan Premium
Yeah like 11 bucks an hour to be a manager, RIDICULOUS, to say the least
The-Fran Premium
Wow. Your show-and-tell just took my breath away.
"Key word" selection ? oh my!
They're leading lambs to financial slaughter.

I'm degreed; but that's beside the point. This is shocking and, yes, has all of the qualities of an internet scam.

Wealthy Affiliate, on the other hand, is packed...packed! with targeted courses, multi-media aids, valuable discussion, and exceptionally committed and experienced trainers. It's just where I want to be.

Thanks, Kyle, for the opportunity to receive a Masters education and pay it back and forward, at once, by growing the outreach.
xdannigirl Premium
My university is a scam simply because they force us to pay for this "Student Union"...this union is supposed to be there to fight for lower tuition and other such things, but as soon as we get lower tuition they enforce some fee so we don't actually pay any less. Two weeks ago, they revealed that the union president (who is a student and gets paid to do his job) was caught spending $13600 of OUR money on personal/unapproved things like expensive dinners, limo rides, and coffee for one at Starbucks. The other day they rescinded the motion for a forensic audit, so the guy is getting off without punishment. They take $400+/year of my money. I figure if they had an opt-out option I could still take advantage of the convenience store they have on campus (they don't give a rip whether you're a student or not), pay for my own private insurance (I'm in Canada so it's not as expensive as American insurance), and still come out ahead. Ugh. It makes me so mad.
NicholePaige Premium
Could not agree more. Luckily the final year of my college was covered by the military so I didn't loose nearly as much money as some other people do. When I went to apply for jobs I was still at the bottom of the barrel. The university sent me jobs (their career service) as a retail associate. I'd been doing that job before I got a degree. It was like the degree didn't matter at all. Then come to find out about half the stuff I need to know for the types of jobs I had wanted hadn't been covered in the degree itself. Talk about value.
CamGrah86 Premium
haha, I loved this blog. Thanks Kyle and I couldn't agree more with your perspective. If one is to take any business courses in school they should ask one question to their teacher, "What success have you had?" If they say "non", that is when you as for a refund. lol
Kyle Premium
Yeah, you would usually hear nothing but crickets if you ask this. I know my business teachers in school were all failures in their respective niche, that is why they ended up teaching I suppose. I wish I could have looked up to some of these people.
TimMcKinlay Premium
This is so true, especially for business. While I did learn some valuable things at uni, I honestly believe it is pretty useless for entrepreneurs looking to start a business. You are WAY better off learning form people that are actually successful, like Kyle and Carson.

What you learn at uni is how to read academic journals and write academically. You do not learn and will not learn anywhere near what it takes to build a real business. Maybe some courses are better than others, but Kyle's example just shows how much better this is for Internet marketing, by a long shot.
AriefWibowo Premium
I know the education system is still running "climb that tree" type of education. Still I am an advocate for a good university study. You just have to be selective and get a good of information before studying anything at University. You don't want to get rip off and pay the study all your working life time later.

Thank you for reminding us, Kyle!
JeffL61 Premium
Even if Universities have courses that are not even related to owning a business many of them indeed in what they charge nowadays for tuition, room and board, etc. are a rip-off!

I have friends, a married couple and with highly successful, well-paying jobs each. Yet they worry that down the road they won't be able to afford the cost of college for their two boys ages 7 and 11. They're already saving like crazy and together they probably earn a combined $200,000 per year in salaries. Is that crazy or what?

Pretty soon unless you're a millionaire or has a kid who really is talented at a sport such as football and basketball, (sorry but most Universities do not give full scholarships to that field hockey high school athlete) it would be impossible for parents to send their kids away for 4 years, (possibly more) to get a college education. Who the heck will be able to afford it?

I just looked it up online. The overall tuition, room & board, meals, etc. for my alma mater, UConn and for an out-of-state student runs around $50,000 per year. That does not include the costs for books as, trust me those can be expensive for the course work. Multiply that times 4?

So I could go to school for 4 years, (my eventually attending graduate school in which I had to foot the bill entirely) my parents had to take out financial aid loans. They both had decent paying, white-collar jobs, too! It took me about 5 - 7 years to help pay this loan back, with the added cost of interest. This was around 30 years ago and I guarantee that my parents did not have to pay for the extravagantly high tuition and other costs imposed by the University compared to what it is in 2015.

And with the job market availability in some industries that student is not guaranteed finding a job easily once he/she graduates either!

You're right Kyle. I agree that the costs of universities these days, a student becoming interested in ANY course of study - engineering, computer IT, nursing, the arts, etc. IS a rip-off.

Thanks for your article,
AngB Premium
I graduated from Western Govenors University, a competency bases university that is accredited. It's about half the cost because like WA, you don't pay for the buildings or outrageous faculty salaries. You have mentors. Like WA, there is also a community if one has a question. This school is growing because technology is bringing great value. WA brings great value too.
TheGrizzly Premium
As much as I believe firmly in continuing education, I don't trust college or university to provide a full comprehensive education on any subject.

Teachers a times can be brain washed into believing everything they are told in school and although they mean while pass on the brain washing to their students.

I had teachers that told me that I could never never write a book, become a motivational speaker, on earn millions through my future career. I realized that many teachers had their dreams beat out of them in school, believing that being helpful or earning a massive income is far to extraordinary for them or their student. I'm not at all saying that they are all like this.

In an investigation of anything, the key is to follow the money. Who ever is profiting the most has the most invested in the project, company, school, government, etc has sway as to the details and foundation of what they have invested in.

If you do your research you will discover that law schools are controlled by the pharmaceutical industry.

I also look to who has the most money to determine as to who really knows there stuff. I think it's interesting how people go to school to learn all about business, but there teachers haven't usually ran a business of their own. I want to become a master marketer, but I would never consider going to school to do so.

As the late Jim Rohn said- "the best education is self-education."
LifeWorld Premium
The system of education, in the world as we know it, is corrupt and false. It is not centered around your success or teaches you in any way how to be self-reliant and responsible. It is pressing mostly all people into debts and will keep them there with very limited real to use knowledge.

The theory is important, you need somewhere to start. And more than blank theory you will not get from those courses. Practical experience is yours to collect, or you know where to get it from like here at wa.

Where I was heading with this... wait.. it will come back to me... aaah yes... look folks, I had some "queries" with the school teacher of the son from my wife's first marriage, one was the limitation of a child's talents and expressions excused with the fairness for everyone going to the school.... If you are gifted, get a mentor, learn one on one with professionals, stay the heck away from universities.

the System is build up to earn money, and professors and teachers are not very well paid they are made depending on the school they teach in and kept that way.

the whole society is formed to keep people misinformed, just clever enough to use this or that machinery and pay their taxes. Governments and educational systems do not want you to know to much and actually use your knowledge to gain independence of money and success, they need worker classes to keep their pockets filled and your mind closed. There is only need for leaders in a world of uneducated people not in the world where people tend to take responsibility and focus on service, support and success <-- those people are tend to be much less violent and much more focussed on their path to support and serve others therefore no government needed....

hope this wasn't too much of a conspiracy theory for you guys simple observation folks :D
JKentopp Premium
Wow! Eye opening for someone considering going back to finish up my bachelor's. Thanks for sharing this Kyle :) This community is the most value anyone can get for the education that is being taught. Still trying to figure out how me paying $6,000 out of pocket this coming year for classes I could learn about by watching a couple of YouTube videos is a worthy investment..
Glob Premium
Mostly agree with this. University is outdated. I can learn things I really want to learn online, at my own pace, whenever I need to. I don't have to sit through other classes I don't want to. Often the quality is a lot better (especially for subjects like SEO/marketing), and what you're learning could be free, or a lot cheaper than university.

If I grow my business to the point I can hire someone for full time, I won't look at degrees at all, just at the skills and actual accomplishments they have. I might actually prefer someone who is self-taught, because that'll mean they actually care about their field.
AmberSubaki Premium
My Fine Arts degree cost me a bomb and gave me zero tools to actually making money as an Artist. Being an Artist is hard enough, but with no tools on how to make money in that industry is crazy.

Thank goodness for WA, it has really furthered my education as an Artist...kind of like the missing puzzle piece for me.
Kyle Premium
Yeah, that is what is happen at a very high rate these days. People are getting almost "throw away" degrees, ending up with no applied skills and no way to translate their education into anything meaningful.
ATzortzis Premium
Hopefully I was one from those that did not pay for higher education.It was included in my grades.Totally Zero.But I know the situation , I was once ready for a Master Degree abroad but cancelled it , and yes this education is high-priced.

I graduated from a national university ,the training was 4 years long but it lacked of practical experience.No visit in facilities , no other kind of action.

In WA you take action from the very first day building a foundation.Brilliant Kyle , I have learned in 5 months here at WA way more than these 4 years there.

Thank you and your team for this opportunity.Really appreciate it.
Cebu Man Premium
Excellent post Kyle. What universities, both online and brick and mortar, are charging these days is criminal. Even at the smaller community level colleges. My sister in law was taking a nursing class at a local community college. The class itself was fairly reasonably priced in comparison to the other state colleges, but the cost of the books was astronomical. One of the books cost $900 and the other one was around $1500!! What in the world could justify such a high cost for books?
alexander11 Premium
Let us not forget that Sir Richard Branson left at 16 without any qualifications and look at his amazing success. Here is an article he wrote:

I have a Master Degree and nice to have and may even do a PhD yet. However, I say that my MSc In Object Oriented Software Engineering I have never really used what was taught when I got my first Job since then. May be the basics but I have always used my own creativity and made up my own rules of the best way to approach a problem. Which has got me into a lot of trouble and even costed my job once since the senior levels are very indoctrinated how coding and design should be done. The problem with the IT world these days is that, time wasting coding reviews, 'correct' way to code, design mythologies, has become just another religion!

Interestingly the last company I worked with in Scotland before I moved to Canada, the software developers were dead against coding reviews and as I put it - its like cooking - you make this wonderful creation to be served only for someone to come along and say can I add some Ketchup! Coding reviews are like this only for some 'know-it-all' to say your work of art is no good and needs to be changed - since it does not follow our rules - yet it is delivered and as long as the client is happy - then that is all that matters. I guess you cannot escape bureaucracy.

Anyway, sorry, it may seem off topic - but it isn't - and the reason I posted Richard Branson's article - I wanted to suggest that I do not believe in exams period! My University professor (who mentored me during my Master's) said this himself. At the time back in the early and mid 1990s in Scotland when changes were taking place in the educational system to try to go into more modular course work and small tests rather than exams at the end. I failed all my exams doing my Post graduate course (1 year course) need to be completed before the Masters could be done. I always struggled with exams at school. He said himself that here is a prime example of how exams do not reflect your intelligence and is all about how programmed you are and not measuring your creativity and innovation. I did pass the resit exams in the end (which I think was a formality than anything else - one of the lecturers told us - on the quiet in his office - what would be covered in the resit for his subject).

When I did the actual Master's project the second year, everything was really different. I loved it! I found it easier and more creative - it was all about doing research being mentored with your professor and then writing up the thesis which got presented at the end. Like a smaller version of doing a PhD - which I think is all about research and then you write up your thesis - at least in Scotland at the time.

I have gone through a lot of bureaucracy in the educational and corporate world - and now starting to get really impatient with it. I am a professional in my field and I guess done it in my own way. The clients in my field in IT love me and I get stuff done. Its the bureaucracy especially in Corporate Canada that I have been struggling with that is getting worse. But that is okay as the IT corporate world is a closed chapter and thanks to Wealthy Affiliate I can re-educate myself.

We can now all embrace the beauty of our dreams.

At the time when I was at education in the UK, the government covered all the tuition fees and even provided grants for living expenses if your parents income was below a certain threshold. However at the time they were starting to introduce student loans and phase out grants for living costs. I am not sure now but I think all university fees are now by loans? It is amazing how the education system has now become corrupt - with bad education and big business. There is no justification for 100K college fees!!! You could easily have a sustainable system with a simple affordable membership educational fee, like Wealthy Affiliate's membership here.
CoolCrazyDan Premium
Agrreed, to learn one thing, and to focus on that one thing, now that could be magical!
T-men Premium
tell em Kyle!
great post especially for me and other students because i'm right in the middle now...paying up to 2000$ a year for my college and it just keeps disappointing me... the few months im in wealthy affiliate already did more good to my future then my study. school cost me a lot of time, energie and im getting into a student loan dept.... for what? a certificate for a job that pays me bad and is hard to find? nahh... im really wondering what to do because when i tell my family and partner exactly the same as kyle here says...they think i'm crazy and call me a fool if i do that... they say it'll ruin my future.... i could use some advice my friends! what should i do?

greets Tijmen
Kyle Premium
Apply that same money (in fact just a fraction of it) to your online business and you will be much further ahead!
MartinWeeks Premium
I only wish I'd found WA three and a half years ago when I signed up for Kaplan. They are an excellent school I must admit and I still have access to their extensive legal databases though long since graduated. But the fact is still the same. Every application/resume submitted (I was seeking to go to work for the government either state or federal) has my birthday and ss# on it. The screening machines for all these millions of applications simply blip me out due to age. Health Care and banks are running the world now. It's either be in business for myself or die off from unnatural selection.

Great Article Kyle, with your permission I would like to post this out to twitter, facebook, and LinkedIn. Thanks again. Also, how's Kai and Carson's family doing? I've been laid up sick so ain't up to speed on things at the moment.

AllynBeekman Premium
I certainly can relate, Marty. When I started searching here in Houston, which has been going great guns, I kept getting into the final two but never being chosen. I am convinced that my age kept me out of consideration for many jobs even when my experience matched almost exactly what the job ad was looking for.

In the end, I profited because I found WA!