Accountability. A Look Back at the Last 3 Months.
Last Update: May 10, 2018

As you build out your business, it is always important that you reflect on what you have done, and in some case what you haven't done.

Completing an accountability "check" every 3-4 months is always a good idea, in particular one where others can offer you feedback on your achievements, and help you come up with ideas as to how you can better achieve results.

This "inward look" into my activities is something that I have always done in business (and in life). The reason I wait 3 months is that if you are doing this on a too regular basis you are going to be spending ALL of your time self reflection (which isn't useful).

So today we are all going to look back on the last 3 months, our accomplishments, what we are proud of, and what we feel we could have done better.

Take a moment and leave your responses to these 5 questions below.

  • How did the first 3 months go?
  • What accomplishments, achievements, and business related activities are you proud?
  • Where did you waste time?
  • What tasks did you got better with?
  • What can you do better in the next 3 months?

It is this honest self reflection that will lead to improvement, growth, and your ability to streamline your business. It is OK to be hard on yourself sometimes, it leads to self-improvement. Just as important though, you want to celebrate your accomplishments. This will serve as motivation.

Having a healthy mix of both will lead to progression and more success in your business. I really look forward to seeing your responses.

Here is to a productive, exciting, and high achieving 3 months ahead!

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hirohurl Premium
How did the first 3 months go?

In the first month I completed 14/18 of the tasks. Since then the number of completed tasks has been much lower.

In the second month, college classes started again (I'm a freelance English language teacher in Japan) and I find it difficult to do creative stuff related to my business on busy teaching days: content creation goes down the plughole.

What accomplishments, achievements, and business related activities are you proud?

* I have managed to stay on track and publish my regular Friday blog post.

* I've managed to create a YouTube video every Sunday. In the video I run a prize draw for active team members in one of my programs.

* I started making "screenshot" videos and have created some Wordpress training videos on YouTube.

Where did you waste time?

Too much time spent scrolling through Facebook. Also, I can get distracted by YouTube videos - there's so much interesting content on YouTube!!

What tasks did you got better with?

* I ran a Google Adwords ad and got a lot of cheap traffic and quite a few conversions, which has given me more consfidence in continuing to experiment with PPC from now on.

* I found a better (i.e. much cheaper) alternative to Hootsuite for social media campaigns and have found it much easier to run social media campaigns as a result.

* I learnt about Pinterest and how to use Canva to create Pinterest and Facebook memes. :-)

What can you do better in the next 3 months?

There's a lot I need to improve on, from writing content that converts, to creating email follow-up series that get results, and working on conveying the value proposition behind my business idea, and getting my whole business funnel to work more smoothly.

Also, setting out clear online-business-related tasks that I can achieve during the working week. In short, improving my business-related efficiency.
RichardU Premium
Ok, let's see ...
Not to my expectations but I did put in more effort than I have ever done. The exercise was indeed what I needed.

I have three websites running, drummed up more than 20,000 words in between them, made a sell in one of my high paying affiliate program, picked up quite a lot of new ways to improve both my writing and delivery, saw improvement on my SEO, and finally beginning to like writing lol.

The shortcomings, there is not enough time to do anything. juggling between work, family and Wealthy Affiliate is not easy but I like the challenge.

The journey is great.
Zappades Premium
Sounds good to me :)
RichardU Premium
Thank you
Timtriedthat Premium
How did the first 3 months go?
Good! The layout of this program and how it is conducted got no comparison on the www. I established my lines of business and interest and learned a lot from the structure of content Kyle is providing.

What accomplishments, achievements, and business related activities am I proud of?
I am still very much involved in my off-line business related to Industrial Automation and Renewable Energy. My websites on WA are supporting that business and pushing it up on many search engines.

Where did you waste time?
That question is very much 'user specific'. As industrial consultant I need to find solutions for my customers which involves a lot of time sourcing on the internet. For me it is part of creating income. Yet, sometimes, I see me going off track which one could name it 'wasted time' - for me it is relaxing the focus of what I am looking for, returning on track after a while to find a solution to my requested information.

What tasks did you got better with?
To better handle internet/websites 'regulations' - the doe's and dont's

What can you do better in the next 3 months?
Improving my current off-line business websites. Improving my WA internet website. Improving and publish my monthly Amazon store websites.

Thank you Kyle for your priceless support!
LJackson1 Premium
Unfortunately the first 3 months didn't go as I had planned. I didn't take enough time to post anything and I still don't have my website up and running.... at least not yet. I am proud of the fact that I did write a couple of reviews. I wasted time by watching other tutorials and YouTube videos, but everything was related so I guess not too bad. I have set my goal to do @ least 2 hours a day, at least studying. But I'm determined to get my website up and running by June!! I've had a lot of personal issues to deal with...No excuse I know .I do so appreciate being part of the swag group , So thank you again Kyle!
dalwhu Premium
In my first three months I have had 21 pages indexed. I went over all pages making sure all the SEO keywords and titles were what I needed for my articles and I checked all all images had ALT titles.

I used canva to create various posters for my pages and asked family and friends to comment on my page and posts on my pages as well as sharing them here.

I made my first ever referral sale and made $31.50 from it so far. I have also made a few niche sales through amazon.

I do not think I wasted time when I was on wealthy affiliate however I think I need to spend more time developing my my business. Although I juggle work and being a single parent two teenage sons with special needs I still believe I can contribute more time to my websites this is what I will try and do in the next three months.

I feel more organised with the structure and planning what I’m going to write articles I will prioritise. I also believe them or write the better quality my articles are getting.
LeahV Premium
Hello everyone, I am a little slow getting to this, but here is my accountability post!

My first month started off amazing, I completed every task 100%. But as the next 2 months rolled up, I did less and less. I can off of maternity leave and started a dayhome, and took on another part time job. I think I bit off more than I could chew.

Now, with month 4 starting, I have finally figured out how to balance everything, including family time. I am ready to start fresh and spend more time building my site. I noticed a significant drop in my traffic, and I am determined to get that back!

I am proud of how much I have done on my site so far, as this is my first! I am also excited because I signed up for a new affiliate program, and I received an email from them saying how much they liked my site! Made me feel proud and renewed my wanting to work on it to a new level!

So, good luck to everyone on this months work!
I did terribly. The first month went very well but then first thing in March, I had a dental emergency which caused serious complications to my lower jaw. This caused a tremendous expense that I am now still dealing with, though it looks like it is something I will get past.

Over the last ten weeks I had to take on hard labour to pay for the dental treatments and most evenings coming home dog tired and not wanting to do much more than sleep, not getting any of my chores, including tasks related to the Challenge.

There are those days when I could have bucked down on this, days when I didn't work, but spent that time on other things. It was a non-productive twelve weeks since the onslaught of bacterial infection that regular antibiotics was ineffective.

To this day the lower jaw is still inflamed and still can't close the jaw all the way due to a long cavity the infection ate away in the marrow part of it which has caused swelling and pushed up the teeth on that side.

But the pain is under control and though I have to work, doing exhaustive stuff, I have become more acclimated to that and am less tired when I come home.

So now, it is more of a case of procrastination than anything else, facing a two-month backlog in this work. I have work again today, not quite having the funds to finish the treatments, and with no credit, I have to come up with the money up front. Yesterday the dentist did root canal treatment in the tooth where the problem started and the jaw will heal on its own.

The next three months will be spent trying to get caught back up to par, and to do this, I have to double my efforts in everything related to the Challenge. One of the things that helped me with the expenses is a recurring yearly subscription sale which will turn up in July, or even June, if very early May, when the sale occurred, kicks in.

One of the least expected things - I had a lot of difficulty coming up with targeted keywords - for someone who has been here for a long time, this did become a problem. Most of the desired keywords for my present campaign are not candidates because of low search rates and high competition, one or the other, or more, such as keywords found upon research, to be irrelevant to my content, mostly being the relevant sense of such keywords having very little search rates compared to other usages of the same keyword. Because of these things, I have to abandon things I wanted to do in the campaign, including planned articles and topics.

In spite of the high confidence I had during the first month, I have fallen on my face in this. I have not read any of the other posts on here yet, and I imagine, mine, at this point, is amongst the worst cases in turn-out, being two full months behind.
kimwolfe Premium
I've really enjoyed reading everyone's update. Goes to show we have things we do well and things we can improve on.

Here's my accountability update:

How did the first 3 months go?
Good as I continue to drive to make my website successful. And not so good as completing all of the tasks assignments throughout these 3 months.

What accomplishments, achievements, and business related activities are you proud?
I'm still engaged with learning. I'm still here, at this everyday. The fact that I and you haven't given up in something to be proud of.

Where did you waste time?
Distractions. Other tutorials. Other training materials. Did not make the time to publish 3 posts a week which is essential to getting the search engines to notice you over other blogs.

What tasks did you got better with?
Commenting. I really enjoy SiteComments and the whole process. Commenting is a great way to help others, learn from others and improve your writing skills. I even wrote a blog post about it. Read about it here. And writing reviews. Reviews are easy because they can follow a same template. Saves time. Makes it efficient to pump out more content.

What can you do better in the next 3 months?
Focus. And Time efficiency. Although I have decent focus. I need to continue to be mindful of how I focus my time.

Thanks and I'm looking forward to the next 3 months!

Kim Wolfe
kvertner Premium
Has it been three months already? For me, the time has just flown by. Like many of you, the first month went really well. It hit all of my goals and my site was really starting to come together.

The second month was a little more challenging, but I still managed to generate close to 15,000 quality words.

Month three, things kind of fell apart. I was able to spend some more time with Google+, Twitter and YouTube (mostly YouTube). I was only able to create about 12,000 of my personal goal of 20,000. We've had a lot going on in our family, and a few "life road bumps" that took most of my attention.

While I think my website looks good, and the content is high quality, I don't seem to be getting any traction in Google. I think I have a hard time being patient. I need to work on that.

With that said, I do have a good looking website that I am proud of. I just need to focus on content...content...content. And yes, kicking and screaming, Facebook. Anybody else not like the idea of FB and attaching who you are to your business? I'll figure it out...

At this point I have two referrals. One of which is my son, the other looks like it might have been a bot (sigh). I'm only getting about 5 visitors a day and most of those seems to be coming from WA though SiteComments. I'm following the training, so seems like it is just a matter of time before I start to get some traction.

On a bright note, two months before starting the Super WA challenge, I had create my first niche website. It is now getting a few organic searched every day and I've made a couple of sales!

I don't really do social thankfully, no wasted time there. I do however have this need to check the news every morning and evening. This seems like it distracts me for at least an hour. I'm going to go on a news fast for the next couple of weeks.

I also feel like I am spending more time than I should watching TV with the family (my office is the living room with the if the kids or wife is watching, I get sucked in). So guess what is happening this afternoon? I'm moving my office down stairs! No TV. No distractions.

As far what tasks I need to get better at, I would say creating a schedule and sticking to it. I need to get A TON BETTER at blocking out time that is dedicated to writing. Nothing else can happen during this time.

What can I do better in the next 3 months?
- Time management is the big one.
- Focus on the process Kyle showed us for creating content
- Don't procrastinate!

I'm enjoying reading posts from everyone else. I looks like many of us are in the same boat...and I am happy to say we are not sinking, we just need to row a little harder and faster.
je721 Premium
How did the first 3 months go?

It's tough time for me that I could not achieve the Goals set to me. But all things are positive. Anything I did come out positive. I can see the slow progress, faster indexing by Google and few of my post are in the first page in SERP.

What accomplishments, achievements, and business related activities are you proud?
I have experienced many positive things: I have 2 premium sales in Wealthy Affiliate,
more than 10 referrals to WA,
29 referrals to Jaaxy keyword research tool
5 sales in other Affiliate programs
More than 30 referrals in other programs
$20+ monthly in Adsense
Few of my posts are actually in No.1 in Google search engine.
My blog has grown to 1.3K minthly users.
WA help me a lot, now I know how to write a content that will ranked in the first page. That is the beauty of learning in WA.

Where did you waste time?
I wasted time on list building trying to figure out any free good autoresponder.

What tasks did you got better with?
Using Keyword research tool and write content that will rank better in SERP.

What can you do better in the next 3 months?
There are many things to improve myself. I will write more post and send out Newsletters to my subscribers once in a week.
I have got distracted with my day to day work and got little time for my site. I have hard times with my office work. But I will comeback strongly and be more active with my site.
mmadden99 Premium
I just posted about this very topic. I am working full time and trying to suppliment my income through WA. I am finding that time is hard to come by, but also that motivation comes in waves. You just have to ride that wave when it comes. I am sure everyone goes through times when they are less motivated, you just have to stay positive as you state and keep grinding through. Sometimes visualization of the reason you got involved helps (help my family, take a vacation, buy something for my wife).
DaltonTberry Premium
How did the first 3 months go?

Honestly I started so strong and got distracted. I pumped out the 12,000 words needed for month two but then I was under the weather trying to survive and get by at my day job. Definitely could have written content and learned more, but I was being lazy for sure. Time to step up, get my rank back in the Top 200 here at WA, and get to writing quality content for my readers.

What accomplishments, achievements, and business related activities are you proud?

The traffic I was seeing when I was writing great, long winded content that was able to draw SEO traffic due to my long standing site.

Where did you waste time?

I wasted a ton of time getting caught up in Analytics... as usual. I was concerned about traffic rather than content. In addition, I was super focused on making money quickly through other avenues which was not the best idea.

What tasks did you got better with?

I am better at managing my social media accounts. I am also better at sharing across all platforms and now I am less scared to be transparent with my family and friends about marketing Wealthy Affiliate and putting my face on YouTube. That personal touch is important and I was a little bit intimidated and maybe less self confident than I would have liked.

What can you do better in the next 3 months?

Step up and complete all of the Super Affiliate Challenge tasks instead of getting distracted. Write consistently and quit watching Netflix when I get home tired from my day job.

Hopefully I'm not the only one with these struggles. I'm definitely not scared to admit when I screw up and please... berate me for being a lazy bum last month!

Fitlife7483 Premium
How did the first 3 months go?

The first month was GREAT, I busted out the tasks like l was on fire. Half way into the second month though it all fell apart, I had to return to full time work and it has taken it’s toll. I am so mentally fatigued when I get home that I can’t even concentrate on anything. My ability to concentrate on trying to complete my tasks is gone. And to make it worse…I totally hate my job.

The second and third months have been horrible for me. Trying to make use of the little time that I have to dedicate to WA is clearly not enough. My websites and my progress in this challenge are suffering. I am so behind on my content writing it seems unachievable at times.

I have wasted time all over the place. Mainly due to the fact that I don’t have time to complete any task so I am feeling very overwhelmed and frustrated and can’t stay focused long enough to even think through the tasks at hand.

On one hand I want to just quit the job so I can devote all my time to my websites again and force them to be productive but the other hand says I need to be responsible and keep my job because that’s whats paying the bills right now.

I see the big picture what needs to get done but I have to prioritize the very limited time and that means not doing some of the tasks like helping 5 WA members a day, and spending time in LIVE chat, I paid for comments because I don’t have the time to read dozens of articles and leave comments for them all, I have a backlog of comments I still need to leave already.

Going forward I want to apologize to anyone who is still waiting for me to leave comments, I will eventually get them done.

But I am going to be a little selfish and concentrate only on the tasks of content writing, an occasional WA blog and finishing the other tasks such as a graph and a banner.

If I have any time available I will be reviewing training videos to catch up and refresh on certain tasks that I need to master.

I will probably be very quiet on the blogs and my ranking is diving everyday, but I can’t worry about that.

Sorry for the long post
I guess I had an extra minute (or two)
DaltonTberry Premium
Pam! You're not the only one that came out super strong and then had some serious setbacks in month 2 and 3. Stick with it! We believe in you... I've had the same issues and we are all going to come back strong and crush some content this month and work extra hard to make up for lost time!

Let's go. :)

JIllW Premium
It has been a struggle as I do work as a TCP Traffic Control Person so I am tired at the end of the day and I always do not feel like writing so I watch a video and take notes. I got a mailbox address that Google recognizes so maybe now how can advertise locally. I am learning how to write better and write catchy ways to get people to sign up. I bought a Logitech 720p to make videos I have not done it yet but I will get the hang of it. I am going to try and to watch more videos in Boot Camp as I got a little ahead of myself and I will try to get more comfortable with social media as that is where I really fall short. In the next three months if I am not writing something I will be watching a lesson.I have gotten behind and summer can be busy. I will set some goals for writing a certain amount of words for each day. I wasted time by letting distractions get in the way. I am starting over on my website and I am going to keep it small for now. I am planning to learn more about Canva.
FrankieCat Premium
How did the first 3 months go -
Not quite as well as I would have liked. I got through Phase 1 and loved it. I stalled on Phase 2 and haven't pushed through yet. I am a gardener, mostly vegetables, and this time of year takes up some of my time with prepping the garden and planting seeds. I still just need to set aside some time to work on my business.

What accomplishments, achievements, and business related activities are you proud -
I guess getting the structure of my website started is an achievement i am proud of.

Where did you waste time -
Every where!! LOL!! Lately, my job has me working 9 - 10 hour days and I am wiped out when I get home. By the time I do some outdoor work, I just want to sit and relax with the wife. I need to carve out some time for WA and I will.

What tasks did you got better with -
Using Jaaxy. Also, I started to get better with Word Press.

What can you do better in the next 3 months -
I realize that consistent effort is the only way to succeed in life. I need to dedicate time from my busy schedule to build my website. I know that I can do this and I want to do this. So, I guess I just have to do this!!
Hdthomas Premium
I definitely need more time, however, excuses aside I am still playing catch up but working none the less to get through all the task. I have gotten better and putting pictures and better content in my posts. Also finding good keywords and topics in my niche to discuss.
The one thing I really struggle with is actually doing a little each day. I am working with a coach now to help me get more of a routine set up so that I can commit to specific times for each important task and this is an important task for me.
LeeMcQuay Premium
You are doing it. Taking the steps to figure out a routine for yourself is a huge step that shows you are serious about what needs to be done.
Well done and you should be proud of yourself.
Hdthomas Premium
Thank you, it’s really hard when you set goals and don’t reach them. However, instead of dwelling on what wasn’t reached you have to celebrate the small wins and gains that may be small steps but it’s still momentum towards that overarching goal.
GailLowe Premium
Hello everyone and good morning from the UK! It's sunny here so something to write about!! :)

Here's my account of the first 3 months challenge in the 'feedback sandwich' or WWW (what went well) and EBI (even better if) way that we teachers like to promote!!

I am fairly pleased with my first 3 months work on this as I feel that I have learned a lot and it has been excellent to have some goals and list of things to achieve each month. I like having a tick list, even if I don't have everything ticked off as yet.

I have been working on redesigning my site which has taken up much more time than I thought it would to be honest. I designed a logo which I'm happy with and which now matches the colours and fonts on my site so I'm glad that I'm getting some of the branding sorted out. I still have a couple of issues related to changing the colour of one style of text on my site but I'm working on that. I'm pleased with the overall look and structure of the site, but as I said, it has taken a lot more time than I expected. Hopefully now though, I won't have to do it all again anytime soon!

I'm proud of the posts that I have written because I feel they are detailed and good, quality posts that will be of interest to the viewer and I've crossed the 100,000 words mark on SiteContent which I'm also proud of.
Interestingly, when I re-structured my site, and created some different menu categories, I realised that I had a lot more I could write about within the site than I had first thought.
I have a niche site as well as my affiliate site but I have been concentrating mostly on my affiliate site because I want to complete the tasks and I also think this will bring the biggest and quickest return at the moment.
I am averaging about one referral per day, and of those, 7 have become premium with some recurring each month too.

To that end, I have made money in these last 3 months - had 2 WA affiliate payments and an AdSense payment so I'm very pleased with that. I have posted here at WA my success when I've achieved them too.

I've loved working on canva and have created tables, logos, and banners that I've used. I think that taps into my visual and creative side well.

Things I could improve on:
The thing that I have been worst at is spending time in live chat. I think that this is because it's just really not me. I'm very happy to welcome people to WA and congratulate successes and engage with people via their blogs and comments. I have made many friends here doing that, but I've never really got into the chat room culture per se. If I'm really honest, I'm not even sure that it is one of the things that will be high on my priority list again this month, but I'll give it a go this month and see how I get on.

I feel that I have interacted well with my referrals though, premium or not and that IS something that I think I will continue with, along with helping people through questions, blogs and comments.

I know also that I can write more posts for my sites so will aim to do this. Most of my posts are either 2000 or just over so my word count is high but I think I'll try to write at least one post every other day. At the end of month 3, I managed 6 posts in 6 days so I know I can do it. I'm also trying to edit my ebook which is around 20,000 words too so I realise that I can't do everything at once.

Another thing that I really want to do in the next 3 months is to catch up on Jays' webinar trainings. Being in the UK, they are always on a 1am so I very rarely catch them live, and then a lot of things seem to get in the way and I don't catch up with all of them, which I'd like to do. I'd also like to crack on more with the bootcamp training too.

OK, so that's it. Some great things, some good things and some things to work on. Just like life!

All the best to everyone. Enjoy it. :) Gail
LeeMcQuay Premium
Awesome job and thank you for the inspiration.
You have been busy and your rewards show that you are doing a great job.
GailLowe Premium
Thanks Lee. I appreciate your support. All the best to you. Gail
SuzaMarie Premium
Way to go, Gail! I like the logo.
GailLowe Premium
Thanks Suzanne. Glad you like it.
sns1977 Premium
Looking back at the past 3 months there are many things that I accomplished and some that I did not. The first month was hard to get all my posts done, however, I did meet this goal. I got all 12 posts published, my website all set up and ready to go. I did have a problem with the theme, I ended up changing it about 5 times. I am still not 100% happy with it but it will do for now.

The logo took me a while. Initially, I had selected one logo and ended up changing it the following month. I am happy with it now. The only things that I did not complete in the first month was the live chat daily and helping others as I am not too sure that my answers are correct all the time.

The 2nd and 3rd months I did not make my post goals due to trying to struggle with the new way that Kyle had us try for the posts. I found it took me longer to get everything together. I am going to meet my writing goals this coming month!

Even though I did not meet my post goals I have written more than I ever have these past couple of months and for that I am very proud. I also have quite a bit of traffic now which I am sure is due to the number of articles that I am posting. To date I have 19 Jaaxy referrals and 10 WA referrals which I just started getting a couple of weeks ago.

I found that I was wasting time with trying to structure my website perfectly, social media, logo, and the theme. I should have kept those a lot shorter. I also lost a lot of time trying to keep up with all the Wealthy Affiliate blog posts. I am so scared I am going to miss something important.
I am better with writing posts faster and longer. In the following months I plan on re-doing my first website and increasing my article goals. I know that in the following 3 months I will be able to meet my post goals and that is a main focus of mine.
Well, that is all for now. Best wishes to you all.
LeeMcQuay Premium
You are doing a great job.
I too have not been able to keep up with the blogs everyone writes here at WA.
I will hopefully get to some of them. My Email is on overload from all the notifications I receive. I don't change my notifications because I don't want to miss something.
But I am missing it anyway as I can't keep up with it.
We will figure it out : )
sns1977 Premium
Thanks for the support. Not being able to keep up with the WA emails is the only downside to having a lot of followers. I dont want to miss anything either. We will make our goals if we focus. I did it the first month I can do it again. Good luck for this month.
Tygilbert Premium
To be honest, my first 3 months was a disaster for me because i haven't completed the tasks due to some complications.

What accomplishments and achievements i'm proud?
I am proud to have built a website that is up and running and indexed, also on becoming a premium member.

Where did i waste time?
I wasted alot of time in canva and cool text, trying to design logo. I also wasted time trying to customize my theme, when changing it was better, Also dealing with everyday issues and getting tied up with work most times. As a result, i was unable to stay ahead.

What did i get better with?
creating logos, understanding more about custom links, adding imagery and understanding keywords.

What can i do better in the next 3 months?
Be more aggressive, pay closer attention in order to catch up and proceed.
LeeMcQuay Premium
The logo was time consuming for me as well as my theme.
I think once we get past the little things that put us behind, we will move forward with more ease. (I hope)
Wishing you luck in the next 3 months.
Tygilbert Premium
Thank you LeeMcQuay, now knowing that I wasn't the only one stuck with that problem is even more motivating, thanks again for sharing. Have a good day.
LeeMcQuay Premium
You to my friend.
I am sure we aren't alone : )
elores Premium
I had negative and positive feelings with my first 3 months as everything did not work out for me as I would have like it to be. I started out with the first and second month with good spirits. I got thing accomplished as planned, although there were some difficulties sometimes, these were easily taken care of and I could continue on with my tasks.

I am very proud of being able to write contents much more faster and easier with the number of words required. When I first started, I was struggling to find content to write and the number of words made it much harder. I attributed my success in this area to Kyles training and with practice and determination which helped me. Now I am finding it much easier to write. Practice makes perfect.

I have wasted a lot of time in month 3, due to the fact that my computer was giving a lot of problems and I could not get my work done. For this reason, I got very distracted and frustrated, to say the least. This was not a very good feeling for me. I wasted 2 weeks to get everything back to normal and for this, I am way behind with my work.

I got better at choosing good keywords and writing better contents.

I promise to do better in the next 3 months, now that I have had the problem with my computer out of the way. I can focus more on my tasks and get my work done. I will work hard to get my website looking better. Although it is looking more like a website now with more contents, it still needs a lot more work to take it where I would like it to be. My big issue is to get my Boot Camp training done, and I will have to focus more on getting this done to get more information to work on my website.

Overall this has been a good training for me. I have learned a lot which will help me as I move forward to build my business and reach my goal. Looking forward to what is coming next, and hope to do much better with focusing more.
NicoAlpaca Premium
In the first three months, I created a new website and completed the first month of the challenge. I started the second month but did not complete it. I glanced at the third month's tasks. I was really good at getting to know a lot of new WA friends and helping where I could. I successfully created new blogs. I realized that I did not know enough about my new niche and have to do a lot of research in order to create lots of content. I also need to use social media more and soft touch (real contacts) to introduce WA to new friends. All in all, I am not super happy with the number of tasks I completed but I am happy with my accomplishments. I learned a lot. I am presently in the thick of the alpaca shearing seasons. I am not sure where all those 24 hours in a day go. I am tired but this season is short. I will be done mid-June TG. I want to concentrate more on my first niche (alpacas) and get that one running and earning money. I will concentrate on my second niche later when I have more time for research.
SoniaZ Premium
Well, the first 3 months did not go as well as I would have liked or planned. I set for myself what I thought were realistic goals given the time that I could dedicate to my new website, and fell miserably short of my own goals.

Furthermore, as far as content on my website goes, I find myself to be lagging in regards to my own goals. I only have five posts on my site, many are in the works but not ready to be published yet. Quite a decimal performance since I know that I can do better.

Next, is my presence at WA, I haven’t been around as much as I would have liked, helping people within the community, and sharing blog posts on the WA platform.

For the achievements that I am the proudest of, they include my logo and the fact that my website is up and running!

Now, where did I waste my time.... too many places! First trying to find images for my posts! Then life distractions, I have some renovation going on at my house, which pulls me away from my website!

Some of the tasks that I got better is first using Canva. Then, I also got better at finding keywords for posts, and by using Kyle’s method for breaking down posts, finding title first, I am now more efficient. My post creation sessions are far more structured than before. So thank you, Kyle!

Lastly, there are many things that I need to improve on. First one is to make a schedule where I set time aside for working on my website as well as spend time in WA and also for finishing my renovation, and I must stick to it! By doing so, I believe I will increase the number of posts on my website and be more present at Wealthy Affiliate.
TopAchiever Premium
*** How did the first 3 months go?

They were somewhat delayed as I started late due to my mom's illness and only joined the team after all had been settled and so I was a late comer to the start.
I started off very confident and was making good progress on the site and niche I had chosen long time ago and thought that I could finally use the theme.
This got me despondent when I realized my site wasn't ranking as it should.
So I decided to change tracks with a new engine and started with a new site and had to start from scratch, I managed to do alright until I realized I needed a lot of content and then came unstuck when I was using to much time to find content and became despondent.

I have enjoyed all the new learning curves and thrive on looking for new topics and issue to create for training. But have become despondent. Definitely need a pep up of encouragement.

Lately it was the shoot out at our local craftmarket that gave pause for thought, and just recently the last 3 days I've not been well with a bad headache and feeling nauseated...

*** What accomplishments, achievements, and business related activities are you proud?

Creating my own logo
Creating training for various topics as we go along
Ranking my website on at least page 3
Having a better understanding of how the process works with creating a website and the proper usage of keywords

*** Where did you waste time?

Changing websites midway

*** What tasks did you get better with?

Professionalism in creating my own logo and landing pages and cover pages - this is an amazing milestone as it's just up my ally website design! :-)

Also understanding that we don't have to spend a lot time on Live Chat to help others - that was a bonus. It frees us up to take care of what is important.

Being able to help others with a definite purpose and goal in mind is also an encouragement and builds ones self-esteem.

What can you do better in the next 3 months?

Tackle the large amount of content head-on and knuckle down and just do it.

Not having enough content prevents me from asking others to comment or give feedback, which is an integral part of the website starting to rank on Google. So I need to concentrate on this as a priority.

Put other menial things on the back burner and concentrate on creating a website that WILL bring in the income I so sorely need right now.

Your encouragement and keeping us on track is a testimony to me of your deepest commitment to helping us succeed and it touches the depths of my heart.

Thank you so much for giving and giving and giving again and again and again.

We are deeply grateful for everything you do. Right now the right words fail me so I'll just say thank you, thank you, thank you!
LeeMcQuay Premium
I am sorry for the way things have went for you.

When we look at the world around us, sometimes the good in it becomes a little hard to see.
We have to focus on it to make the picture more clear. Once we do that, then we remember how beautiful it really is.

We have to do that here sometimes to.
When we get discouraged or think we can't do it, we have to remind ourselves why we wanted to do it to begin with. Focus on that picture again.

We new this was going to be intense, we just have to find the best rhythm for ourself, and then it will seem much easier.

Best Of Luck In All You Do
Lee Ann
Nadja3 Premium
I did some analysis of my performance. Well, the good thing is that I am not complaining about writing anymore. I managed to overcome some barriers, and 1000+ words in the post look very manageable. The same applies to WA posts. I think I am doing better than 3 months ago. My biggest problem - comments, I have no access to Comments platform since I am not allowed to give comments. Funny enough, I have done so many comments outside the platforms, and I did not have a single rejection.
I wish to progress faster with Affiliate Bootcamp.
I hope to spend more time on WA tasks and activities when Spring semester ends.
But I am happy with the experience I am gaining. I have to admit, I am getting frustrated because I can't complete all the tasks required. I enjoy communication with WA community; I am used to communicating a lot with my students - I think its aftereffect.
Thank you, Kyle, for your efforts and support.
Kyle Premium
When you are using the SiteComments platform, your goal is to add to the dialogue of the content and to be highly relevant to the content within the post.

If the post is about "how to lose weight fast online", then your comment should be about this exact topic. Ask a question, offer insight into your experiences within the topic, etc. You ARE NOT critiquing a website, you are not commenting on how you like the layout and you are do not want to comment things like "Great post" as it offers no value.

Here is some training on how the SiteComments platform works: You should watch this before you make another comment as it will offer you a good deal of perspective here.

PS. I have reset your threshold for you. Just be very careful moving forward.
Nadja3 Premium
Thank you so much. I'll take care of it.
PMurray1 Premium
I will second that motion, Kyle. I am having a huge amount of fun now that I know how to use Site Comments properly and I enjoy helping other people. Since my threshold was reset weeks ago, every single one of my comments has been approved and I have gotten many thanks from the WA members whose Site Content I commented on. And, I thoroughly enjoy getting Site Comments from others about my Content. I am really starting to absorb the training, especially about Content and how to use it, and I am starting to really enjoy my Super Affiliate training and look forward to learning something(s) new each and every day.
sharoncl Premium
#1 How did the first 3 months go?

To be honest when the 1ST MONTHS tasks were announced i really thought i would struggle to the point where i probably wouldn't be able to do it, especially the 12 posts of at least 1000 words, but to my surprise i not only managed it, but surpassed it.

My main concern was being active in chat which i must admit have let slide a bit as well as the WA blog posts :(

MONTH 2 was pretty similar apart the way we started to research in bunches of 30 and to write titles for each and then break down 12 of them.

I find that by the time I'm ready to fill them out I've lost a bit of direction with them so I'm currently just researching and writing as i go for each article, I'm sure we'll see how that goes.

Again the live chat was proving to be a problem as was using the site comments feature.

That is something I've used since it was introduced, but for some reason lately it has become increasingly difficult to find articles to comment on and also to get comments on my posts so sometimes that particular task has fallen short.

MONTH 3 Again my time on live chat has not been what it should have been and nor has the site comments, but that is due to the problems i outlined in Month 2.

#2 What accomplishments, achievements, and business related activities are you proud?

I've surprised myself that I'm putting together posts of 11000-1500 words on a regular basis.
I'm also pretty proud of the fact that I've managed to get organic comments on my site telling me how I've helped them :)
Also the fact that I've managed to get referrals during this time.

#3 Where did you waste time?

This one might sound a bit strange, but i think i waste a fair bit of time looking for people to help in live chat if that makes any sort of sense.
I also waste a lot of time going through site comments looking for posts to comment on.
Social media has never been a big thing in my life so there's no time spent there really apart from posting my latest posts.

I tend to over analyse my research so that can sometimes take a bit longer than it should, but i do like to be thorough with the information I'm giving out to my readers.

#4 What tasks did you got better with?

Definitely writing and being given a target number of posts has made that a bit easier.

#5 What can you do better in the next 3 months?

I'm near as damn it posting every other day so my target is to be able to increase that to every day without losing any of the quality.

To be more active on live chat :)

Make my website a better place for people to get the information that they are looking for and to probably redesign it a bit.

That's the end folks, hope i didn't bore you too much :)
MarkBa Premium
Thanks for the opportunity to self reflect here Kyle.

I started writing my responses and realized my responses were longer than I thought they were going to be.

In the end I decided to write a WA blog post in response to the questions but here's a summary.

1) How did the first 3 months go?

Have I completed every task 100%? No. Have I made progress? For sure.

It has been tough and still is but after three months I know what it takes now so I am far more prepared to deal with the discomfort and not give up.

2) What accomplishments, achievements, and business related activities are you proud?

I've created and am developing a brand I'm loving more and more

I've published blog posts 2-3 times a week most weeks

My writing's improved

I'm happy with the design of my website and how it's developing in alignment with my brand

Conversions are not flooding in but the trickle has started

3) Where did you waste time?

Sometimes a little too much on design but that's because I enjoyed it

The actual writing of posts - I am still too thorough i.e. slow!

Resisting areas I'm not comfortable with i.e social media

4) What tasks did you got better with?

Keyword and research

Defining my audience


5) What can you do better in the next 3 months?

Embracing social media more

Participating in Chat on WA - I'm still rubbish at this.

Get faster at writing posts.
GailLowe Premium
Hi Mark

Well done on your achievements here. I'm with you on the live chat at WA as I'm rubbish as this too. But I know that we are both great at commenting on other people's work and blogs so that counts for something, surely!?

All the best for your ongoing progress. Gail
LeeMcQuay Premium
Awesome job Mark.
tgray143 Premium
The first two months were good, I was getting into a rhythm with my writing, and the task for me was pretty straightforward. I was excited about my future because I felt at the time that I finally had something for me to work for. But!
The third-month tragedy hit, and I lost my father to an aneurysm. It was sudden and unexpected there were no warning signs that he was sick. I have been struggling even to visit wealthy affiliate since that dreadful day. This is the first day that I have really checked in and done anything since. I am finding it very difficult to do anything that remotely reminds me of what I was doing that morning when I answered the phone and received the news. I have gone back and forth on if I even wanted to write this, and here I am telling you all what happened and why I have not done anything since.
I know that I have to get back to life, but I am struggling. I get up everyday and go to work, but at the end of the day, I am exhausted and unmotivated. Some of you may be wondering if I am seeking professional help. The answer is yes and is the reason why I can even write this right now. One of the things I have been asked to do is to start facing that which I am running from. Wealthy affiliate is what I was working on when I found out, and it took this long to come back. March 2, 2018, was the day it happened. I'm not sharing this with you to have anyone feel sorry for me and am not looking for advice, but I find it surprising that it is suggested that we reflect on our last three months because this is precisely what my doctor told me to do. I don't know how long the mourning phase of losing a parent is, so I am taking it one day at a time and I hope that I can return and pick up where I left off.
That is to build my future with the tools I have here and this beautiful community.
I feel lost, and I have to find myself again. So please be patient with me and hopefully I'll find the answers I need and get back on track. I like wealthy affiliate, and I want to do this. I need some time. Thank you all for listening to me. I feel like I am rambling now so I'll stop here, but I needed to do this. Thank you all for the help you have given me so far.
TeamIceCream Premium
Hi Tim

Sorry to hear about your Father! It is a loss that is very hard to describe, isn't it?

We are very proud of you for facing your fears Tim and we want to thank you for coming back. We also thank you for trusting us enough, to share this with us - it really means a lot to us, your Wealthy Affiliate family - thank you.

My Hubby's father suddenly passed in February this year, after his mother passed late 2016 - both totally unexpected and without warning. Thus we can relate, sort of. My father passed in 2010 - car accident.

I'm sure there are many of us who have lost a parent or both parents... Can we form a virtual circle and give Tim and each other a virtual hug? Like (or comment if you feel like) to join the circle and send a virtual hug to Tim!

(NB: We don't want to derail the purpose of Kyle's post, but we also would like to show support for a family member, right? Therefore a "Like" will show Tim that you joined the virtual circle and gave him (and the others) a hug.)

Sharlee (Chocolate IceCream)
TopAchiever Premium
Thank you for taking the time to share your heart with us at this fragile moment in time.
I can understand to an extent how you feel unmotivated to do anything as I lost a friend in 2016 and it took me a long while to get back to WA, but we have a wonderful and loving community who care about everyone even in their personal lives.

My heart goes out to you and I will keep praying for you to make the right decisions each day that will lead you back to what you enjoy most.

We miss you and embrace each moment you take to connect with us in WA.

Embrace your grieving and may you experience peace in your heart always.

Kind regards

SongbirdDL Premium
Hello Timothy and I am really sorry to hear about your dad's passing.This is a difficult time for you and especially that it was unexpected.

You are in my prayers.

TeamIceCream Premium
Hi Kyle

Thank you for forcing us to stop and reflect... this was a very good exercise!

Hubby and I will give our feedback separately. ;-)

Ladies frist. Sharlee (Chocolate IceCream):
1. How did the first 3 months go?

• Much tougher and slower than I have imagined it would be. I even had NIGHTMARES about this! LOL!

• I am not happy with my Theme + think it is the ugliest website, but I decided to wait for Project Gutenburg, before wasting more time on a Theme. (Not easy for somebody who wants things perrrfect!) LOL!

• Between ISP problems, then Firefox slowdowns, then a laptop that packed up and had to be rebuild, then Parental Care issues, combined with my own health issues... whew, it was challenging.

• As far as commitment goes Month 1 and 2 was great. In Month 3 I felt very discouraged since we are committed to not use Social Media, because of issues we had in the past with identity theft (without going into too much detail). So we will have to find other ways to drive traffic.

• Just like it takes some time to get training-fit, it took a while for me to get into this as well. :-)

2. What accomplishments, achievements, and business related activities are you proud?

• I am extremely grateful for all the encouragement and friendship I received - as well as blog post ideas and even a little bit of nudging. :-) I am also grateful for the enouraging comments received on my WA blog posts!

• We were also long overdue on a backup system and got that in place JUST IN TIME before my laptop went for a loop. Whew, that was a close call!

• I got a fair bit of the tasks done.

• I'm proud of myself for having stuck with this, regardless. Considering all the challenges we've had in the past 3 months, I know that I probably would not have completely given up, but I definitely would have done much less, so I am very grateful for this challenge, since it pushed me to work and try much harder. ;-)

3. Where did you waste time?

• Parental care issues which took a lot of my physical and emotional time and energy.

• I don't regard my time spend on WA as "wasted", since I learned a lot in the process, but it does take a lot of time. I am already selective in the blog posts that I read, but I will have to put a stricter time limit on how much time I can spend on it.
*** Kyle, I admire you and Carson even more for all that you guys are able to accomplish in a day! Seriously! :-)

• Also getting started with a blog post takes too much time. Once I have started it is flowing, but to get started is a challenge.

4. What tasks did you got better with?
• Commenting
• Wordpress
• Keyword research

5. What can you do better in the next 3 months?
• Focus
• Time allocation
• Better planning

Hubby: Vanilla IceCream ;-)

1. How did the first 3 months go?
Very slow and tough.

2. What accomplishments, achievements, and business related activities are you proud?
- Getting backup system in place.
- Rebuilt Chocolate IceCream's laptop that went for a loop.
- Upgraded my laptop to a bigger SSD and acquired proper backup drives.
- Got new anti-virus software installed.
- Learned a lot and implemented "child themes".
- Cleaned up website, added pictures to all posts and double checked links.
- Got into Google analytics.
- SEO tweaking

3. Where did you waste time?
- Ran out of blogging ideas.
- Wasted time de-cluttering (should never have built up clutter in the first place).

4. What tasks did you got better with?
Wordpress, Jaxxy, Google analytics, SEO etc

5. What can you do better in the next 3 months?
More posts. Faster posting.

Thank you for this opportunity Kyle, it was a very interesting and valuable exercise, with much insight gained.

Sharlee (Chocolate) + Vanilla IceCream
Queenel13 Premium
Honestly, the first couple of months were great, but I have not done very much in the last month. I guess I was a little disappointed because I expected to see results in visits to my site.
I don't feel I have achieved much because I am not seeing results.
I don't really feel I wasted much time on anything as I have limited time to work on WA and I try to use it well.
I got better with understanding word press and how it works.
I am want to try and complete at least 3 posts per week going forward.
Dhind1 Premium
Honestly, I have not given SWAG the attention it deserves.
Yes, I did complete all of the challenges in month one and some of the challenges in month 2. Month 3 I have had some other issues crop up in my life that demand attention, so I have not done them. Sad but true.

I am happy I got a logo and banner going. Also happy that I have accountability regarding getting posts done. I know I should blog here more often. I do help people with questions and chat. I am quite good at the social aspect of WA. Not so good at getting things done for my business.

I need to focus more on getting things done for my business and get more posts out there.

I am really happy to be a part of SWAG and will definitely do more in the next 3 months.

Shweta10mg Premium
That is such a honest admission and bless you to do well also for yourself
frmcf Premium
The past three months went by so fast I can hardly believe it. I have learned so much. But I also see there is so much more that needs to be learned. So let’s move on to Kyle’s questions.

* How did my first 3 months go?

I did struggle somewhat the first three months. Some of the challenges were a little difficult for me to learn and master. Actually there are a few things that I’m still working on and trying to accomplish, or master from month two and three. But I‘m moving along nicely.

* What accomplishments, achievements, and business related activities are you proud?
The most noteworthy accomplishment and achievement that I’m proud of is finding out that I can produce high quality content. The other is my ability to do in depth research on any topic I choose.

* Where did you waste time?
I spent a lot of time on comments, training, and questions from the community. I don’t feel that this was a true waste of time though, because I learned a lot from doing it. But it did take up a lot of my time.

* What tasks did you got better with?
1. I feel that I got much better with keyword research. 2. Got better at making my post more appealing, thus improving my site. 3. Learned to be less wordy and more to the point in my articles and post.

* What can you do better in the next 3 months?
1. I know that I will do better at getting more post written and published that get indexed in Google. 2. I plan to get better at producing info graphics for my site and post. That is an area that I am having a lot of trouble with. 3. Using social sites has not been one of my favorites, so there is a need for improvement there.

I do want to thank Kyle for all the effort that he is putting into training us to be Super Affiliates. He has been FANTASTIC!
Shweta10mg Premium
True Kyle has been so patient with all of us
This Platform opened my eyes and at times i get distracted, but whenever i re focus myself, there is just a world itself within WA
babyboomer23 Premium
Can't believe how fast the 3 months have gone and how much I have learned.

1) How did the first 3 months go?
It has been a real mixture of ups and downs.

2) What accomplishments, achievements, and business related activities are you proud?
I basically scrubbed my first website and set up another one. It was a better name and I also completely redesigned the site. I am happy with the finished product and the feedback has justified my decision.

I am also happy with the content, even though I am behind with the content.

3)Where did you waste time?
My organisational skills are not the best and getting the content organised and written is where I am wasting time. However I am definitely getting better.

4) What tasks did you got better with?
As above, getting the website organised including the content,

5) What can you do better in the next 3 months?
Writing the content on time and catching up with the program

Thank you for all the information that you impart and share.
Traveller75 Premium
1- How did the first 3 months go?

It has gone better than I expected for the most part

2- What accomplishments, achievements, and business related activities are you proud?

I have been doing 3 posts per week which is much better than before.

3- Where did you waste time?

I feel I waste my time trying to learn face book and twitter because I am just not good at trying to keep up with these programs.

4- What tasks did you got better with?

I got better at putting up posts on a regular basis and adding the url to bing, google, Jaaxy index and asking for comments.

5- What can you do better in the next 3 months?

I suppose there are many things I should do better but sorry to say using the social sites is just not in me. I plan on studying Bing PPC, and also talking with microsoft reps and also all the training here at Wealthy Affiliate. I have posts listed 1 to 5 on all 3 search engines others down farther and with very few visitors. That is why I want to learn PPC.
Louie-Gigi Premium
The last three months have been a mix of highs and lows.

To be sure, we have learned and accomplished a lot! Fifteen blog posts and 31 pages. We're utilizing Jaaxy better, making sure that we use appropriate keywords, and coming up with captivating titles. We're writing better and using less time to come up with topics after utilizing Kyle's method of searching out the keywords in advance and letting those lead us to topics to write about.

We're also able to put more graphics into our posts, as well as making use of more call to action banners and statements that we hope will attract readers into exploring more.

In short, we have moved this webpage farther than we would have ever been able to move it had we not pushed ourselves into keeping up with the exacting, but perfectly doable schedule that Kyle has set before us.

That same demanding pace, though, has highlighted some very alarming concerns which we would be remiss if we did not share with the group.

The biggest casualty has been our first website. We have been unable to post any new article on it since the second month. We find that, between our full time jobs, the demands of the SWAG program, and the need to keep up with the posting requirements, has left us with little time to work on that other site, at all!

Add to that the fact that we are also unable to work on the regular training modules, so concentrated are we on this program. It's frustrating because while we continue to believe in what we are doing, the fact that we are lagging behind on our other trainings and on developing our other website, is very concerning to us.

We do not know if anyone is experiencing these other issues, or if they are unique to us.

We did find that at one point, we were duplicating our efforts, or worse, having to redo certain tasks because we were not working in sync with each other. I became so concentrated on writing the posts, while my wife worked on the back office, that I wasn't utilizing the keywords that she was picking out for each post. But this is a kink we have since ironed out.

We hope to do better at making our own banners using CANVA. We want to do even more when it comes to linking appropriate affiliate links, not just WA. But most of all, we want to be able to do more with the time that we have, and keep up with the writing expectations for the month.

The expectations of the program are high. But so are our expectations of ourselves. We continue to look forward to the challenges ahead, and the education we are sure to get as we progress with this program, and with WA, itself!
LeeMcQuay Premium
You both are awesome!
Kyle Premium
I agree, awesome and thanks for sharing!
Louie-Gigi Premium
Thanks Lee! We all are trying our best.
Karppa Premium
The first 3 months have gone very fast. The SWAG program and tasks have been challenging but possible to commit. The tasks have been versatile and educational. I’ve learned more than I ever imagine to do. I’ve put so much efforts than I can on this program and however thought there was not enough effort yet. I’ve so many other tasks to do in my life. Yes, I've struggled a lot but still, I think that all this stuff will be manageable.

I'm proud of my ability to write my content faster than earlier. The Kyle's schedule to find first a bunch of keywords and break them then titles and articles are suiting me well. But still, I need 4-6 hours for writing an article. I've written 40 articles but part of them I've finished before SWAG begun. I'm proud of my website, the theme, the framework, widgets, images and the whole ensemble I've created.

I've quite satisfied with my keyword research. I've got two Page 1, Position 1 rankings and some other Page 1 rankings. I'm satisfied with my social media appearance and my promotion on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. I've gotten nearby two comments to every post established and that's acceptable.

I've wasted my time too much in planning and writing articles and also on social media platforms. My daily planning isn't as clear as I wish and that's why I don't recognize always the most crucial tasks to do. Then I'm wasting the time with doing extraneous things.

What I have to do better? I have to get my website traffic increasing steadily. I've got some Page 1, Position 1 rankings and others but my site traffic hasn't increased yet. How long does it take to get decent traffic? What more I have to do? I have to write more keyword rich posts per month, put more efforts on the keyword research, site comments, participating chat forum, and writing more own posts at Wealthy Affiliate. Those are what I have to do better in the next 3 months.

One thing more is to create a captivating and efficient sales funnel for my promoting. I need some good ideas for that. How to create a relevant and captivating sales funnel; marketing pitch, landing page, squeeze page, call-to-action that converts well and induce also sales.

Despite all my difficulties, I'm more than ready to go further with this awesome program. I don't give up, I know I'm quite close to getting things rolling in the right way and with you, my fellow members, I'm going to do it.
mtrew2015 Premium
Good luck in the next three months =)
LeeMcQuay Premium
Be proud and keep moving forward.
You are on the right path.
Karppa Premium
Thanks, Lee for your support .I'll keep on going towards my goals.
viyee Premium
The First Three months:
A big challenge. I managed 18 blog posts and wrote 12 pages, all well over 1000 words.
At times I felt down about not reaching the targets but, as time goes by and I get more organised, it is getting easier. It is good having these targets because it gives me an understanding of what I have to do to make this business successful, and that is what I intend to do.

I am proud of
The quality of the content, which is much improved since I first began with Wealthy Affiliate.
The main website is beginning to look really professional and has a lot of content.
The referrals are beginning to trickle slowly in, although bolstered by a little boosted post, (Facebook.)
Getting a FB page off the ground and boosting it.

I wasted some time
Reading other peoples articles to get ideas and information on topics I was not very clear about.
Reading conflicting reviews by other people and struggling to get at the truth about a specific “product.”

I got better at
Writing content.
Planning good titles through keyword research, in advance.
Finding good keywords.
Skipping conflicting or confusing reviews.
Blogging on W.A. (Something that had been left by the wayside for a while.)

I will do better at:
Sticking to a schedule and completing more of the month’s tasks. Aiming to complete 100%.
Getting 20 reviews completed.
Making and including videos in new content.
Improving the keyword structure to include some more motivational aspect.
Extending use of social media.
Kyoko817 Premium
I do have the same issue on reading other people's articles to get more information about what I would write. As you said, there are some conflict information, but also information can go deeper and I found myself digging into and finding multiple articles to research. Maybe I am too curious, and sometimes I feel I am spinning the cycle, but sometime I feel great learning.
Wish you the great success! :D - Kyoko
Wealth2018 Premium
• How did the first 3 months go?
The first three months went by quickly. Sometimes I was frustrated but always excited and eager to learn. My biggest challenge (and still is), is content! But I have managed to keep all my posts above 1000 words and sometimes have even hit 1200 or 1300. All in all, though, I can say I learned an incredible amount, from setting up my own website to learning about the importance of SEO and keywords.

• What accomplishments, achievements, and business related activities are you proud?
I have managed to build up some traffic, had some comments on my postings, am now affiliated with about 10 companies (just need to get them paying ). I am almost ready to start Boot Camp which has been one of my goals and also, by the end of June to become a yearly Premium member. I am posting more on social media and spending time educating myself on each platform, connecting with more people on WA, asking for comments on my website and giving them back. This is all good!

• Where did you waste time?
I don’t know if I would call it a waste of time, but the first thing I do before I tackle any lessons is go through all my email notifications, answer where I can, delete where I can and book mark what I want to learn more about. If I had to say where I wasted my time, it would be not setting clear working hours and sticking to them – it is easy for me to get side tracked by family, etc.

• What tasks did you get better with?
I would say the content writing has gotten much better as well the social media postings.

• What can you do better in the next 3 months?
I can set up a working schedule and follow it. I can set smaller goals in shorter time periods. I can realize that I don’t have to compete with anyone else, beat to my own drum, and accomplish what I can when I can. If it takes me a little longer, so be it.
CJDodaro Premium
This is an excellent idea, Kyle. I also believe in self-reflection. Here are my answers to your questions:

How did the first 3 months go?

The first three months have gone rather quickly, but with a lot of accomplishments. I already had a website started when I began this challenge, but I had to go back and repair, add pics, and update 55 posts. That has admittedly put me behind in the tasks that you have given us. However, it has made my site much better, and I am looking forward to catching up and getting fully on track.

What accomplishments, achievements, and business related activities are you proud?

What I am most proud of is how much better my site is looking after revamping my original posts, along with implementing the same changes as I create new posts. Although I have only had time to create 9 new posts during the challenge thus far, they are in good shape, and I will continue to work hard to get fully caught up.

Where did you waste time?

I don't really believe that I have wasted any time so far. I work hard on a daily basis, keeping distractions to a bare minimum, and always progress forward.

What tasks did you got better with?

What I have gotten better at doing are namely (2) things:

1. Jaaxy Keyword Research
2. Creating Posts

What can you do better in the next 3 months?

What I believe that I will do better at in the next 3 months, is implementing an using the Dragon Dictation. This should make writing my posts go faster as you have recommended.

I want to thank you again for presenting us with these challenges, all of which will help to make us more successful. The best to you and your family.

CJ Dodaro
cookins25 Premium
I was just thinking how fast these first 3 months went by, and how much I’ve accomplished so far. So this post came at a great time.

So as I look back on these past 3 months, here my honest opinion too the following questions:

1. How did the first 3 months go?

I would say the first 3 months went by really well for me. I was able to stick with the task assigned each month and complete them, while at the same time go through the affiliate boot camp slowly but surely.

2. What accomplishments, achievements, and business related activities are you proud?

The accomplishment I’m most proud of is I’ve kept up with my writing schedule and have done 12 post each month.

There were some days I was eager to write and others I wasn’t, but it’s good to see so many post published in such a short time as I look back.

3. Where did you waste time?

I would say I waste most my time researching. Some programs I reviewed were very confusing in terms of compensation plans and what they actually sold — that it took sometimes 3-4 hours to understand the program fully before I could write about it.

I hope as time goes by I’ll be better at quickly and accurately researching my post so I can produce more content.

4. What tasks did you got better with?

I would say without a doubt creating reviews for my website. It took me at first forever to put together a well written review usually taking days to write.

However after I’ve done my research and since I have a template I go by, I can and have written a full review in 1 day now.

5. What can you do better in the next 3 months?

I would say I could get better at researching and overall outlining several post at one time, that way I can easily write a lot more content for my website.

As of right now I plan out what I’ll write for a whole month, but I still research and write each post sepertely. I hope to improve upon this the upcoming months.

Again I look forward to the next 3 months to see where I’ll be, and I wish everyone doing this challenge good luck as we move forward :).
scook04 Premium
Hi Kyle, All,

How did the first 3 months go?

I have to say the first 3 months have gone by so quickly, and can't believe were going into the 4th module already, but am really enjoying the journey and looking forward to seeing my website after month 12. One area I need to work on is to not get distracted so easily, especially when creating my content, as sometimes I loose my thoughts and takes longer than what it should.

All in all, I'm really happy with the way my website is turning out and starting to get some great results at the same time, especially gaining Page 1 with a few of my low competition keywords, and getting some clicks on my review pages.

Myself and my fiance recently became parents to a baby boy (23rd February), so one of the things I've had to work on is sticking to the 2 hours a day on my online business, an 8am-6pm job and having daddy time with Riley. I've been sticking to the 2 hours a day, as I go into work early and use the time to create my content and posting to my social media channels.

I'm really looking forward for Monday to arrive, seeing the Module 4 tasks, and continuing my affiliate journey :)

What accomplishments, achievements, and business related activities are you proud?

Seeing some of my posts achieve page 1 on Google was one of the greatest feelings, as I'd never done this before. I'm starting to get some clicks through on my review pages and building momentum at the moment. I'm mostly proud of the amount of knowledge I've gained so far and to not have that "give up" attitude.

Where did you waste time?

Definitely getting distracted and not fully concentrating, when I should have been. The content creation is where I've wasted a lot of time, and need to focus on that, and that only.

What tasks did you got better with?

Using Canva. It's such a great platform to use, but use to get bogged down trying to learn all of it, when I didn't need to.

What can you do better in the next 3 months?

I need to stick to the 12 posts per month, and continue to be engaging in my social media channels. Keep working hard.

Enjoy your weekend guys

Best Regards
JackieSmith Premium
Firstly I'd like to say that it's great being in this group as it does hold me accountable.
Now in response to the questions:

How did the first 3 months go?
To be honest, my primary focus out of the task, was to complete the 12 posts which I was able to do in the first 2 months. In month 3, I wasn't able to do so as I spent time trying to resolve an issue with my website.

I didn't get to complete all the commenting, spending time in live chat, writing WA blog posts as I wanted to give back something that was valuable.
Most times when I went to comment on a post, someone had already commented.
(Also, trying to find a post with 0 comments is very hard, without giving the same response! This goes to show how talented the community is here.)

However, I wrote WA blogs that I deemed valuable.
I found spending time in live chat can be quite overwhelming; if you're not careful you can get carried away in some of the lively conversations.

Accomplishments, achievements ...
My website is now looking much better.
I'm more organised with posting content on a regular basis

Where did I waste time?
If this is in relation to NOT getting the tasks done and doing other activities, then I would say where the time was 'wasted' was trying to resolve issues with my website.

What tasks did I get better with?
Definitely writing posts.

What Can I do better in the next 3 months?
Set aside time for the unexpected (outside of the tasks which I will need to complete).

If I were to compare the last 3 months with previous months I can say that I have achieved much more than I could have imagined.

However, I'm not one to be easily satisfied as I know that there is so much more to do to become successful online - this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Thanks Kyle for holding us accountable and thanks to the SA members for your ongoing support.

Looking forward to the next 3 months!
sukumarth Premium
The first 3 months went rather quickly.

I’m getting progressively slower with each passing month. The Supper Affiliate Challenge came when I was in my 3rd Phase of Affiliate Bootcamp and since I wanted to go step-by-step with the SWAG challenge training, I unchecked all the tasks I had already completed there and started afresh on a clean slate. I sometimes feel I would have completed the Bootcamp by now had the SWAG challenge not happened. I fell behind the tasks in the last 2 months. Talking about accomplishments, I managed to revamp my site with a new premium theme (I’m using an already created website for the Challenge) and have learned all that is there in the theme. I’m loving it. I’m proud of the various customisations I'm able to achieve. What I have done might be simple for more experienced people, but I know that I learned a lot in the last three months and I'm proud of that. The knowledge will always stand me in good stead in my future journey.

One thing I have not been able to do is giving myself time in the live chat. I tried but somehow I couldn’t. I prefer working on my site than being in the live chat because I have nothing much to contribute there. Perhaps, when I have more knowledge and when I have my business established, I could be more active there.

I think I did not waste time. I might not have been as productive as I should have been when it comes to the number of posts written but I have been learning a lot on my own. And that compensates the shortfall.

I’m getting better with the designing part. Though far from being perfect, I have a better grip on the aesthetics and the working of the various designing elements of my website's theme.

Each day here at WA is a great learning experience for me. There had been many times when I felt the tasks in SWAG challenge were slightly overwhelming for me but I’m continuing on nevertheless. Let me rephrase that. The tasks are not difficult in themselves but I’m confused whether the SWAG challenge is more suited for experienced people who have completed both the Certification and Affiliate Bootcamp here. I jumped in when I was not through with my Bootcamp training and at the time of writing this, I’m still stuck in Phase 2 level. It’s an irony of sorts that I have delayed my Affiliate Bootcamp because of this SWAG challenge. But do I have any regrets? Absolutely not. I so much love the Challenge. Cheers!
mtrew2015 Premium
Good luck in your next three months =)
sukumarth Premium
Thanks! Hope to do better next time.
christinebso Premium
My 1st month I did not complete the 12 posts and WA blogs.
2nd and 3rd months I was unable to complete many tasks due to my job schedule.

My biggest challenge is writing content and what topic to write. I spent a lot of time on this. I know I am improving, now I can write more words for each article.

I think I have wasted too much time on researching information for writing articles.

I got better at writing, participate in live chat, improve my website.

For the next 3 months, I must have better schedule, write articles at faster pace and get more comments, improve on social media, setting up email list.

I know I have so much to catch up....planning... and taking actions to progress better in month 4 training :)
Kyoko817 Premium
My first two months went really well! I was able to accomplish all tasks on time. The third month was a little challenging. I have published only 5, and only 2 in WA.

My website started forming like giving out "how to" information. The great thing of all is that I learn as I post those "how to", but also it takes longer than I want because I have to research and copy and paste of screenshot to show step by step process.
I love it, and I think it is going to be very valuable, but it just takes a little more than just write the article.

My accomplish is that I had at least 29 articles, and about 30 keywords I listed. Again, my website starts forming itself and now I see the direction of my website. It could be a subconscious thing, but I am pleased how my website is forming. I also got one referral! This will motivate me to keep moving!

I probably spent too much time on one article. I will go back and review Kyle's blog about how to write many articles in short period. Last two months, I had a great pace writing one a day. I will need to get back at this pace.

I certainly think I am getting better at writing! Again, this "information" article helps me learn, and become more "authoritative".

I want to be better at Social Media and Youtube. This is another my roadblock. My website is really branding myself, and I had never branded myself, so I have a little hesitance of the exposure... But I will need to overcome this, as you will have to do whatever it takes to become successful!

I will continuously follow the guidance and keep up the assignment.

Thank you, Kyle, for this great program, and everyone, for the great support!
Rich908 Premium
I don't know about you guys but I found this accountability feedback very helpful and extremely therapeutic.

I could relate to all members who had various issues, struggles, and breakthroughs that took place in the last three months.
We can only get better and better at what we are doing.

What might have looked liked failure or slow progress is a sure sign of success. Don't be too hard on yourselves -pat yourself on the back you have come a long way. I know I have.
carolbinger Premium
• How did the first 3 months go?

My first 2 months went very well as I was able to complete most of the tasks. Month 3 was very challenging as I had a family emergency which is still consuming much of my time. I was not able to complete some posts, do daily comments, and I still need to get my social network rolling. Despite my setback, I tried to login as often as I could. More and more I am understanding this business.

• What accomplishments, achievements, and business related activities are you proud?

I am writing more and focusing on quality information. I am quite pleased that Google has indexed most of my posts. When I just started out, I could merely manage 500 words. Now I am writing over 1000 words for each article.

• Where did you waste time?

I think much of my time is spent on research, and fixing little areas on my website. I am still not pleased with my theme, so I spent quite some time testing a few. I updated all my featured images.

• What tasks did you got better with?

I must say my writing. Even though there is still room for improvement, I am feeling better with what I am doing.

• What can you do better in the next 3 months?

I am hoping to get through my research and writing at a faster pace. I also want to be more active in the community and getting more comments done.
Shweta10mg Premium
actually Going ahead i 'm going to have to step up my game and do parallel training with both sites. This might make it interesting.
I lack the confidence with new topics and its kind of nice to see the existing one comment each or great views on quora i have for my niche site. IF i mix it up i can carry on with some faith and confidence in my abilities.

Compared to all of you here i have too much to do, and like all of you i want to be consistent and persistent.
I knew myself like this so that's why i guess i just write on my wa blog if i have an ounce of faith in myself at the moment, its sketchy.
sharonwhyte Premium
This is definitely perfect time frames to set goals to achieve, and to reflect back on. Then for the next 3 mths tweak, do better, do more etc. A Timely reminder for me Kyle so truly appreciate that!

My responses seen as you ask...

1. How did the first 3 months go?
Very poorly in terms of building my business. I have let outside things influence my business building time and it is time to stop that, plan my next 3 months and back it up with action.

2. What accomplishments, achievements, and business related activities are you proud?
What I am proud of is I was still getting a residual income in these past 3 mths from WA. Why? Because I did have awesome mthly plans, write lots of content and had gained referrals along the way prior to getting off track early this year.

3. Where did you waste time?
It was more letting outside influence totally fill my mind and an inability to focus on my content writing.

4. What tasks did you got better with?
What I think I have learned from this, is to have assigned times for my online business work - and do them without fail. No excuses. This is going to be my livelihood one day full time and if it is to be, then I have to do the hard yards now regardless of what is going on around me.

5. What can you do better in the next 3 months?
Definitely better planning, goal setting and sticking to a consistent amount of blog posts per week. I have been very consistent before in the past and had fabulous results. It is now time to do that again and keep at it, not letting anything derail me.

Thanks for this post Kyle and letting us all share.
Have a great weekend.
Sharon Whyte
tomanec Premium
Here is my sincere answer.
1. Personally,I’m not satisfied how I did allow the first three months to pass by.Yes,I had some other work to finish,but that is not an excuse ,I admit it.I could and I should have done more.
2. I have started a new website for the Challenge opportunity and trying to get it settled…
3. I wasted most of the time these three months in some out of the internet engagements,which led me to not accomplishing regularly my monthly tasks of the Challenge.There were already started some changes/improvements in the house yard which are definitely ended.I’m a small bee breeder,a time consuming hobby especially in Spring.From now on,no bee breeding.
4. I have not done enough of the tasks to underline something I’m proud of.Yet,having got a website and solving the basics of it is one of the things,The Site Content platform is a place I feel better at,WordPress,Canva,Keyword research…
5. I have made a challenge to myself,next to the accepted one.I challenge myself to make up for my missed online improvement. I’ll keep myself accountable to myself,and make monthly checks on how I do,follow the Chalenge tasks.
I expect some of you to ask/see monthly,how I do my tasks,how I move forward.
All the best,Stojan
LeeMcQuay Premium
I love your honesty.
It sounds like you now are able to move forward and you know how to do it.
Best OF Luck In Your Next 3 Months : )
CalvinC Premium
This is interesting, self-reflection is something I've never thought about, thanks, Kyle.

1/ I'm pretty behind in term of contents due to some personal obligations.

2/ What I'm the proudest of myself during these short 3 months is being able to write contents of course. I feel more comfortable accomplishing this task. After you suggest we can use Voice Dictation to write, I'm now also using this method with Google Docs. Really happy to see I can write with my voice in English, I'm making progress in English and writing in general.

3/ I wasted a lot of time trying to figure out the best way to write interesting and SEO optimized content. However, I'm happy I did some researches on that subject. Writing contents is not so hard, but writing good articles is very hard. I spent a lot of time on that subject, but I'm also so glad I did it. Now I have a better idea of the process that leads to a good content.

I also spent a lot of time on finding the best theme for this task, I wanted to switch theme for some time now and finally, I did it. I'm happy with this theme now, I'm sure the tools that come with the theme will help me a lot for promoting WA and other Niche websites. However, the theme comes with a learning curve, I'm good to go now.

4/ I'm good at graphic design and web design, creating a website and designing good graphics are what I do best.

5/ Starting to give my website the design I wanted, with the functionalities that can help me reach my goal.

Writing good contents more comfortably,

Starting to apply what I've learned like Keywords Research, SEO, using all the Google set of tools like Google Search Console, having a presence on Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+.

Starting to create a mailing list.

Be more present in WA, have more interactions with the community. I know it's important for me if I want to promote WA efficiently. In fact being more present in WA will help me to build a presence online because it teaches us to communicate.

Giving more feedback and comments in WA, so I can get feedback and comments also.

Writing more posts and I would be happy to write a training about Wordpress and creating a website the simple way.

I'm also very interested in using Quora and Reddit, I know it's a lot of works, but I also believe once you know how to be good at one Social Media Platform, you can post to other platforms more easily.

I would like to start Youtube also, but this task I will think about it next year, it's a lot of work to prepare good videos.

It's a lot of works, but thanks to this great training, I have a better idea of what I should do and how I should do it. With all the training I received these first 3 months, I'm ready.

What I appreciated about the training, it's it gives us a roadmap on how to build an efficient and good business. There are a lot of things to digest, but it definitely worth our efforts.
Wayne66 Premium
Three months already. It's hard to be honest when one hasn't lived up to their own expectations of what they wanted to accomplish while taking part in this program, a program that Kyle has put a lot of effort and time into to help those who declared "I'm Ready", to get it done. So, here goes.

In the beginning, I was very excited about taking part in this opportunity, as I am sure all were and in the first month I completed all but two of the tasks. Didn't get 12 posts added to my site and I didn't invite anyone.

In my second month, I was only able to complete 4 posts to my site, got started offering comments on other sites but was only got around to offering a couple a week, (so far). Nothing in the "Comments" area got completed and I haven't commented or posted here much at all.

Third Month? I don't even want to talk about that and the last week was a write off because I had THE WORST sinus infection one could imagine. I won't go into details.

I know that this sounds pretty negative but I did accomplish some things over the last three months. I've been adding Images to my posts consistently since I started my WA website as well as internal and external links.

I customized a logo for my header, (I'm kind of proud of that. I think it looks pretty nice), and I have created an image for a post using Canva. The things that I am doing, I am getting better at. You know what they say about practice?

These and a few others are something to be proud of. That said, I am not the least bit proud of the amount of time I wasted doing stuff, (TV was a big one), that had absolutely no benefit to my business or me.

It seems that I am missing a "Want to". You know...that thing that seems to drive certain people toward their goals and seems to be lacking in others.

What can I do better? Just about everything. But first I HAVE TO FIND that inner achiever and just saying to myself "JUST DO IT" doesn't seem to be enough.

I haven't given up on the possibility of success and I don't intend to quit. I have seen others here that are succeeding and I think most have started out the same as me with no experience.

If you didn't have that "Inner Achiever" at some point, how did you find it? I welcome any and all advice.

Moving Forward,
DeniseMarina Premium
Hi Kyle, Well I must confess writing for me in the begining was hard, but after the second month I started to write more than 1000 words. I´ve followed all the lessons, and implemented everything.
But email marketing we have not covered or videos, so there are things I am not still doing.

Facebook is hard because I write in English and everybody that follows me, is Portuguese, so I have nothing coming from there google + I still don't master need help please, don't know really what to do, and I was thinking Instragam as well.

I have only made one sail up to today, and its because I spoke to a friend of mine who speaks and writes well English.

Its hard, because I put all of my time, into my site, and things are slow.

If you could tell me where I can improve I would really appreciate it.

Thank you
LeeMcQuay Premium
You aren't alone Denise. I know I am on here for what seems like 24/7.
I'm not, but it sure seems like it. even though I am also always involved in my girls activities.
I just don't comprehend everything yet.
You will get this and so will I.
I have called on Kyle as well as many times to help me on my way.
Some of us don't catch on as quick as others, but we will bet there.
We have an awesome community and I take advantage of it.
Everyone has been willing to help.
We can do this even if we do it together.
I/we are here for each other.
Just let me know if there is anything i can do to help.

Best of Luck In All You Do

Lee Ann
DeniseMarina Premium
Thank you so much for your kinds words really helped to hear that. Thanks.
Claudioj Premium
Hi Kyle
I have come a long way but I still have a long way to go.
In which I have advanced:
I created my first three videos and inserted into my site.
I have created several buttons with calls to action.
I recently created a static page as a home page.
I have made it much easier for Google spiders to browse my site in pages, post and categories.
I create many more internal links.
I have started to carry out EMail Marketing campaigns, here I have a long way to go.
I am very lazy in social networks, they are very complicated for me to implement.
These are my advances, I have to advance much more with social networks.
LeeMcQuay Premium
Awesome job.
You should be proud. Especially with the videos.
Claudioj Premium
Many thanks, now I´m following you!
LeeMcQuay Premium
Tag, your it : )
Just kidding. I followed you. I look forward to this adventure together.
MiaL Premium
Hi Kyle,
I'm a big fan of self reflection, not just for business but for life. I often reflect on how I handled particular situations, and whether I could do things differently next time. And I do this a lot when it comes to conversations that I have with my kids. (Because they take in everything I say!!)

When it comes to the last 3 months here, I feel mostly pleased with what I've achieved. I haven't completed any of the live chat requirements for the 3 challenges, and I'm not too worried about that. I've really had to allocate my time effectively to the components of the challenges that leave my website in the best shape. I have met the requirements for writing each month (except this month - I'm short by 2 posts this month). Although if the next challenge starts on Monday then I can definitely get 2 posts done this weekend! Writing seems to be flowing more now, and a quality 1,500 word post is now a piece of cake.

I have been finding it somewhat difficult to do everything I want to do on my website and in terms of the challenges because of the commitments I have outside of WA. This month was particularly difficult as I had a health issue that distracted me a lot. I'm very happy to report that is no longer an issue so I'm looking forward to month 4 being closer to distraction free.

I can honestly say that I don't feel I have wasted much time at all.

I'm proud that I'm building out my website. I am not seeing tangible results yet. I am happy with the quality of what I'm doing so I am trusting that my website will continue to build and grow and start to see some traffic. I am proud that I'm still learning (there's still so much to learn) and I am proud that I have established a way that I like to work that keeps me organised and on top of what's needed. I'm proud in general of what I have achieved while working full time and looking after my family. In fact I am rather ridiculously proud of this, and the level of knowledge that I have now compared to the day I signed up.

In the next 3 months, I want to improve:
- keywords and blog titles
- YouTube videos (scary for me!)
- revisiting all of my pages and key posts for SEO

Thank you to everyone in the community for being so kind to each other. It makes a difference. Thanks Jay for your training, and thanks Kyle and Carson for this platform. Thanks to everyone else who writes training and blogs to help others. Thanks for sharing your stories. x
LeeMcQuay Premium
Great progress!
MiaL Premium
Thanks Lee!
grkuria Premium
The first 3 months went very quickly. I had a lot to learn in the 1st 2 months.
When l joined Wealthy Affiliate at the beginning of January this year, l did not know how to build a website, nor did l know how to write blogs with intension of building a business.
I am so happy that l am able to research for keywords. I have also become quicker in finding titles for my blogs and writing more than 1000 words per post and even beyond 1500 words per post.

I wasted a lot of time trying to learn how to use canva, researching on what to write in my blogs and looking for images to use. Luckily enough, the images which you access through WA site content are free and easy to use. I have become better in using Canva.

I have not made good use of social media and this is something l want to do more of in the next 3 months. I also want to concentrate on writing better quality blogs.
LeeMcQuay Premium
Great job!!
ColtonJames Premium
Reflecting in the past 3 months, as well as the past year, I could always be doing more. I've been getting too comfortable and as a result, numbers have gone down.

Through the next 3 months I plan on building out more content on a more consistent basis on my new website as well as continuing to create more content on my website that I've had running for almost 4 years now. I also want to look into getting older content back on the map within the SERPs and work to bettering my conversion rates.

I don't wish to see anything go downhill too far... balancing my work along with overall life has been a struggle for me but I believe I'll find a system that works for me in due time. :)
LeeMcQuay Premium
Just know you aren't alone. You will find the balance.
magistudios Premium
Hey Colton,

Have a look at some training I did a few weeks ago as it may help with your task of getting older content back on the map within the SERPs.
PMurray1 Premium
One thing I definitely need to improve on is avoiding time wastage. I have learned that I can get a lot done in 2-4 hours IF I don't fool around listening to music on YouTube, surfing the internet, or even spending too much time on chat or Jaaxy. I need to make sure that each task contributes to the expected end result.
LeeMcQuay Premium
You can do it : )
PMurray1 Premium
Kyle, I feel that the past three months have been extremely valuable. I have advanced my online business training beyond anything I would have believed a year ago, or even three months ago. I am a week-10 days or so behind, so it helps that the next Super Affiliate lesson is coming a little late. As I have told you previously, I nearly died on Wednesday, April 25th in the hospital emergency room. I was heading into a diabetic coma. For several days afterward, I was fighting for my life to get my blood sugar down below the danger zone. Thank God spared my life. But even when I was in the hospital, I was reading over my printed copy of lesson 3, and in the days afterward I was trying as hard as humanly possible to at least get in an hour or two of training a day so that I would not fall too far behind, and so that I would not forget the stuff I had already learned. That is not something I would have done for just any old platform, only Wealthy Affiliate. I am still looking for my first referral, but I have confidence that it is coming. I enjoy reading other people's tales of their first successes.
LeeMcQuay Premium
I am honored to meet you. I am glad God had his hand on you and helped you get through.

You have strength and you will succeed.

Best Of Luck In All You Do
PMurray1 Premium
Thank you. I am honored to meet you as well and best of luck to you.
hilarybassak Premium
1 The last 3 months have gone very well in some ways e.g. I have made a lot of improvements in my content but there is still a lot of room for improvement. On the whole I do feel that I am moving forward and I am looking forward to the next 3.
2 I am pleased that I have created a new website about Personal Branding which I believe is a subject that is going to be more and more popular especially now that FaceBook have made some changes. It is definitely a work in progress. Progress is the one thing that I am proud about. My content has improved and I am engaging a lot more than before. Using the comments section of WA is very helpful.
3 I wasted time by not checking out links for example. I found that one of my links which works perfectly well does not work inside my website so I will have to remove them all. Another way that I waste time is spending to much time checking emails and allowing myself to be distracted by lots of so called trainings which are really only promotions for other people's products. My biggest waste of time is procrastination and getting ready to do things rather than actually doing them.
4 I have started to join a few zooms so I may be getting better at listening instead of talking (I'm Irish you see!)
5 I can be more CONSISTENT and perhaps do a few trainings as I have spent an inordinate amount of time learning instead of implementing what I have learnt.
N33 Premium
Hello Hilary,

So nice to hear from you, I was just thinking for myself, if you speak as you write, nobody complains listening to you.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend,

hilarybassak Premium
Thank you so much Anne -you are very kind
LeeMcQuay Premium
You are on your way and that is awesome.
It is a pleasure to meet you Hilary.
Best Of Luck
hilarybassak Premium
Thank you Lee. I really appreciate your comment
Best of luck to you too
RoopeKiuttu Premium
1.It went okay but I couldn't fully focus on work because I was traveling quite constantly.
-New income records almost every month.
-Reached 1,5k subscribers on YouTube
-Started getting sponsored content offers
To be honest, I could have achieved much more but little progress is still progress.
3.Too much checking on Facebook, WhatsApp and other social media.
4.Email marketing, YouTube marketing, PPC marketing.
5.No travel. Work like a lion. Outsource as many tasks as possible. Put all the goals, plans and results on paper to track the progress.
LeeMcQuay Premium
Awesome accomplishments.
You must be doing something right : )
Stella741 Premium
1. How did the first 3 months go?
In February, I was excited and getting on with the tasks that were in bootcamp...By the 2nd week, I had to rediscover where the training was...and press in with reaching the 12 post mark.

I set the almighty goal of 3-4 posts a week to catch up and managed 11.

In March, I learnt how to write a more effective review and also how to write content from content. I became friends with Site Content and wrote 1 blog post using similar pictures to enhance writing. I was slightly disappointed when I didn't reach my writing goals.

In April, I got distracted and had to pull myself up by the bootstraps to continue being consistent...Not 1 blog post! So I have freshly resolved to write my work out and research more on affiliate marketing and review tips so that I can add value to my chosen audience.

Research comes easily and I always look at the writing tone of articles to see where I can improve.

2) I now understand my weaknesses and will focus on my strengths when it comes to focusing, paying attention to writing with intent and getting to grips with one social media method at a time before moving on to the next.

I enjoy writing and also helping people at WA who are new.

3) Where did I waste time?
Writing analysis almost to paralysis!
I also kept on reviewing my work and trying to get to grips with Facebook, then chatting with friends...Hmmmm!

4) What tasks did you get better with?

I got better with posting relevant pictures in my content.
Blogging more consistently (before April!) -

The more techie aspects of wordpress and site content like internal links and affiliate links. I do not know code and will only learn a little when it comes to header image size.

I also got better at writing quality comments for others.

However, I am learning from you Kyle, Jay and some of the top 30 WA members.

5) What can I do better in the next 3 months?

Be focused and consistent.
Encourage myself and mix with positive friends who encourage progress.
Be realistic as to how affiliate marketing works and continue putting into practice what I have learnt and will learn with the intent of creating value for my audience.

This affiliate challenge is a REal one, but it is very stretching in a positive way...I'm glad...

Here's to you Kyle, Carson and all here at WA...are there any other online teachers who put in such an effort?

If you know of any? Will you introduce them to WA?
LeeMcQuay Premium
That is awesome.
You are a prime example of what this post was to achieve.

You can do this.
We can do this : )
JPride Premium
How did the first 3 months go?

The first 3 months were rough! Especially since I had just had a baby, and I got sick so I lost a lot of time building my business. I tried to do my best to keep up with the tasks but it wasn't easy.

What accomplishments, achievements, and business related activities are you proud?

I was able to create my MMO site and perfect it to my liking (for now). I also got a great deal of content on my site to get started. The organic searchers daily are still in the teens, but the more I post content the better it gets.

Where did you waste time?

Sometimes I would get distracted on social media, and even in the chat here. I find myself getting lost in the conversation and I would lose track of time.

What tasks did you got better with?

I have been able to organize my schedule a lot better to stay on task. The blogging sequence I put in Site Content templates helps me write articles a lot faster.

What can you do better in the next 3 months?

I can organize my workflows to save time and automate a lot more things like social media posts. I can also devote more time to writing and research to get more blog posts done during the week.
LeeMcQuay Premium
Congrats on the new baby.
Happy mothers day : )

You can do this, even as a new mother.
It may be more challenging, just keep in mind what your goal is.

Best Of Luck In All You Do

Lee Ann
N33 Premium
My compliment for your baby, ....and compliment for a new site creation. You are a power woman. I am sure you will manage that.

Wishing you and your family best energy and joy.
DeeMoi Premium
(1) How did the first 3 months go?

Feels like the first 3 months went well. Above all, I have made a big step up from my attitude towards my online business and now I see a clear vision of why I want to have an online business. I feel I'm on the right track.

(2) What accomplishments, achievements, and business related activities are you proud?

I am proud that I have made the tasks, especially the writing of 12 blog posts a month. In addition, I think my blog posts look pretty good now, with pictures, screenshots, banners ... I've integrated the online business as an integral part of my everyday life and look forward every day to continue to work on my website or to learn something new. I am working on my online business in some form every day, and that was not the case until recently.

(3) Where did you waste time?

Whereby I'm wasting time is, when I am doing research or doing other things than writing blog posts. I can and will improve that.

(4) What tasks did you get better with?

I've become much better at writing posts. When I write, there are no more distractions, I am absolutely focused on the post. In general, I've gotten better at organizing things better.

I've been working with Canva and Button Generator and have been able to significantly improve those skills.

(5) What can you do better in the next 3 months?

I can and want to get faster when I write posts. It seems to me that I still need too much time to write a whole article.

I also want to improve the quality of my posts. People should read my posts and be satisfied afterward.

Thanks, Kyle for this Super Affiliate Challenge and your help so far. Looking forward to the next 3 months!
JPride Premium
Sounds like you are doing great with the challenge! I still have not been able to hit 12 posts in one month because I have so much going on outside of my online business. I hope I can eventually get to where you are.
LeeMcQuay Premium
Awesome job : )
emerald860 Premium
My first 3 months? Well, they started out great. I wasn't meeting my goals but I was being consistent and using SiteContent was a huge help to me. I was proud of my achievements the first month. The second month, I took on more work so I wasn't as attentive. The third month, I lost the run of it completely and haven't done anything on my site. I'm not happy about that at all. I recognize that I need to work harder if I hope to see any progress. On the plus side, I hang out more in Live Chat. Perhaps because it's actually on my calendar each day. And maybe that's where the holes in my achievements lie. I may have just answered my own question. Schedule more things in my Google calendar.
LeeMcQuay Premium
Great job Alanna.
I hope the next 3 months are much better for you.
amyr2017 Premium
Hi Kyle --

Without bogging you down with the gory details of the last 3 months of my progress (or lack thereof) -- I think for me, the bigger issue is as I look back overall, have I moved ahead or have I stagnated?

I have definitely moved ahead, and have reached out to some really great people here, who have helped me in tremendous ways.

Yes, I have gotten stuck on this or that, but really pushed myself to work on my site, and to learn more and more and the nuances of SEO, social media and cross-posting, etc. Every day, it seems, I am learning something new.

Have I made any money yet? $3.25. Nothing to write home about, but i feel confident that I am walking in the right direction. My time is limited because of my full time job, but I am on here as much as humanly possible, and I will keep pushing until I see the results I hoped for.

Thanks once again,
LeeMcQuay Premium
Great job.
You are still here and are still moving forward.
That with a full time job isn't easy.
I hope the next 3 months are easier for you and you get more accomplished. : )
amyr2017 Premium
Thank you...!
LeeMcQuay Premium
You are very welcome.
Happy Mother's day ; )
AlejandraB Premium
Hi Kyle and everyone,
1. How did the first 3 months go?
These past 3 months have gone so fast, I have been busy every single day on more focused tasks to work for my website.
The first month was hard for me to start, it took me longer to write the first blog posts, the second month was easier as I had a good idea on how to work, last month was great, I could work better.

2. What accomplishments, achievements, and business related activities are you proud?
I know what is my goal for my website now, it's more clear to me and I don't get easily distracted by other things.
My website is my full time business, I can think this way about it and write it down on paper.

3. Where did you waste time?
I think the first month was the month I didn't do quite well, it took me longer to start.

4.What tasks did you get better with?
Understand the keywords for my website and how to make a list of them to create better and faster content for my website.
I am now better at writing content on the content tool here at WA, I just love how it works and it helps me to work better and faster.
I also worked more on sharing my content on Social Media and my numbers are getting better.

5. What can you do better in the next 3 months?
I need to work better to do some networking for my business.
I tried a few times the live chat here at WA, but it was hard for me, I know for any online business getting in touch with other bloggers is a growing opportunity for the online business, I think I need to try it again and learn how to be better at it.
I want to keep working this way on my website and reach the point to get referrals and write a success blog here at WA!

Thanks so much.
Have a great day everyone!
denara2017 Premium
The last 3 months were productive. Did some but not enough SEO. Wasted time with a silly darn gastric resection and a knee replacement. Need work on getting better with tasks. What I need to do is reset schedule to devote a minimum of 2 hours per day to my business and to complete the training.
Are there people in WA that enjoy working 1 on 1? I would like to work with some one.