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May 25, 2016
It might not be much but one of my websites just got 10% site trust. I have been looking at the 0% site trust for a month now and even though people said it would take time i didn't think i was going to see it improve, but today it did. Just in time because i needed a bit of a boost to keep going!
May 16, 2016
Hi Everyone, I am about a month in to WA and i must say i am amazed everyday by the amount of stuff that i am learning about websites. I have been having trouble the last week or more adding content to my website. I was never one that was good for writing. Even in school i preferred math and science to english class. So i was just wondering how important it is to have posts that are 1500+ words? I know it says somewhere that that's how long they should be. My content rating in the 'site
May 08, 2016
Wow, one of my websites has made it to page 4 on google. YAY!!!!!! I know the goal is to make it to page 1, and I am definitely working towards that i am just thrilled that my website is coming up in Google at all. Thank you Kyle and Carson for creating this community, I have learned so much in such a short space of time.
May 07, 2016
Ok so on Day 10 I realized that i needed to change my Niche ever so slightly. I didn't think my first Niche was going to be strong enough. So in changing my niche ever so slightly meant i had to start over again with the website. So for a couple of days i was in a bit of a slump. Had to start the training over again (because even though i just did it i couldn't remember everything involved in creating the website). So even though i was in a bit of a slump i logged on each day, interacted w
May 03, 2016
So its only been 10 days since I joined and all was going great until i realized that the website i was creating (had mostly done) was going to be very hard to add affiliate programs to. I was already selling something on the website so when i tried to rack my brain to see what affiliate programs i could add to that i couldn't come up with many. Thankfully i have come up with a very similar idea to my original website but it just gives me more opportunity for affiliate programs on my NEW webs
May 02, 2016
So I am only 9 days in and in my opinion have made some pretty good progress. I have built my own website, made contacts with lots of new people and created a Google+ account. All in all not too bad.The website i have created is and i am very proud of this, but i must admit i can not take all of the credit i did get some pretty amazing feedback from other WA members that i did incorporate into my website.My goals for the next 3 months are to just keep wo