10K Followers. Thank you!

Last Update: January 06, 2019

This is awesome. I joined WA in May 2016. After 2 years and 8 months, I just reached 10K followers here in WA.

Thank you for all of you following and supporting me. I really hope my contents have been valuable and helpful to you.

However, I have to say sorry that I won't be able to reply back to all the comments I get on my posts here in WA because I don't have the time for that. (Read this post if you want to know why.)

But I'll still skim through all the comments and reply if you need help or you have any questions.

Having said that, if you want to make sure I don't miss your question (sometimes I may miss one or two questions as there are many comments), please Private Message me here in WA. I reply to every single PM I get.

If your question is something urgent that needs my immdiate attention, I would suggest you to Email me at jerry@smartaffiliatesuccess.com

That's a much faster way for you to contact me should you need help.

Anyway, VEGAS is just 3 weeks away and I'm so excited.

I'll sure update you guys on what's happening :)

Have a fulfilling year ahead guys!!


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herinnelson Premium
I'm one of your followers, Jerry, and I must say that I've been so amazed at your success! Nice work, Jerry! You've helped multitudes along the way--including me. Thank you for all you do and the best of everything moving forward into 2019!

Erin :)!
dpanic63 Premium
Nicely done Jerry.
You are truly deserving
No doubt
SondraM Premium
Your success is measured by the number of people you are helping. Great job. Well Deserved. Have fun in Vegas.
FKelso Premium
No wonder you have such a following. You are pretty amazing. Keep on going...we will do our best to catch you.
Lindann53 Premium
The first 10k. Congratulations Jerry you're only just starting 👍👍👍
dragonfly10 Premium
Jerry your hard work keeps showing. You did not get there by sitting around you rock
keishalina9 Premium
hey Jerry -- you're just 'sizzlin'!' ... amazing!

thanks kindly for sharing, cheerio ... ⭐️🎈
DavidKellas Premium
More power to you Jerry, GREAT WORK. I got 366 followers in my network now after 2 months, pretty cool how everyone follows you here at WA.
Terand Premium
That is really, awesome Jerry! What a great milestone! You are power! I do not know when I will reach that. Ha. All the best to you, Jerry! :o)
jennyjewel Premium
That is an awesome achievement Jerry. Have a blast in Vegas, well deserved, and I look forward to hearing all about it when you get back.