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When will my website be deactivated?

When will my website be deactivated?

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WA Affiliate Program

How long after my membership cancellation will my website in WA stay active?

On free membership you can keep your website and work on it for 6 months. If you leave premium after joining it is held for 12 weeks.

Hi - that's not quite right. Once a membership ends, the website becomes inactive immediately and a backup will be held for 60 days before it is deleted.

Sorry, I meant they could work on it for 6 months.

You have five days grace after you cancel, then that gives you time to move your site out. Website would still be there for thirty days if you come back. How I know this because I had to cancel my membership this month. Then resign up on another day first week of March when have money in my account so I am still considered cancelled but still here for five days. After that I must log on and resign up.

Unfortunately, as Phil stated once membership is canceled your site will become inactive.

If you own a website and have it hosted here the only way to take it elsewhere would be to rejoin for a month and get it moved asap

That is why it is important to move your website out before you cancel if it is now your own.

If it is just a siterubix one that can not be moved out as it belongs to WA.

Wishing you well if you are thinking of canceling.

Phil has provided the link which is very important to read.


once the contract ends your site comes down
check out kyles post sorry no better news

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How do i unlock my website?

How do i unlock my website?

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Website Development & Programming

I need to move my website to another host temporarily until i can afford WA but i cant. They say i need to Unlock kt. How do i do that?

You don't need to change the registration of your domain name to migrate your website to another hosting provider. You can do that later if you really want to.

You do need to move your website to another hosting provider. I have full instructions on my Marion Black Online dot com website. Google search "move website from wealthy affiliate" without the quotes and look for my name near the top of the list. Or send me a private message and I'll give you the link.

Thanks Marion, i asked this question because i had gone through your tutorial already. I would like to switch to Hostgator but the only unchecked thing is that my site is locked. Thats where im stuck.

First, you'll have to revoke the privacy of your website registration. It's only when the ownership details are public that the domain name can be unlocked for transfer.

Go to Websites > Site Domains and click on the Settings button to access Contact & Privacy and then Transfer Domain.

If you have any difficulties then Site Support should be able to help.

Thanks Marion.

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Can my website be hosted here without the extras?

Can my website be hosted here without the extras?

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The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

In the past few months, it has been tough financially. I would love to stay in WA but i cannt afford it at the moment. Is it possible to have my website hosted here and just p

Hi - no, that's not possible. You would need to move to another hosting provider before you cancel.

I assume your unpublished articles are in Site Content. You would need to copy and paste them to a Word doc or something similar.

Thank you for your feedback. Will definitely do so.

You're membership includes the hosting, so if you cancel, you cancel everything.

Thanks for your feedback.

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What is my websites worth?

What is my websites worth?

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Keyword, Niche and Market Research

Does anyone know where i can check how much my website is worth?

One of our members wrote a blog on this very subject...Nathaniell
Go check out his profile he has some excellent posts.
But here is the one where he sold his websites

Thanks for the link. will check it out.

All the best. Let me know how it went. Thanks.

Great question and great answers

Yep go daddy valuation tool give you an idea, however, you can always negotiate final sale with interested parties -- I have a premium domain with only two letters .. according to go daddy it is valued at 2k, but I tried to acquire it via another business, and it was valued at 100k.

If you are serious about pursuing this, there's site like sedo . com and flippa . com who may have proper valuators plus you can sell them there too.

If site has content, and more value, it will fetch higher price.

Be sure to use escrow service to avoid being scammed. They take a commission.

Best wishes.

Thanks a lot for your contribution.

Hi - GoDaddy has a website valuation feature.

Thanks for your contribution.

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