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Transfer and redirect content to another site?

Transfer and redirect content to another site?

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Search Engine Optimization

I got some pages on one of my websites that I want to put on another website of mine.

Do you have advice on good step-by-step instructions on how to easily transfer and

Hey John,

Having done this very same thing myself, here's video instructions: DO remember to add a redirect from the site you are removing the content from, to reflect the NEW URL in your other website, in order to retain your rank in SERPs for the site you are removing the content from.

The redirect plugin that I use is shown in the screen print below.

Hope you find this helpful.

We have used the redirection plugin
Its documentation explains how to use the redirects.

Believe you can do 301 redirects.


Below resource may also help And you can always contact site support


You also have the option to move the whole thing, however I do not think this is what you were asking.

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Deleting content on website? bad idea?

Deleting content on website? bad idea?

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Search Engine Optimization

Want to hear your opinion if it is a good idea to delete lets say 10 posts on a site with 800 posts and pages. Would it affect the ranking on the other pages (or the site in ge

You better believe it would hurt your rank to simply delete 10 posts at one time John.

Been there... done that.

Years ago, my local business dropped off Google page 1 from deleting about 10 posts that I deemed no longer worth keeping.

Took me a week to figure out what the heck happened.

Here's what I learned...

It is better to UPDATE those old posts than to simply delete them.

Those you have NO way of updating, you need to provide a redirect link to relevant content.

Why... you ask?

Turns out that Google doesn't like their SERPs to look unattended.

When you delete a large number of posts all at once, that gives their SERPs several broken links, making it look though Google is not as reliable.

That makes Google very cross, thus their script will drop your site from the SERPs until you fix the issues... or enough time goes by (LOTS of it!) and you request your site be indexed again.

Hope you find this helpful.

Hey Trish
Thank you for sharing that experience. My comment said something similar but less confidently because I haven't experienced that yet!

I share this nasty experience whenever a member asks this question in hope of NO ONE repeating my mistake.

It took me far to long to figure out, and a good friend in SEO that was finally able to discover by constantly asking me questions.

LOL, long way around to get to the discovery... which is why I share my experience.

Thank you, that is very helpful. What if the posts I want to delete are not really exactly the same niche as the rest of the page then?

Have also been thinking to redirect them and transfer them to another site.

That's why I included the screen print about Archive...

Feel free to redirect to another site. That WILL save your site being punished.

This guy deleted a ton of content on his site and his traffic went through the roof.


Unless they're highly-ranking posts, it'll almost certainly make no negative difference. If they are low ranking, you might consider re-writing them instead.

I know a few bloggers that actually benefited (in terms of SEO and traffic) from removing a few low-quality articles from their website.

It depends upon the interlinking of your website posts and pages. Do these pages leave a gap in content?

What about backlinks? Are here any valuable ones?

Is there any traffic depending upon them?

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Google hates my site!? (penatilized by google?)

Google hates my site!? (penatilized by google?)

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Search Engine Optimization

I used to rank good on Google all the time before (atleast low hanging fruit keywords), that changed at early 2020 and now I do not even rank on Google for keywords with ZERO c

Did you stop your content engine or slow it down? What can happen is if people get fatigued, or they get hit with a Google update, the natural reaction is to "stop" doing what they were doing.

But this leads to further dilution of their rankings...if you are not actively creating content, you will lose authority in Google in particular.

So that could be the case here John, but without knowing the exact history of your website and the type of content you have been publishing on it, the quality, the thoroughness, and the style of the headlines you have be writing, then that could be an issues have arisen.

If that happens, I have been in health problems sometimes and that have had a big effect on my work, is it very difficult to come back with the site?
I am in a period like that and it is horrible to see all performances like throwing water out of a box.

Thank you Kelly for your answer. I did nor slow down on the publishing, I might have been a bit monotonous on the headlines though... Not so little either to be honest...

Do you think that can be the reason?

I got basically the same amount of impressions in the serps when I look at google search console but the clicks are only one third of what they used to be last year.

Don't give up Johann.
Take as much rest as you need.

John, I had an ecommerce site and was on the first page of google for years - until they made an algorithm change. It was not a blog site. I never fully understood exactly what the problem was, but it got worse and worse, and after a few years of business decline I closed the site down.

My question is, what have you been doing since 2020? Do you suspect anything? Have you looked at searches for which you were doing well, but not any more, and what might have changed - like increased competition?

Finally, what about your natural linking - from other sites? Do you have much? That is insurance against google updates to the algorithm.

Sorry - more questions than answers...

They have been very slow to index last many months. Have you had the posts indexed? What about the speed? I am in a problem with it because of the theme and believe it has had a big effect.

This has been happening to me as well lately I have an MMO site along with another site totally different Bing and Yahoo no problems but Google is just being a bit of a bully now to many.
I know others here have had the same issue lately so it is not you it's Google.

Even some posts that always ranks on page 1 have gone but also Jaaxy hasn't been accurate either.

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