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It's been quite a while since I've shared anything - I share what I believe will inspire others to continue to push ahead with their online business and not give up.We all know that visitors to our site are potential customer so I was so pleased when I saw 20 ACTIVE USERS on my site. I had to refresh the page as I couldn't believe it. haha!This may seem like nothing, however, to me, it's a great acheivement!Look at the overall average session duration. 4minutes and 48secs!I owe all of this to
It has been a great month of learning and sharing with others inside and outside of the Super Affiliate group. With all the excellent stuff that has been shared within the community and hearing success stories it not only acts as encouragement to go on but it propels you to work harder.One great strategy, which is my key takeaway for this month is "How To Write Content Efficiently".A lot of people struggle with writing content where for others, it's second nature.The strategy to writing content
Being part of the Super Affiliate group, has meant working hard to achieve our goals for each month.Tasks were set. So we have to write 12 articles, get at least 15 comments on existing posts plus a whole lot of other tasks.I look at these tasks as 'templates'.If you're anything like me, having a ready made template, makes me want to use it and build upon it, rather than having to start with a blank canvas.For example, you're building your email marketing campaign and you get a ready-made, out
Wealthy Affiliate hosts a plethora of sites and not all of them are to do with the MMO niche, which is great!I love diversity!It's a breathe of fresh air when I come across a site and the posts offer practical advice be it on choosing colours that match, eating habits, diets, best sewing machine etc.Why?Because the topics are interesting, they're different and you learn a lot by asking questions.Do you comment because you'll gain a couple of credits then move onto the next comment to gain even
I'm sure the heading perked some interest that's why you're here as we know that Jaaxy is the #1 tool for Keyword Research.I'm now at the start of Month 2 in the Super Affiliate Group.Our main focus is on content - including the design,keywords, catchy titles and so on.One of the emphasis was on keyword stuffing. I'm sure we all do this to try and outrank our competitors, however, Google will penalise us for this. Sometimes it's not clear that your keywords are similar.So, let's see.Are these
I've not posted for a while, however being part of the SWAG group, I've learned so much in the 3 weeks since we commenced, that I feel compelled to write - and it's also one of the tasks - to post a WA blog. :-)This is just a simple thing but it has helped me to write fluently and consistently.We have all heard that Content is King and that we should aim for at least 1000 words (or is it 1500) for each post.Before being invited to be part of the SWAG group, I was writing a post - yes a SINGLE
This is great!!Even though Google is the number ONE search tool on the web, it is still nice to know that you are getting ranked high in Bing and Yahoo.My post ranked in position 4 for Google after a few minutes (maybe less) of submitting my post to their search engine, I also submitted my post to Bing Webmaster at the same time. Nada!!A week later I checked Bing and I'm not only ranked in position 1 but also position 4!!Such a nice feeling!! Now onto more keyword research with the new Jaaxy
This is the highest I have ranked in WA!! I have been very active in the community since I upgrade to yearly. I saw my WA ranking jump from 587 to 291 in a DAY!! When I looked, I jumped for joy. You would've thought I'd won the lottery or had a wave of referrals. The latter is yet to come but I'm VERY optimistic!!Prior to me upgrading, I was somewhere around the 2100 rank.It helps to pay forward and support this community. I have set goals and I am ticking them off one by one. Such a nic
December 10, 2017
Just published my latest post and I ranked for my keywords on Google in a matter of seconds!! This is a HUGE achievement for me as I neglected my site for a while and didn't think Google cared about my site anymore :-) I feel like Jay when he published a post in his live class then checked Google and he was ranked in position 1.It's such a lovely feeling!! I feel even more motivated to keep on posting and reviewing my old posts!!BTW I checked Bing and I'm not on the their first page. In fact
December 01, 2017
Hello WA's!!So I've been with Wealthy Affiliate for a year and I have enjoyed every minute of it!! It is THE BEST platform to learn all you need to know about Affiliate and Internet Marketing. Within the second month of joining, I made my first sale via Amazon and it was through the training here that I was able to accomplish this, so I KNOW the strategies being taught here work!!However, I've not been able to work on my site as I would have liked to, due to me studying as well as working full-