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Last Update: Jul 8, 2015


Just popping in to share something I found that might be useful. It's not exactly new information, but it's more in depth than I have seen and there are graphs.

Business has slowed a bit after that one time surge, but I still get a steady stream of orders. Still have my fingers crossed that my products will cross paths with the right person and take off like a rocket. :) I'm ever the optimist.

Hope everyone is doing well!

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You are doing wonderful Kristy and will only get better with time :)

Haven't seen you here in a while. This was a good blog. Thanks.

I pop in from time to time :)

Thank you and I hope things pick up for you

Thanks Katie :)

Well done, great piece of info, most helpful, Thanks.

Hi Kristy dear, so nice to see you again, I am sure you can do this!! You are the optimist!! Just don't stress. ;))

I'm actually happy that sales are steady... slow yes, but every 2-3 days someone places an order. Not complaining! It's progress. :)

Wow!! That is good news, and slow and steady wins the race!! lol. ;))

hahaha, so I hope

Thanks for the info. More blessings on your business. It will definitely soar up high as you keep moving forward!

Thank you for sharing the slideshare link. It will be most helpful with my scheduling.

Don't worry about your business just keep going forward. You are on your way and the business will come. I agree with Loes. You can do this!

do not worry it will happen all the best

Hi Kristy, nice to see you again, I'm pretty sure Evelyn is right:) You can do this!

Thanks Loes, I'm giving it my best shot!

Thanks, I'm sure you will get another surge. :)

I hope so. I've gotten some repeat customers in addition to the new ones, so that keeps me going. It would be nice to finally make a success of something!

You will, just keep pushing it. I know you can do this.

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