First mont as a SWAGGER done

Last Update: March 04, 2018

I’m very pleased for completing most of the first month tasks. I’ve published 10 blog post and 1 is almost ready. Did not reach the goal, but nearby

Other things what I didn’t complete was working with live chat and helping other members well enough. I’m sorry for that and I’ll put more efforts on it the days to come.

Writing the content seems to take my time more than I thought. However it comes easier with every blog I write.

It’s a great journey thus far. Thank you SWAGGER’s for your help and support. All the best for you all!

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Loes Premium
Let's roll up our sleeves for tomorrow:) Success for your second month Kari:)
Karppa Premium
Thanks Loes. I think I have to take off the whole shirt. Feeling so hot. Success for you too.
rileyroman Premium
Big thumbs up :))
Gordon-D Premium
Well done Karppa :-)
jivitajay Premium Plus
Well done and Keep it up Karpi:)

Pio Premium Plus
Well Done and Keep going..! Cheers