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Last Update: December 08, 2016

I am so happy that there was a template available that actually went along with the website name. My website is growing (at least in posts and pages), and now I have decided to reorganize, which is going to be a lot of typing, but now that I have most of my Christmas stuff done I should have the time.

I think with the reorganization and new topics, I will fair better with the google rankings, making it easier for my site to be found. I have been using the heck out of WA's keyword tool. I am so glad it is there.

Right now I am going to be doing a lot of typing in content, and then as I get more there, I will start organizing it, making my content easier to find.

Even with all the work doing this i am having a ball, and am more optimistic about my future than I have been in a very long time.

I want to thank Kyle for all of the work he has put into this program. If he hadn't of done this, I wouldn't have ever gotten the courage to try.

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Frenchfries5 Premium
That is so important!
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Thats great. Thanks for sharing
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That's a sign.
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That's very nice. Wish you success ahead !!
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Welcome, good news for you!