31 sales in 31 days - Sweet!


Hello Wealthy Affiliates!

I've waited til I reached this milestone of averaging a sale a day to write my 1st success post. Well, I finally did it.

Also my highest conversion rate so far. :)

I would like to address newcomers to Wealthy Affiliate in particular.

You see, when I first started this online money making adventure, I expected what many of you may expect...Instant money. While this is absolutely a possibility, you need to understand that you are building something here that can last a lifetime.

You are building an online business, and just like any other business, you will need to be dedicated to that business to see results.

My biggest obstacle throughout my time here at WA has been time. My "other" job as an operating engineer often requires 60 - 80 hour work weeks.

But I also realized that I did have down time on the job.

So, sick of using time as an excuse, I invested $49 on a tablet with a keyboard, downloaded Google Docs and started creating content on a somewhat more regular basis.

Now I write while I'm at work (Lunch, Brakes, Down Time etc.) with Docs and then copy/paste to my site.

This has allowed me to add much more content than ever before and I can see ranking and sales improvements!

Bottom Line - Wealthy Affiliate Works!

I started this journey with absolutely no experience whatsoever.

Wealthy Affiliate has taught me everything I need to operate a successful, income producing website.

I want all you newcomers to promise to follow the training to a tee!

I have been here a few years now and I still haven't finished all the training here at WA. Don't be like me!

My procrastination has done nothing but prolong the time it has taken me to reach goals that could have happened much, much sooner.

If you dedicate yourself to the training you get here at WA, I know you will see success much sooner than me! :)

Words of advice?

Never let yourself get stuck!

There are resources here at Wealthy Affiliate to help you get past just about any obstacle you may encounter.

Live chat is an invaluable resource.

The search bar up top has tons of already asked questions. Just type your query in and see what pops up.

Heck, you can even message the owners! I know I have...

And don't forget site support. Those guys have gotten me through some pretty sticky situations...Thanks guys!

The biggest thing that has kept me going is writing about something I am passionate about...Baseball.

When I create content for my baseball website, I am writing about something I enjoy. This makes the creation process much easier.

I also have a WA promotion site now because I truly feel that Wealthy Affiliate can help people looking to find another way to earn a living.

Hopefully when you read my next success post, we will be talking about 2, 3 or more sales a day!

You CAN do this!

Thanks for stopping by ~Jeremy

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Hi Jeremy,
Thank you for sharing

You're most welcome Lisa & thank you very much! :)


Thank yo very much! :)

Well done

Thank you sir!

Congratulations on your great achievement Jeremy. Getting at least one sale per day on Amazon is fantastic!

Thank you very much Valerie!
All the best to you :)

That's great--congratulations! Wishing you continued success!

Thank you Victoria!
Wishing success to you as well :)

Thanks Jeremy for your positive thoughts and beneficial comments...all is greatly appreciated and congratulations...job well done. or should I say doing a great job because it's never done...right..

Thank you my friend!
The job is definitely never done, but it's always within reach...right? :)

Best of luck to you!

This is awesome to read Jeremy! I am new to WA and was looking for some sort of a success story and yours is so inspiring! Also good for you for seeing success while you had a full time job! I know how hard that is and am proud of you for making it work anyway! :)

Thank you so much Katy!
It is definitely a struggle sometimes, but where there's a will, there's a way.

Best wishes for you as you begin your journey here at WA. I truly believe you are going to enjoy it.

If you need a hand with anything, I will do my best to help.
Thanks again! :)

Kudos to you Jeremy. Definitely inspiring. Know that there are "real" people who are enjoying success is a testament to this platform.

Thank you Craig.
If I can do this, I feel pretty confident that anyone can. :)

Great result and a great post - thanks for sharing.
Onwards and upwards :-)

Thank you sir and you are most welcome!
The sky is the limit buddy :)

Great testimonial and I agree with every word you have taken the time to add...Best of luck going forward, and yes, everyone here can succeed, no doubt! Cheers! Dave : )

No doubt Dave!
Best wishes to you my friend.
Cheers back at ya' :)

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