Early Bird does NOT always get the worm!

Last Update: September 30, 2014

It's early - even by my standards... Lately I find myself getting up every morning at 4:30 a.m. I don't start work at 5:30 - the job I have now - most people stroll in around 9 or 10. Me - I'm there every day before 8 a.m., after I've checked my websites and done any updating that is necessary. A shower, a quick shave and a few minutes to make my lunch and I'm off - way ahead of the traffic problems.

My concern here is my sleep pattern! I don't want it to get reversed. When I was in my teens my Mom had a hard time sleeping and she would end up staying up all night long and sleeping during the day when we were in school. She tried everything to get her sleep cycle back on track. She tried to stay up all day so she could sleep at night, she tried sleeping aids - all to no avail...

Now I've always been an early riser - 6 am normally without the aid of an alarm clock - just my internal body clock saying its that time again! But 4:30 is just a tad too early for me. I've even added in a 1/2 hour walk in the morning - beautiful time of day I might add before the average person is up and going... Problem is, its not that beautiful - i.e. to warrant getting up almost 2 hours earlier than I need to - I'd like to have those two hours back.

On the bright side I still get to visit WA and do some reading on a daily basis; I catch up on messages, add some new people to my list I'm following, etc.. In a perfect world I think I would rather do that in the evening when my day was behind me - and of course an extra hour and a half of sleep wouldn't hurt either.

If anyone out there has any proven sleep methods - I'm listening, Thanks in advance,


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Damien-P Premium
Early bird wont get the worm if the night owl has the territory claimed already.

It's all about individual preferences. Some people are highly effective workers at night, while others in the mornings.

I thought I was a night owl until I realized my abilities in the morning.
kholmes Premium
My sleep habits jump all over the place, always have. I just go with it. :))
AngelaHall Premium
Gd morning. I have had problems off and on for the last few years with my sleep pattern. At present I am having your same problem. I am usually up by 4 or 4:30. I do have an occasional morning when I manage to sleep until around 6. Since I know I cannot change this from happening, I just roll with it. :)
I kind of like the quiet of the early morning. I live with my daughter and her 2 kids so quiet is a rare commodity. :)
Loes Premium
Goodmorning to you Kev, How unconvinient, but WA doesnot mind, that's a 24/7 bizz, Loes
KevinYoung Premium
Good Morning Loes - Thank God for WA - otherwise I'd be goofy wondering what to do for 2 hours every morning LoL
CarlaIves Premium
Wish I could help you. I never was a good sleeper and now I have a sleep disorder. I went for years on one hour a night. I was running at half mast. I can deal with 2, but that's about it. I get maybe 3-4 hours now if I'm totally exhausted. I don't have to drive, though. I would try to get some medical help. It didn't work for me, but I'm allergic to almost every drug ever out there. If you do, try it on nights before days you can stay home just in case. I wish you luck, my friend!
KevinYoung Premium
Thanks Carla - I've talked to my doctor about it and she and I are on the same page - lets try to exhaust any 'natural' remedies before we look to meds... But you are right - I may have to...Will keep everyone appraised