What means this: 16.99 thing?

Last Update: September 18, 2018


So, I haven't been able to do too much with my website lately. So, I wasn't expecting much. I worked on a new post today and was able to publish it. Yeah, me! But, that's not the point I was going to share. LOL

I went in to get the links from one of my affiliate sites to add to this particular new page and I see this huge spike in one of my graphs. So, this is new! I look at it more closely. It's still not clicking.

16.99, it says.

What? What do you mean? I ask the computer. I don't understand....

Okay. I click on something else to get a better look at this 16.99 thing.

Haha! Oh my goodness! It finally clicks with me in my head! I just made 16 DOLLARS and 99 cents!

Wow! I did it! I sold something from one of my affiliate links! WOW!!!

I also feel like a bit of a dork for not catching on right away. But, wow! This is some exciting news! And I had to share!

Enjoy the rest of your day everyone :)

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HBR18 Premium
Good Morning Miss Kay,

Congrats, must feel good to see all the work you have done thus far is actually working. This is good news for me also as I started in Aug of this year, so thank you for that :)

I probably would do the same thing, so feeling a bit silly turns out to be a very nice surprise. Congrats again :)

To The Future Kay,

MikeC69 Premium
That makes it real doesn't it!?!?
I remember my first sale! ( just a coupleasure of months ago)
I got my hunting site to 30 posts and have been adding a post here and there while I'm working my main site.
I got my first sale when someone clicked on a link for a rifle scope, and purchased 2 pairs of ear rings!
The power of cookies!

Best of success!
KayOSmith Premium
That’s so cool! It really does make it real :)
Best of success to you as well!!
Capris1 Premium
That is always a good sign, properly treated this can be your own personal cash machine, I have been in sales and marketing for a very long time, I can tell you all of the tools are here.
I have been on here for almost a month and am starting to see things pick up a little here and there! It is always exciting to look and see that you have money that you knew nothing about!

Good Job!!
KayOSmith Premium
Isn’t it? It really was exciting and even relieving to see it there!
juanster2017 Premium
Great story and it always feels great when good things happen when you least expect it.
Dominick01 Premium
Well done Kay.
Delighted for you.
jeooms Premium
Thats awesome! Congratulations!
MBreece Premium
Loes Premium
Cheers! When one can find your links, more will follow:))
BradB18 Premium
Well done and we are in the best place.
Spaced Premium
Great news Kelly, I am very glad for you!
RussellO1 Premium
Hahahaha, glad for you. Now keep it going.
smokeywins Premium
Yay! Congrats! I will admit that depending on the affiliate program, it can sometimes be a bit difficult to understand their reporting. I had something similar happen a few weeks ago with Amazon. Mine showed 8.99, and it took a bit of clicking before I realized that I had made my first commision. Just proof that the training here works and that is just one of many commissions to come.