Apology to All My Friends & Referrals

Last Update: December 16, 2018

My fellow WA friends & referrals!

Some of you may have noticed that I'm not very responsive recently and it took me a few days to reply your message.

Just want to let you know that I'm still here, not going anywhere, still care about everyone of you.

I always try to reply all my messages everyday but there are a few reasons why I'm not so responsive recently:

  1. I'm getting a ton of referrals, which means lots of new messages, questions, notifications...
  2. I'm settling down in Taiwan with my girlfriend. This is one of my happiest things this year. Thanks to Wealthy Affiliate, I'm able to end our 4-year long distance relationship & finally staying together.
  3. I have multiple projects going on. One of the biggest one is creating my own affiliate marketing course in Chinese for the Chinese market.

So, if you're not getting my reply as fast as before, these are the reasons. Thank you for your understanding. Just know that I still care about you.

If you have urgent questions or inquiry that need my immeidate attention, please email me at jerry@smartaffiliatesuccess.com

This is only for very urgent questions. Please fully utilize this awesome community here we have at Wealthy Affiliate. You should be able to get answers to most of your questions unless it's a personal inquiry that needs my immediate attention.

What I have learnt recently...

As always, I want to provide value for you.

There are 2 very important things I learnt recently...

#1 A Much Better Time Management

Here's a very common scenario...

When there's a new message or notification, be it here at WA, or on your social media, you'll stop what you're working on and check that message/notification. That's where you'll most likely to get distracted.

I used to do that as well. Whenever I received a message, I feel a sense of "responsibility" to quicky reply or help that person.

But you're actually wasting a lot of time going back and forth between your work and your notifications.

I figured that out because of the overwhelming messages I'm getting as my business grows.

A much better way to do it is to put your phone and everything else to silent mode when you're working. Don't bother about anything unless there's something urgent or needs your immediate attention.

Set aside some time every morning or every night, depending on your own schedule or preference, to check your notifications and reply your messages.

In other words, FOCUS is still the most important thing.

Like I've said, I used to spend some time everyday to reply all my messages. But because there are really too many of them, I can't reply all by the end of the day. That's why I'm not so responsive recently.

I'm still finding a balance and trying to figure out a way. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

#2 Having a small group of raving fans is very important!

No matter what you're doing, focus on creating that small group of people who trust you and are interested in whatever you're doing/sharing/promoting...

I'm currently in the process of creating a course like I've mentioned. What happened was that because of the interview I had recently and all my marketing efforts, I'm now growing a small group of raving fans who are very interested about my course.

What's even better is that there are people who were asking me about how much will my course be because they want to put aside that money first and wait for my course. This happened when I haven't even started creating the course. I just got started planning.

That's called a small group of raving fans!

They are already "SOLD" when I haven't even started selling anything to them.

Regardless of your niche/business, I believe there's a way to build a small group of raving fans.

That's all for my sharing today and I hope this is helpful to you!

Once again, thanks for your understanding if you're waiting for my reply😅

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davejc Premium
Thanks, Jerry, for sharing your success, as it is inspiring to those "climbing the ladder" to achieve the same. If you have a moment to respond, I what appreciate it if you would share a little about your own experience with WA, such as how long you went through the training, how long before your website/business presence actually went "live," and maybe a little about the kind of success you have been experiencing. Thanks for your time and advice!
shazzaWA Premium
Well aren’t you the popular one!
Well done Jerry, your success and popularity reflects your efforts.

My biggest take from this post is your hard work has now got you with your loved one which is the most important goal/success of all!!!

Keep up the good work young man, I will always support you and welcome your inspiration.

Have a great New Years!
Cheers Sharon
mbouteiller Premium
No need to apologize.

You're busy... time management is definitely important.

Thank you for staying in touch.. I know you're not far away here... only distance. Thank God for the internet.

Taiwan.. nice!

I'm so pumped to always hear of your progress...

Merry Christmas Jerry to you and your girlfriend and I wish you both the very best for 2019.

Jenna11 Premium
Congratulations to all your accomplishments, Jerry!

Absolutelly no apologies necessary!!
Happy to get your answer when your ready!
I already wondered how you do it!?
I sometimes struggle with my comparable tiny network!

Great job, Jerry!!
I'm happy for you you needed to write this post! :-) And proud on you, dear friend!!

Aloha, Jenna
JerryHuang Premium
Appreciate that Jenna!
LTTurnerJr Premium
Hello Jerry -

First - congratulations on everything you have going on! And secondly - no worries. I think we all understand. This is timely, because I like you feel a sense of responsibility to respond to messages. I JUST sat down today AGAIN to draft up a schedule of what I will do each day. Between training, writing content, site comments, messages - it definitely requires some time management. I am still trying to find the right groove, but I think I am getting close. :)

All the best to you. :)
Stella741 Premium
Well done Jerry,

I used to be a legal secretary so keeping my blinkers on when creating new material and typing it, comes naturally.

But as you said, when the Comments come in it is like a flood!
We could all use some organisation when it comes to answering comments on our WA blog and sites.

Keep up the good work!
HarveyBrown Premium
Hello Jerry, it sounds like things are evolving nicely for you, congratulations. In a former life I was a manager and in that capacity you have to deal with staff and your senior managers so time was a rare resource. To manage it we had a system called the “in basket.” When you arrived at the office each morning the first thing you would manage is your in basket. Now it did not make any sense to start responding to the many messages that arrived overnight. So we would organize them into three or four piles/files. I use to place my mail, telephone calls and memos into urgent, need to follow up and information.
The urgent of course I dealt with right a way, through delegation, or myself. Need to follow up the same but I would set a deadline on the follow up. The infromation was usually reading material that could be done at a later date or time. That worked for me for years.
JerryHuang Premium
AJTrimble1 Premium

It was when I first read Tim Ferriss's 4-Hour Workweek that I realized just how much time I was losing by constantly checking email every time it popped up on my screen.

Since, I implemented an auto-responder he outlined in the book informing people that I only check email at certain times. I found that it literally had no negative effect on their end, but it saved me hours of wasted time on mine.

Good luck with your new project. You deserve it. :-)
Sruffey Premium
I know what you mean about a long distance relationship is I am in one now. We know that you are a busy man. All you can do is what you can do. You have a new woman and sounds like your business is going well. I thank you for getting me here and I wish you luck with the new woman. Thanks for everything. I still have not made any money but I have gotten to be a better writer lol. Thanks again Jerry for your support and encouragement.
Timotheus Premium
Congratulations Jerry!

Very happy for you, especially your dream come true to be with your girlfriend.

You inspire me. I really aim to be as successful as you in affiliate marketing. Currently, my success is more in education, doing lectures at universities, and training at institutes. These have provided to pay the bills. Next, my websites to achieve that too! :)

laparra1 Premium
Good Morning Jerry,

So happy to hear you are able to be together with your girlfriend after 4 years long distance. I know well that it is difficult, Michael was in the U.S. and I live in Spain. Things are working out so well for you, that is the reward for your hard work. With my best wishes for your happiness.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske
Roybretton Premium
Hello Jerry, it is great to hear that you are doing so well and that things are really coming together. Congratulations on creating a course in Chinese, I am sure that this has huge potential for the Chinese community once the course is complete.

I hear what you're saying 100% regarding answering messages and losing focus, it is amazing how much time we can lose with smartphones and technology through just checking messages etc! I have experienced this and I know full well the best thing to do is just to focus, it is one of the reasons why I like to start at 5 AM in the morning, I have no disturbances!

Wishing you all the best Jerry.

DebbieRose Premium
It sounds like all good news..kind of you to check in and update all your followers. Enjoy some time with your girlfriend!
heljam404A Premium
Much Love Jerry I'm so glad you're hitting this sweet spot in your life, I wish you all the best in the upcoming year.
jlclayton1 Premium
It's wonderful that things are progressing so well for you! Your friends and referrals are proud of you and will understand that your time is at a premium.

Keep the success skyrocketing!

LindaF Premium
I guess that good to hear Jerry, success is what you came here for and it looks like you have achieved that and congrats on your relation ship. It can only bring you great joy. Before you know it you will have little one running around.

We can all feel very happy for you, you have showed so many WA members the way. Just keep moving forward.

Always a better way
anusuya1 Premium
Awesome, Jerry.
Let the world of yours enjoy the benefit of financial freedom.
smartm2018 Premium
Thanks for the tips. Wishing you all the best as you settle down.
jetrbby80316 Premium
Congrats on moving to Taiwan with gf, Great Stuff!
Actually I hadn't noticed Jerry, I've been too busy myself getting plans ready for the New Year, but that's good to know because I will again.

Looking forward to working with you in 2019.

JerryHuang Premium
That's good. That means you're focused!
jetrbby80316 Premium
Yes, and you are an inspiration to that focus, Jerry :)
Terand Premium
You take care, Jerry. I believe all of us can understand.
Congrats to you! Finally you have settled down with your girlfriend!
Thank you so much for your precious advice too. I also agree with you that we must learn to focus.
My Chinese is not as good and I’m a new here for less than a month. But, if there is anything that I can help/contribute, do let me know.

Ganbate and take care! :o)

JerryHuang Premium
Appreciate that Terand. All the best!
Vasiliy Premium
Jerry you are a great inspiration to many people in WA including myself. I hope to see you next year in Vegas. Really Good Work. Congrats moving in with your girl friend
JerryHuang Premium
Thank you Vasiliy!
shelley8492 Premium
Congrats on your upcoming course and success!
JerryHuang Premium
Thank you Shelley!