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Back in December 2017, I was sitting at home wondering what am I going to do? This was after I had bought a $1,000 “make money online” course from some people that turned out to be outright scammers. They just abandoned the course leaving many people out of pocket.I felt both sad and mad because I had spent so much money, time and effort creating a digital product and trying to market it to affiliates. But it DID introduce me to the world of affiliate marketing.But then I continu
This notification just popped up about my 3 year anniversary. It feels like just yesterday I grilled my mentor (being the analytical type that I am!) and set off on my online business journey with my Wealthy Affiliate account.I feel like I am still scratching the surface on the potential that awaits me online. I am more motivated than ever to work consistently to build my authority website.Some highlights so far for me:1 taught me everything I know.2 have TWO websites with many posts on page 1
Hey guys,Well, what a year! 2020 has been one of the most unpredictable years for all of us. Let me acknowledge this pandemic world we live in, and I hope everyone and your loved ones are staying safe. Times will get better, and with every seismic shift in the economy there are always green shoots of recovery and also opportunities.Black Friday has rolled around again as usual. I don't know about you but I am more excited this year and for the future. Why? The world has changed and we are
Does SEO even work? Does Wealthy Affiliate even work? Does the training from Wealthy Affiliate work if you put it into action? These are the questions I asked my self when I was starting out - can you relate?I was just reflecting back on my start with my main website in July 2018 and looking back on my traffic. For me, I started in January 2018 with a niche coaching website and realised after 5-6 months that I wasn't really passionate about that niche and industry anymore. But I did reali
Are you improving your existing content? making your good content even better?Google likes fresh content, but it does not always need to be NEW, what about giving more to Google of what Google already likes?I did a training about this easy SEO strategy a while back:How This Easy SEO Tactic Can Help You Boost Your Traffic...I can testify that this easy SEO tactic really works! The post that I show in this example was my top ranking post (long form content) and has consistently been getting a lot
Imagine getting access to every single feature, tools and benefits of Wealthy Affiliate's platform without paying anything else for the entire upsells!, no hidden costs!As you know, holiday and promotion season is here. We’re in the middle of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal and then followed by Christmas...Wealthy Affiliate is having the Black Friday and Cyber Monday Offer from 29th Nov 2019 (Friday) to 2 Dec 2019 (Monday).The greatest thing about Wealthy Affiliate's Black Fr
Hello Wealthy Affiliate Community,This is the best place online I know of to Keep Learning, starting from scratch you can build your own sustainable online business in a niche of your passion or interest. This is a medium to long term game. If you want quick cash there are jobs, surveys and other short term stuff. But where will they get you?Thank you Kyle, Jay and the Community for consistently teaching us to:Do our keyword research - low hanging fruit keywords - being long-tailed search phr
"Best Of.." Posts are hugely popular. You look all over Google, Pinterest, even our Jaaxy keyword tool in the Alphabet Soup lists them. Why are lists posts so popular?Our brains are organized to function in specific ways and we prefer ordered lists."Top 3.." is popular"Top 5..." is a the second most useful number, according to research"7 best...." I've noticed is popular on PinterestPrime numbers are higher converting you see...Then we oftern see..."Top 10.../10 Tips...." Also common in blog
Hi Wealthy Affiliate community,OK, since the Super Affiliate Challenge began, its time for me to come clean.Month 1: 20 April - 20 May: Goal 12,000 words, 12 postsActual: 8,730 words, (plus email marketing setup would've been more than 12,000 words, if I included all those words)Month 2: 21 May - 3 Jul, Goal 12,000 words, 12 postsActual: 20,605 Oh my goodness!Month 1 I was finishing of landing page, my "offer" make money online guide AND email marketing before I even knew of the Super Affiliate
How This Easy SEO Tactic Can Help You Boost Your TrafficI did a training about this easy SEO tactic a couple of days ago:How This Easy SEO Tactic Can Help You Boost Your Traffic...This easy SEO tactic really works! The post that I show in this example was my top ranking post (long form content) and getting a lot of impressions on Google Search Console. I knew I could do more with it but as I was learning and trying to make more content...I didn't know how. As I've progressed throught the awes