Super Affiliate Challenge - from PILLAR to POST

Last Update: June 24, 2019

Hi Wealthy Affiliate community,

OK, since the Super Affiliate Challenge began, its time for me to come clean.
Month 1: 20 April - 20 May: Goal 12,000 words, 12 posts
Actual: 8,730 words,
(plus email marketing setup would've been more than 12,000 words, if I included all those words)

Month 2: 21 May - 3 Jul, Goal 12,000 words, 12 posts
Actual: 20,605 Oh my goodness!

Month 1
I was finishing of landing page, my "offer" make money online guide AND email marketing before I even knew of the Super Affiliate Challenge, so this was completing these things. Then back onto posting early May.

Month 2 There are 2 Pillar style posts in this output.

Let me digress here a little....What the longest post you've ever written?
I have been hearing more and more about "Pillar" style content. I've read a bit about Pillar Content and having Clusters content (smaller blogs) hyperlinked to the huge pillar content. I guess to maximise the SEO effect, I will create a few related blog posts.

Anyway, I've gotten a bit carried away, I kept writing, researching, writing, in Google Docs. I wasn't even thinking about word count.

I was just thinking about being the best on Google because for another review I did the most comprehensive review on the internet and it has resulted in me getting tons of keywords ranked and on page 1 of google

Here's my training on how to do this:

My clicks and impressions for that post have gone up 10 fold in about 3 months since the training.

Anyway for a different company rewiew in a more complicated industry that I knew little about (science and stuff), I've created a humdinger...over 13,000 words.

OK that's my digression and lesson's learned....

So from Pillar to Post and getting accountable for the Super Affiliate Challenge goals:
OK John, I've got those solid pillars firmly planted in the ground. I'll apply the same SEO strategies that worked previously (in my training). But now, that's enough Pillar style posts, I've got to produce some smaller Posts, to get the post count up. I'm well short of the post count for month 1 and month 2, but I feel have set up an essential framework.

Ok, so I'd better get writing on only my third post for Month 2, but I have a bunch of cluster post ideas relating to those 2 Pillars. And 3 July is looming so post, post, post!

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JulietAA Premium
Well done John!
CordeliaN Premium
That’s pretty amazing, I like the style. 👍
mcknisu Premium
Keep it up. You will do great!!
GlenPalo Premium
Very impressive, John. Onward and upward.
LauraFuller Premium
Keep it going. Sounds like you have a solid foundation.