Yay 10 site trust

Last Update: May 25, 2016

It might not be much but one of my websites just got 10% site trust. I have been looking at the 0% site trust for a month now and even though people said it would take time i didn't think i was going to see it improve, but today it did. Just in time because i needed a bit of a boost to keep going!

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Ecowarrior Premium
Well done! I believe it goes up 10% per month so keep an eye out for same time next month! Cheers, Lisa
JudeP Premium
Well done :)
Ultimateless Premium
Congratulations Jess...you're ahead of me!
Maticparris Premium
Great news Jess. I honestly didn't notice mines until about last week and it was at 10%, so I know how you feel about it.
kgrindstaff Premium
Great!! Build it and they will come. Keep growing