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November 26, 2018
Cyber Monday FrustrationGREAT CYBER MONDAY FOR ALL OF YOU!I’ve problems to insert a landning page template from Elementor’s library. I got a message that network is unreachable and I have to increase the memory allocated to PHP at least to 64MB. The code in the beginning of /wp-includes/default-constants.php shows 40 MB for a single site and 64MB for multisite. There’s a code :define( 'WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '64M' ); which has to be added to WP file directory for increasing the PHP
o o p öMidsummer is the peak of Finnish summer and a traditional celebration season. The holiday season that begins from the Midsummer begins to drop the industry's production to a "summer level." For the economy, the accumulation of holidays for the same weeks is not the best solution, but has not made a significant contribution to GDP. We do a long working day in the wintertime to earn a longer vacation time in the summer. There isn’t such a practice in many countries a
April 06, 2018
I'm walking on the water, but this isn't any holy miracle. More precisely between water and my feet, there is more than a feet layer of steel ice. So, I'm walking on a Finnish lake ice, what is my favorite exercise in the winter time. We have had an exceptional winter. Snow, and ice more than for ten years. Snow depth is still around 2 feet in Kuopio, my hometown. Spring is over two weeks late.Walking on the ice isn't just an exercise. It's more about "calming my nerves". It's the best medic
March 17, 2018
Progress in this month's job has been more challenging than the previous one. The model presented by Kyle for faster content writing has required a lot of training and writing has not yet accelerated at this stage. I've made a template for keyword rich writing, researched 30 keywords and made captivating titles for those keywords. Breaking down articles into sections and subtitles have been harder than I thought because my point of departure so far has been that there has been a clear topic of
Super Affiliate Challenge Month 2 includes a part called Content Intent. In my opinion you can find there a real pearl of information. Kyle tells about that different people coming to different pages on your site need to be treated differently.They form different traffic flows that requires a different approach when talking about getting more conversions, and how to maximize them. The process needs a flow of relevance within keywords,marketing pitches,landing pages,and site contents.For instan
I’m very pleased for completing most of the first month tasks. I’ve published 10 blog post and 1 is almost ready. Did not reach the goal, but nearbyOther things what I didn’t complete was working with live chat and helping other members well enough. I’m sorry for that and I’ll put more efforts on it the days to come.Writing the content seems to take my time more than I thought. However it comes easier with every blog I write.It’s a great journey thus far. Tha
February 19, 2018
The ongoing SWAG training cycle is now just about half way. I've worked with my website and refined framework, appearance and sidebar content. I use Site Content for writing my posts and I've set up my monthly goals. Over 10000 words written thus far. 7 blog posts are ready and 5 more to go. I think I can do it.I've got many new ideas for new posts to establish when exploring in the exiting Jaaxy world. Through research I've found over 50 low competing keywords. Visiting social media regularly
I'm so excited and happy! I've thought that my keyword research isn't so good and I haven't even checked Jaaxy's Google rankings. Now I did it and I was greatly surprised.3 of my posts was ranked 1st page, position:1 in Google. It's quite awesome! I must say that also the keyword training and the Jaaxy Keyword Tool here at Wealthy Affiliate are incredibly cool. This gave me tremendous encouragement and strength to go ahead towards my goals.These are my 1 st ranked posts:https://makemoneywithka
January 26, 2018
After hard working period here at WA that kind of thoughts came in mind.
March 12, 2017
After a few months break I'm back in business at Wealthy Affiliate. A little break did me good and I'm very enthusiastic to go on with my affiliate marketing again. It was so cosy to get back at WA. In short period of time has happened many enhancements and the WA society has increased remarkably. I feel that I'm home again!Within a week I've worked with my new website, setting it up and running, created pages, writing two blogs and get my site Google ranked. I'm quite satisfied with that.But I