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Today I want to make a short post about Email Contact Marketing, or in other words email marketing. Why? Well, simply because it is awesome! IF it is done right of course.


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Back to the topic:

E-mail marketing and why you should do it?

Short answer: The money is in the list.

A bit longer answer: A list of emails is something that you completely own and have complete control over... You can actually run a whole business with email ONLY. Also, email is proven to make more sales than any other marketing technique out there.

The truth: If you learn e-mail marketing good it is just lke having a money printing machine that you can use whenever you want... You can basically make money whenever you want by writing and email and press the send button.


Below is the result from ONE email I wrote yesterday that ended up in $714 in commissions for me...

It took me 10 minutes (max) to write that email...

The conslucion here:

I made $714 for 10 minutes of work...

That is pretty amazing if you ask me, right?


Am aware of that the results are literally nothing, as there is possible to make MUCH more than $700 fro one e-mail... You can earn $7,000 per day, or $70,000... Sky is the limit (as you might already know)


How to do e-mail marketing?

Believe it or not, it is much easier than you might think.

Most important is to KLT you.

What does KLT stand for?

It stands for KNOW, LIKE, TRUST

You have to be personal with your list, show your personallity a bit, and show them that you are a person that your list knows, likes and trusts.

That is the basics I would say.

Nedless to say is that you should always strive to HELP and provide VALUE to your list.

If you want to see how I do (I send e-mails every day) then please feel free to sign up to my e-mail list on my website


Email Contact Marketing - Conclusion

Well, this post was just a short one, mostly to remind you to not forget this VERY effective way of creating yourself additional passive income and revenue.

Hope you liked it and now you should have a better understanding on Email Contact Marketingand why and how to do it.

Thank you for reading and hope you liked the post, found value in it, or got inspired to start with email marketing if you haven´t already?

Would love to know:

Are you doing e-mail marketing??

What is your best advice?

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That's really inspiring,I want to learn more about it so I can start working on it ,I will holler when I need some help soon thank you.
Cheers, Florence.

Anytime :)

/Thanks for your comment

I am not doing email marketing because I do not have a list. How do I go about building a list?

You should have an Optin Form on your site to collect email addresses.

Thank you Robert. I think I have one, will double check. Probably I need a good CTA strategy.

Thank you for this.

Great idea, just have to get traffic to my site first. Thanks!

Congrats on your achievement John!

Thank you :)

Great stuff John, thanks for sharing.


Thank you

/all the best

Fantastic work John. You are a role model to us because you keep inspiring us to set new standards for ourselves. Thanks man.

Thank you man, wow thank you, I appreciate that a lot.

If there is anything I can help you with just ask


Nice one John. I yearn for a day on JVZoo like that.

Thank you :)

It will come :)

I've tried email marketing, but I still have a long ways to go to fully understand it and make it work for me. I don't think I offer enough compelling stuff for people to sign up, but I also need to get my traffic up to my websites so that maybe I can get more email addresses. I've always heard great things about email marketing if done correctly and so that is an endeavor I would like to be successful at one of these days.

I completely agree with you, I was thinking of learning IM too, but I noticed that is going to take time to fully understand it. I am still focusing to get traffic for my site.

Anyway, I love this post, thanks for sharing.

Thanks for the helpful tips!

Happy to hear you found value from it :)

Thank you for your comment

A good way to do it

Yes, it is ;)

Thank you for your comment,

/All the best

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