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Do you need some affiliate marketing motivation? Well, hopefully, I can give you some because the other day I actually hit a new personal record for commissions in 1 day!Yes, as you might have already guessed from reading the headline, it was over $60k in one day, and $50k of those was from ONLY ONE sale.I was just scrolling through my inbox and bam! There was an e-mail notification that I had made a sale, so I opened it and was hoping for it to be a big one... It was: As you can see from the s
Ok, this post is going to touch the Highest Commission Affiliate Programs subject ones again. It is not the first time I am going to share a big commission, but as it is Christmas times I thought that I should share from myself, a christmas present that I got in my e-mail inbox a few hours ago. It was a "christmas present" in the form of a nice commission:I think that will be the most valuable christmas present I will get today, atleast the one with the highest financial value... but you never
I have made posts here before on big affiliate commissions in the past, I said I was going to stop when I reached over $10k from one sale... The latest post I created here was where I made over $14k, for 2 days in a row... Funny how we humans work, when we reach a goal we tend to create another one, right? :)However, not long ago one of the leads I generated converted and I made $30k from that sale, so I though I was going to share that with all of you here on WA, unfortunatly the lead requeste
I have been on the limit many times, making 9k+ commissions, but I didn´t want to write this before I went over 10k from 1 affiliate commission. My best affiliate commission before this one was 9,8K but that is close but no cigar. Ok, it was a while ago but I told you to write again once I broke 10K from 1 sale in 1 day... I did just the other day, ironically I almost beat that the day after lol.I do not share this to brag, I actually don´t like to share it at all, but I made the pr
I have been sharing my Highest Affiliate Commissions for a while now here in this community. To be honest I do not like to share them that much but as the response have been so positive I have changed my mind a bit.As this community is PACKED with affiliate marketers of all levels from all around the world it might not be that strange that there is some kind of interest, right? 😃Today I made a new record from one sale, I made an affiliate commission of exactly $6,582,97 and that is a ne
The journey continues... Hey there guys, just wanted to make this quick blog post as the last one got so much positive feedback. Hopefully, this one will work as inspiration as well for newbies, and for those still struggeling to make their firs sales, or to make consistent sales.For those of you who are about to give up, and for those of you who think you will never make it...I remember how it was in the beginning... It actually took me 7 months before I made any money at all when I first star
Hi there!Just wanted to write this quick blog and share my new commission record from 1 sale, I actually wanted to wait until I completely crushed my previous one, but... Since last post got so much engagement and clearly inspired others I feel I am almost obligated to share this with you guys:Ok, there you go, it´s a new personal record! :) Important I cannot thank Kyle, Carson and Jay enough, and this whole community for educating me during the years I have been a member here, without y
Today I want to make a short post about Email Contact Marketing, or in other words email marketing. Why? Well, simply because it is awesome! IF it is done right of course.------------------------------------P.S. - Are you new on this website?If you have never been on this website before (wealthyaffiliate) then you might want to know that you can learn A LOT on email marketing (and ANYTHING else that covers internet marketing in general) here.So if it is the first time you visit this site, make
Hi there, just wanted to make a quick blog post (was a while ago in here) to provide you with a screenshot of my new commission record ($2,000+) in one day!The commission was made on the first day of August, so this month started of good you can say ;) Worth to mention is that the screenshot that I will provide is from ONE (1) lead... I also made more commissions that day, but smaller ones, and from other affiliate programs... Combined it was well over $2,000 but the point here is to show you "
Hi guys, hope you are doing good and are making consistent progress.I need your help with one thing,I need some testemonials, they do not need to be long and you DO NOT need to feel that any pressure that you have to be where you want to be in your business.In other words, if you are just starting out that is fine to,Please send me a private e-mail if you could do me this favor,will of course, repay it in one way or another :) Thanks in advance guys,/Yours