'Easy ... When You Know How,'

Last Update: October 08, 2014

Every morning I park my car at the Station Car Park & walk to my shop.

I've been doing this for a couple of months now. I have to park the car usually at the very end of the car park, as they are the only available spots left at that time (10:30am) & walk back to the ticket meter which only takes cards & wait very patiently whilst the process is complete & it is slow!

Initially I was completely 'gobsmacked' with the ticket machine?! I finally figured out which slot to place my card... Which buttons to press etc & then I'd end up cancelling everything (accidentally) whilst trying to request a receipt! I did this three times & felt so embarrassed whilst people started to queue up behind me :( I turned round in despair to the man behind to see if he could help please?... As I knew he had been watching my every move throughout!?

'Oh you are pressing the wrong button ...you should be pressing the arrow above?!' .... Well thank you very much... ... But why did you watch me do this three times before saying anything?! Obviously I did not say that to him though, but maybe I should have?! I just thanked him & felt rather stupid to say the least...

Well lately the nearest ticket machine has been out of order ... & the next is so far away & realising that they probably hadn't repaired it by this morning, I boldly parked my car right next to the ticket machine, got my ticket & then went to park my car. I saved a lot of walking up & down unnecessarily.

As I walked back down, I saw this lady trying to figure out the machine, telling me it wasn't working? I had a look & promptly guided her on what to do & continued on my way to the end of the car park where another couple were trying to figure things out too at another meter ... So I showed them and as I continued... A voice called out.. 'Ask that lady, she knows what to do!'

I turned round & realised it was me he was referring to... So I went back again & showed someone else! Every time in order not to make them feel embarrassed, I explained I hadn't a clue either till someone showed me!

Well the moral of the story here is... 'It is so easy when you know how!' I'm now an expert on the parking ticket meters, which is obviously somewhat baffling initially (unless we are a real stupid bunch?!) & my morning parking routine!

Right back to learning 'How' :))

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mlshands Premium
You make a really good point in this story. We don't watch people when they need help. We approach them and offer our knowledge or offer to figure it out together. Thank you for sharing.
tmmom Premium
It would behoove the parking people to put up some clear directions!
JennyAnn Premium
Absolutely... Once you've done it a couple of times it's fine ... Just so slow!
Marith Premium
What a great story, and doen't it give you a good feeling being able to help others with the little things in life ?
divadejunk Premium
That's great! Maybe on your day off you can set up a little stand like Lucy of the Peanuts cartoons with a sign "Parking Ticket Meter Advice One Nickel" Seriously, that's great -- paying it forward. All the best to you.
CarlaIves Premium
Anything is easy when you know how to do it. LOL I wholeheartedly agree. After almost 3 months here at WA, I can no answer basic website questions when I knew nothing before. I know how to do a lot of things I thought I could never do. After 3 more months, I'll know a lot more. Bravo! Not only on learning, but on helping others not have to go through what you did!