27 Premium Referrals in a Month - April Monthly Update!

Last Update: May 27, 2018

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Another month has just passed and it's time for another monthly update!

In March, I had 10 Premium referrals out of 90 Free Starter referrals. You can check out my March achievements here:


Achievements in April

April was a really busy month for me. I had a lot of new commitments outside of WA which are all necessary.

Here are some of my achievemets:

  • 206 WA Free Starter referrals
  • 27 Premium referrals (That's a 270% growth from last month!!)
  • Surpass the 300 & 400 total traffic per day milestone (Last month, the highest is about 200+ per day)
  • Once again, my organic traffic increased by more than 100% (123% increase)

These are some really great achievements that I'm very happy with.

The Goal that I Failed to Accomplish

However, there's one goal that I didn't manage to achieve - that is to publish 5 posts per week and a minimum of 20 posts per month.

In April, I only managed to publish 12 posts because of other new commitments that are coming in my way. So I didn't manage to accomplish this goal.

Nevertheless, my traffic and sign ups were still able to grow well because of the hard work I had put in for the past few months.

My Other Commitments

This part is for those who are interested in what I'm currently up to...

#1 I have a Network Marketing business!!

First of all, I met a young millionaire friend who is willing to mentor me in social media marketing and the mindset needed to succeed. So I started working with him and we partnered up for a network marketing business called Young Living Essential Oils.

He made his million dollar from this network marketing business so he's helping me to build another passive income stream as well.

This is not an April Fools by the way.

I must say we all hate MLMs, myself included. But we're not doing MLM in the traditional way. We integrate internet marketing with network marketing. We're using the internet to drive quality leads, and these leads are people who are interested.

It's not like randomly pitching a business opportunity to your friends or family members which can potentially sabotage your relationships.

So that's one of the commitments starting from this month.

#2 I'm working on a part-time job

As some of you may have known, I'm turning 21 this year and I just finished my National Service last year. I'm supposed to be enrolling in University this year August but I've already withdrawn from it despite I managed to get into the Top University in Asia - National University of Singapore.

Some of you would be skeptical about my decision, especially my parents. Of course, we had not just discussions but a lot of quarrels. But I've upgraded my mindset after participating in various seminars and workshops with the top mentors and speakers, such as Tony Robbins and Robert Kiyosaki.

I've came to the realization that traditional education really won't prepare me for success and the kind of lifestyle I desire.

I've made the commitment to myself that I'll make Wealthy Affiliate work. But as my business grows, I still need to eat. That's why I'm taking up a part-time job in a buffet restaurant.

This not only gives me the active income I need at the moment, but it also gives me the experience so that when I share my stroy next time, it'll be more inspiring.


It's been a really busy and amazing month. I believe May will be better, not just for me, but for you as well.

Due to my other commitments, I can't publish 20 posts per month. I'm aiming for at least 15 this coming month.

I believe my 4 digit month is coming very soon.

Anyway, I'll be posting a blog sharing about How to Get More Premium Referrals!

So, if you're promoting WA, stay tuned to my post :)

How's your progress for April? Let me know in the comments below!

Update: Here's the very popular training on How to Get More Premium Referrals:


Recent Comments


Wow! Great accomplishment and greater attitude!

When I grow up (in this business!), I would like to be like you, Jerry.

And thanks for sharing!


If you follow the training and take massive actions, you're going to get there. All the best Ntam!

Congrats on your achievements, Jerry!
Growing up from a Chinese family, I know for sure that it takes a lot of courage to say NO to parents on not going for higher education, not choosing a more traditional way of getting a more stable job with traditional education. But, you are the only boss of your own life, and you choose your own path, regardless of what other people believe in.
I think you are in the right path, and you can get the education you want any time later in your life, but you will never learn the right entrepreneurial mindset for you to succeed in probably any school. In fact even the best schools can rarely compare to hand-on experiences your learn in terms of building a successful business.
Thank you for the updates and inspirations. :)


Jerry you have done so amazingly well. I have met some stumbling blocks on the way but I am trying to get there.
Well done you are an inspiration to many.
Debs :))

My pleasure Debs! I'm sure you're going to overcome the obstacles. Let me know if there's anything I could help :)

You really have great conversion rates! Wow, I was sure not getting those numbers when I had your traffic. Amazing work!!

Thank you Grace! I'm constantly learning about sales from people like Russell Brunson and Peng Joon. I've also read their books. So I'm sure their valuable knowledge and skills do help me in terms of my conversion.

Despite Russell Brunson's funnel thing couldn't really apply to promote WA, there are useful tips to learn and apply.

But most importantly, I'm always putting myself in the readers' shoe and think in their perspective. I believe that's the most important thing.

I know of Russell Brunson but not Peng Joon, I will have to check out what they have to say.

I do agree with putting yourself in the readers' shoes and I do this often since I've been in their shoes too.

Great stuff!

And then you have a millionaire mentor?! Dang! Watch out!

Haha! By the way, I love your site. I can see that your posts are ranking well. Whenever I found a product with great target keyword to review, I can usually see your review up there in the first page!!

Thanks Jerry, my site doesn't look as nice as yours though. What theme are you using?

I'm glad you found my site that way, that's what I tell most members when they ask for my site. I currently don't want WA traffic on my site so I can see that it's doing well on its own.

I see. I'm using FocusBlog theme from Thrive Themes. Homepage is designed using Thrive Architect.

Yeah I need to get into Thrive themes, I have much to do with design but it's like I don't want to change anything at this point til I hit Vegas. Lol

Definitely focus on your content, traffic and conversion first. That’s more important! Since you’re already getting good results, that means your strategy is working. Keep doing what’s working for you and adjust along the way for the better :)

Well done Jerry. Make your own decisions and keep going.

Thank you Trevor!

You are doing awesome young man.
What a fantastic business!

Keep motivating us and don't you forget to show us whatever you have.


Thanks a lot for your encouraging words!


Hey Jerry, you are truly outstanding and a great inspiration.

All the best,


My pleasure!

You are doing something right... I feel very happy for you. I am not that ahead yet. I would like to learn something from you. It's really wonderful that everything is having a positive outcome. Let me take a look at your website. Thank you for the inspiration!

Thanks for stopping by Luzia! My website is smartaffiliatesuccess.com

I am more than happy to share what I know :)

You are awesome, Jerry!

Thank you Sukumar :)

Excellent news Jerry! Congratulations on all your milestones. For my progress of April be sure to check my blog! I hope to step into these same goals soon!

Thank you Peter! Yes, I'm heading there now :)

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