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Last Update: March 16, 2018

Wealthy Affiliate hosts a plethora of sites and not all of them are to do with the MMO niche, which is great!

I love diversity!

It's a breathe of fresh air when I come across a site and the posts offer practical advice be it on choosing colours that match, eating habits, diets, best sewing machine etc.


Because the topics are interesting, they're different and you learn a lot by asking questions.

Do you comment because you'll gain a couple of credits then move onto the next comment to gain even more credits?

What about the answer to your question?

Visitors to a website will more than likely read the comments section and if they see no engagement after a questioned has been asked it does looks kinda weird?

Let's say this is the start of a comment thread:

Question: Great article! I would love to know where I can get that dress from. It looks really nice.

Answer: Can you please tell me what size you are as they only stock certain sizes.


No further comment.

Do you revisit the site that you asked a question to check the response?

It doesn't take long to do.

The SiteComments platform makes it so easy for you to see which one of your comments have been approved so you'll know that there is an answer.

Even a simple 'Thanks for your response' puts closure to your comment thread.

I think this is part of comment engagement and will be great for SEO and potentially someone becoming a 'customer',depending on the type of interaction.

What do you all think?

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Steven-A Premium
I too agree, I know how I feel when I leave a comment on someone's website and get no reply even if it is not a positive comment.
JackieSmith Premium
That's bad ;-)

All comments, negative or positive warrants a response.
tommo1968 Premium
Yes indeed Jackie getting a conversation or discussion going is great for SEO. I did a bit of training on commenting here although it was before the platform addition here but still remains valid.
JackieSmith Premium
Great. Thanks Mark. I will check this out.

DEversley Premium
Very good, Jackie. We all need to get onboard with this ASAP!
Thanks for sharing on such a pertinent issue.

All the best
JackieSmith Premium
Thanks David.
You're welcome.

To me, it's the small things that count. I think mybiz40 - Michelle - did a recent post about the 'small things' counting.
Anjeri Premium
Wow, thanks for that never thought of going back to check on the responses on my comments will definitely do that and check on where I might have asked a question.
JackieSmith Premium
You're welcome Anne.
You can gain so much knowledge by revisiting the site again. Often an answer can prompt you to ask further questions.

All the best. x
Debs66 Premium
Hi, Jackie,
Well said this is so important to engage with your visitors. It's an absolute must.
Thank you for sharing this important post.
Regards as always Deborah ;-)
JackieSmith Premium
Hi Deborah,
I always check out the comments section on websites that I come across. I love to see engagement so that I know it's a live site.

I came across such a site yesterday where a visitor asked a question. It went unanswered for a couple of weeks and his next comment was to the effect of 'This is a spam website'.

The website owner responded a couple of days later and responded 'that he was on holiday'.

A potential customer lost.

Thanks for your comment ;-)
Debs66 Premium
Jackie what a big mistake for that person. Not only that even on holiday we can still check out our businesses it doesn't take that long the internet is every where today.
What a shame comments like that just kills a business.
Such an important factor on becoming a success.
Once again a great and very important post Jackie.
Debs ;-)
JackieSmith Premium
They were valid questions asking about a product he was selling. Lost business for sure.

Having an online business means having the 'laptop lifestyle' for most people.

Seems like this person didn't have his laptop with him.

I hope I don't make that mistake. I try to follow up on each and every comment.

You're welcome. x
JackieSmith Premium
Just to add, this wasn't a WA website. ;-)
Debs66 Premium
Jackie may be that Website owner should come here and get some of this awesome training. ;-))
JackieSmith Premium
Yes. We have it good here eh?