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May 27, 2019
Hey all! I don't know if many of you had this problem over the weekend. But I was having difficulties getting the QSR results from Jaaxy. It kept coming up with the result of "retry". I've been working on posts all day and was just writing anyway. I was hoping that at least, maybe, one of my keywords were going to go through and work for me. I was looking up another keyword just now and had almost given up on the whole result thing and was expecting to get a "retry" again. But, I actually
May 16, 2019
I just recently watched Jay's live video on the SEO checklist. I kind of had to watch it in sections... I'm one who has to take some in and think about it for a bit and then hop back into it again... I take a lot of breaks. But, I think that's good, at least, for me. It helps to let things sink in and helps my understanding of it. One of the things he was talking about in that one was about starting a YouTube channel. Which, t
May 14, 2019
Lately I've been focusing more on my logo for my website. I created a logo that I'm really rather fond of. My theme, I've had to go back and forth between a couple of themes. I like being able to customize a lot and so that's what I'm looking for when I go through a theme, is how much am I going to be able to customize it. I've been able to write about eight posts. One is over 2000 words. And then there are a few that are not that much. So, I'm working on giving those a little more. Thi
April 18, 2019
I don’t know if this is something that has been getting worked on or not. But I’m sitting here with just my phone in hand and hate typing on my phone. It’s just not as fast...I’m sure many of you can agree to that. I know there are a few programs out there with the talk to text feature. And I love that! But in our WA content creation page we don’t have that feature. At least not for the phone apps. I really like the content creation page. It’s got a lo
April 11, 2019
Hey all! I've been stuck in the house for a couple of days due to increment weather hitting the Midwest. It's been blizzardy all day today. The power went out earlier today. A few hours later the power came back on. But, it didn't seem to matter how much the power went out, I was still able to work on my site.I hadn't been able to do much for a while for my site. It seemed every time I sat down to write and work on my side, I was hit with writer's block. What really helped today was that
I was super thrilled to be accepted into the Super Affiliate Challenge today. I was very pleased to see that PM for me after I read a couple others' blogs who had been accepted as well. It's exciting, isn't it?I read through the PM and was thinking that I was really excited! But, then there's that fear that goes along with it. What if I fail? What if I can't do this? What if.... and the list goes on.But, then again, what if... I succeed because, what if.... I put the effort into it? So w
March 28, 2019
I wanted to express my gratitude to all of you here at WA! I got to 1000 followers and then 1.1 k. And I haven’t thanked you yet. I didn’t want to not express my appreciation for all of you here. Really, this is truly the best platform I have come across to help learn how to make money. It’s also great for social media. I’m not a big social network guru, but I love to see the progress you all are making. It makes me feel good just to be on here. Thank you again,
March 14, 2019
Hey all! I've been having a bit of writer's block for a while now. Things have been picking up at home that have needed more attention. And it's taken me away from writing and posting. I was so desperate to get back to working, but I just didn't know where to begin. I was talking to a friend and she was saying something about how every night she's been keeping a log or journal about her day. Some days it's only about a sentence or just some quick notes. Other days, she's writing away on
December 14, 2018
Spent a little time away. I went back to the place I grew up. I didn't get to see everything or everyone I wanted I wanted to see. With it being winter and winter storms, there wasn't a whole lot of encouragement to see everything on the back roads. But, I got to see a good portion of it. Now I'm back and ready to dig in again. It's great to be back! Have a wonderful day!
November 23, 2018
I just learned something today and I wanted to share this with everyone. I know many of you know about this, but I didn't, and there might be others who also didn't.Earlier, I read a blog post about what kind of theme to go with. I shared with him what I had and why I chose it. But, in order to know what I had I went to my website backpage and had to look it up. When I looked it up I saw that it had written down that it had "Endless Fonts". What?! I could've changed my fonts???COOL!!!So w