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Okay, so I went and joined the yearly special everyone! You are so stuck with me now!! My own personal Christmas Present!! I do love this community and all the wonderful members! I am looking forward to making the most out of the next year and hopefully by the end of it I will be in pretty good shape, if not sooner of course! Thank you Kyle and Carson along with your wonderful team as well for this awesome opportunity!
I had recently mentioned that I was trying to finish up a post that had 2000+ word content. I finally figured out my problem and how to add to this form to my post. It was a bit bizarre what I had to do to get it done. I was only trying to link a Microsoft Word form that I had created and then put it on my site. I had to get a Microsoft conversion download...which was all good, except the prompt to change it over and link to it wasn't working or showing up. So I decided to create an
November 18, 2014
Well I managed to pull another month out of my %$&!!....well, you get the point! :)) Just to make a quick update: I am still learning as all of the rest of you are, have some more training videos to watch. I try to help out here and there when I can. I have not been responding to blogs as much the last couple of days, had some work to do on a download form and a new blog I just wrote a couple days ago. Still have some finishing touches to put on it. This one is for my computer blog and
Not sure if anyone has seen these yet. I was just going through WA checking some things out like I usually do and came across our new Black Friday Special Banners...did I miss an announcement or am I slipping an early hint to everyone...Lol...Not sure, but here is what one of them looks like. Go check out the other ones, pretty cool!! :)
Its really quiet, is everyone cool with the change or still figuring things out. I didn't seem to have any problems...other than some spam I didn't recognize and then took care of it. I like the new Healthy Site option and the feedback for request comments and give comments. Very cool there. Then the normal build your website and tech support. I think it is an outstanding change and looking forward to see how it can help one another out.
Hi everyone, Just wanted to share this training video that is really easy to look up, but this is just a recap of how to do it for some of our newer members or ones that never saw it to begin with. You can filter out your IP address in your Admin. area in Google Analytics so you are not being tracked every time you are working in your site or double checking things while in your site. Now keep in mind this will lower your traffic stats so don't get too worried about it. This video was creat
November 08, 2014
Hi everyone, and happy Saturday. Slept in a bit today and I was just sitting here looking at my key board and thought that I should share my social sites with everyone in case you would like to follow me. So I have posted all my social links down below if anyone would like to follow me on them. I would be more than happy to do the same if you leave me a link. I know some are already connected, but here are the main ones that I have currently joined. I could use some more followers and likes o
November 06, 2014
Social Networking and Marketing So I have been doing more social networking, I was a bit busy doing some changes on my site. My realization is that Facebook connections...males in general (and no offense to our male members here), they seem to want to start a relationship with me. They always start with, can I ask you a question...Lol...well it would be nice if it was regarding something else other than me personally. Then we have the ones that want to offer 1000 FB follows cheap....I get s
November 04, 2014
Hello everyone, I haven't done a blog in a bit, had some things I was working on with my own website. I am sure most saw me still somewhat present in answering questions or just leaving a comment on your site. I also lost a friend this last week, although we were not extremely close but still a good friend regardless. She was fun, filled with spunk and spirit, but overall a very wonderful person. She will be missed by many. I didn't want to spout off about a certain first referral I received la
October 27, 2014
Sometimes when you think you just get one thing sorted out another one pops up. So I finally figured out how to set up my Customer Star Rating option for visitors to rate the product or just the article. They appear right at the bottom of the page. Now none of these have been checked by me, I just thought that would be the wrong way to approach it and still do. So now if I go to Google Webmaster Tools, the ones that Google has crawled so far are being recognized as errors, if you can believe t