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July 07, 2015
Just popping in to share something I found that might be useful. It's not exactly new information, but it's more in depth than I have seen and there are graphs. has slowed a bit after that one time surge, but I still get a steady stream of orders. Still have my fingers crossed that my products will cross paths with the right person and take off like a rocket. :) I'm ever the optimist.Hope everyone is doing well!
May 17, 2015
Interesting points in this article, which is a really fun read. Would be interested to hear your thoughts. I may be creating a product video to see if that helps my rankings (and hey, I'm monetized on YouTube so that can't hurt either), right now people pretty much have to know about me to find me... which may not be a bad thing... 56 orders to fill and I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off. But I'm also loving it!Article:
Hey guys! Lots to share, but business first as I know some of you don't like the touchy-feely stuff...After weeks of having no orders on, all of a sudden I had one. I almost refunded the money and told the lady I had gone out of business. I had given up.. wasn't excited anymore. No new blogs, hadn't been trying to drum up business. I was even a little frustrated because she ordered several different samples and that meant I had to make whole batches just to send one ounce of e
May 01, 2015
Just checking in to see how everyone is doing.In my little bubble, Infusiasm is still getting a trickle of orders but hasn't taken off. It still might... I haven't been pushing it much lately, just sort of letting it do its thing.I've started a YouTube channel, HCGinmyBelly. I'm doing a round of HCG to lose weight and chronicling my journey with a vlog. I'm going to tie in Infusiasm eventually, because about half the flavors would be allowed. But mostly it's to be part of the community and maybe
So I switched hosts... and it didn't go smoothly. The domain transfer was smooth, the website... not so much. I was told by my new host that moving the site would be simple, just upload it to their servers. Yeah... that's a bit vague. I told them I didn't know what I was doing and repeatedly asked if would look and function EXACTLY the same as it currently did. Yes. Cool. They gave me fairly detailed instructions (simplified here): Upload my Themes and Plugins folders via FTP
Sometimes you think your work is done. But then you step away for a minute, look again, and realize how much more work you have to do. And by 'you', I mean 'me'... although I do mean you, too. We tend to be so proud of our progeny that we are blind to its flaws and miss out on ways it can be improved. On my (latest) website ( I was in such a rush to just get it out there that I couldn't see the forest for the trees. Since initially releasing it I have undergone a serie
February 23, 2015
Well, I quietly launched Infusiasm on Monday. Because of the weather UPS hasn't delivered all the supplies I ordered and I just now got to the store to restock some of the produce I need. I didn't advertise the launch beyond my Facebook page. I needed things to be a little slow. I have spent the past few days getting organized and catching up on some things I needed to do for the website.. Most of my sales so far have been friends and family, but it is still more promising than any venture I'v
I don't know if this is useful or not but I thought it was interesting:
January 20, 2015
Well, the holidays are over. I took some time off to figure things out. The crowdfunding campaign for didn't really go anywhere and, while I think I could have made mail forwarding work, it would be a slow starter and I need something now. Since all I have is time, I wouldn't normally give in that easily, but I came up with a better idea, one that doesn't require as much startup capital and I feel it has a better chance for success more quickly. So that's what I've been doing
December 21, 2014
All these years I have come up with 'great' ideas, only to find that someone beat me to the punch. And lately I've been binge watching Shark Tank... obsessively binge watching (which is one step further down the rabbit hole Alice). How does one get a product to the marketplace? I have always wondered that. Perhaps it's because I don't have deep pockets and the prototype always seemed beyond my means. Or maybe because I don't know where to source materials. But in the last three days I have come