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So as not to distract from your adventure here at Wealthy Affiliate, this will be short and sweet.After 5 years at Wealthy Affiliate, I currently own and operate 3 websites. 1 year ago, I sold the very first website I created here for a nice profit.I have also become a celebrity on YouTube...LOL! Seriously though, if you haven't considered YouTube, consider this - YouTube drives nearly 30% of the traffic to my RC website, not to mention the 10's of thousands of views.Views and visits = OPPORTUN
November 30, 2018
It's a mobile world my friends.We started a YouTube channel a few short months ago and here is a recent screenshot of devices used to see our content.I'm not going to ramble on and waste a bunch of your time.Just DON"T underestimate mobile!Happy marketing to you all and I hope you have a very merry Christmas :)~Jeremy
Wealthy Affiliate has been exposed by me to be the best affiliate marketing training program on the internet.Can Wealthy Affiliate really teach someone with no marketing or sales experience how to make 100 sales in a single month?Yep...They sure can.Howdy friends and welcome to another Wealthy Affiliate success story.In today's post, I will expose Wealthy Affiliate for what it truly is.If you are new to Wealthy Affiliate, or having doubts about whether or not you can do this, then sit back and
Howdy friends.I have integrated the New Amazon One Link on my baseball website and need someone from Canada or UK to click on an affiliate link or 2 to make sure I have implemented everything correctly.I want to make sure you are being redirected to Amazon Canada or Amazon UK.You can go to my profile to find the baseball site you can copy/ paste baseballxgear into your browser.I know how busy you are and this would be most appreciated. If everything is workin
July 03, 2017
Have you seen Amazon's new feature called Amazon One Link?Amazon has rolled out this new feature to help US associates to monetize international traffic to their sites from the UK and Canada.I went through the process of integrating the new Amazon One Link feature on all my sites this morning and it was pretty simple.You will need to create Amazon UK and Canada accounts if you don't already have them. You will also have the option of linking to several other countries/regions in the Amazon Asso
Hello Wealthy Affiliates!I've waited til I reached this milestone of averaging a sale a day to write my 1st success post. Well, I finally did it.Also my highest conversion rate so far. :)I would like to address newcomers to Wealthy Affiliate in particular.You see, when I first started this online money making adventure, I expected what many of you may expect...Instant money. While this is absolutely a possibility, you need to understand that you are building something here that can last a lifet
Howdy all!If you need a free contact form for your site that is ssl compatible, without the need for yet another plugin, I found one you may want to check out.After finally getting off my butt and making the https upgrade to my sites, I struggled for longer than I should have to achieve the elusive "green padlock."When I finally found the culprit responsible for preventing me from going green, it ended up being my old crusty contact us form in a sidebar widget!If you're still struggling to go g
December 09, 2016
"If I could get the world to search with quotes around their queries, I do believe I would be a millionaire by now!"~JeremyLike if you can relate :)O.K. your ten seconds is up....Now GET BACK TO WORK! :)
August 30, 2015
Hey everyone!Today is a very exciting day for me, and hopefully for my VERY FIRST REFERRAL too.Today, I have proven to myself (and a lot of others), that if you take action with the awesome training available here, things can happen pretty quickly.Thank you all for all your help along the way. I can honestly say that I have never had a question go unanswered for more than a few minutes.Anyway, just a short post this time, but the next one will go into a little more detail about how I got to thi
August 03, 2014
Yes it's just one post, but looking back to just a couple of weeks ago this is pretty cool to me. I had, and continue to have doubts about weather or not I can actually make this work, but seeing this definitely motivates me to keep going. All thanks to to the awesome training and support community!! I am definitely still very much a newbie, but maybe, just maybe I can do this... Why Baseball is America's Pastime - BASEBALL GEAR 4 day