Wrote an article with 0 QSR but not able to rank on Google


Hi Guys

Yesterday I published an article with the following stats.

Keywords - Is Claimwithme a Scam?

QSR - 0

Searches - 40

What is troubling is that my article is nowhere to be seen on page 1, 2 or even 3 on Google. Yes, I used incognito mode to search.

I have used the SEO title, description, tags and the keywords placed in the first sentence of the article. Pretty much going by the training here.

My website has 90% trust and nearly everything else is at 100% except the publishing frequency.

Am really confused as to why my carefully selected keyword articles don't rank on Google, even with 0 competition. This is not the first time.

Guys like Jay and Rupert are somehow ranking their posts in minutes or even seconds but when I apply their advice or strategy it isn't working for me... am I doing something wrong?

This is the article link - https://affiliateincomemarketi...

Would really appreciate some expert advice on this. Thank you.

UPDATE (20th September 2017)

Using incognito mode today I decided to check if maybe this post was ranked and it's currently on Page 1 Position 3! So that is great news and shows that SEO works.

This can obviously change over time but hopefully for now it will bring in some organic traffic.

Kind regards,


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Hi there
I have looked at this post and it looks perfect with me
have you put this through all the SEO tasks like G+ Google webmaster and Bing webmaster etc etc
Loks like you have gotten some good answers down below already
cheers and best wishes

Hi Phil

Thank you for the suggestion, could you please tell me about these "SEO tasks", what you mean by this exactly?

Are you posting your posts on
Google webmaster tools
Bing webmaster tools...............

Cheers PB

On G+ yes but how do you post on GWT and Bing?

Hi Kamil
It is shown in the Cert Training Course Hope this helps

Definitely helps, thank you Phil. I remember this lesson now but forgot to always do this with each post, so much to consider when doing this business :)

Excellent question. I've experienced similar results. I think it could be the domain authority, like Loes said.

That QSR is 0 does not mean that no other posts will rank for that KW. Try to check the SERP competition before doing the post also to see what comes up. There might still be hard competition because other posts are ranking with related KW.

And when QSR is 0, it could also seem that there is something with the KW and a reason for that, so 0 is not necessarily the best to go for.

If it is a scam site, I would also suggest not to include a link to the website as you have on the top of your post. It shows google that you are linking to spammy sites which is not a good signal.

There can probably be many other reasons as well that I do not know of, but hope these suggestions can help a little.

All the best,

Thanks a lot Mikael.

During the training we are taught to try and find the lowest qsr so this was just an experiment to see if 0 would rank quicker than say 100 or 200 qsr.

I see what you mean about the link. How else can I show people where the website is? The link is there for confirmation not necessarily redirecting but you say having it there might hurt the ranking?

There is so many things to learn and unfortunately none of my posts are being ranked by Google. I really struggle using GA and webmaster tools and half the time I don't know what is going on lol :p

Back to the lessons I guess.

yes there keeps being a lot to learn for all os us:-)

GA and webmaster are definitely great to look a bit more at to get some data feeback on what you are doing.

About the link: External links are great for ranking, but only when linking to authority and legit sites. If you have links to spammy sites this is not a good signal to send, and it can potentially hurt your rankings a bit. All links are seen as a kind of recommendation, and if you recommend spammy sites that google sees as spammy sites, it is not too great. Google does not see that it is just to show people where the site is.

I would instead just write the url without the actual link, or just the name but not the url.


I would recommend getting more comments on your article to help boost your ranking. Also you might want to target another keyword phase with higher search and higher traffic. It's seem that keyword phase you're using isn't getting much traffic. To get more comment on your article you the comment credit feature inside WA. You can either buy more credits or comment on other members blog to earn credits. This is just my opinion hope this helps

Great idea Anthony, this is obviously the next step but when Jay gets ranked he does it with 0 comments.

Even though there is little traffic for this keyword there are still 40 searches. This was more of an experimental post to see if 0 QSR would rank quickly.

Will see what happens :)

Thanks you for your input Anthony, much appreciated!

Yesterday... so maybe Google hasn't crawled your post yet.

Try doing a manual crawl in Google Search aka Webmaster Tools.

Thank you for your suggestion Jurgen, I will go do that right away but how does Jay get ranked in minutes or seconds then?

Jay's website has authority Kamil.

Thanks Loes ;)
How long do you think it takes for a website to gain authority on a level where posts are ranked within seconds or minutes?

From the first day of, you work upwards, I think Jay's site is the age of WA, 12 years

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