20 Live Visitors On My Blog

Last Update: June 25, 2018

It's been quite a while since I've shared anything - I share what I believe will inspire others to continue to push ahead with their online business and not give up.

We all know that visitors to our site are potential customer so I was so pleased when I saw 20 ACTIVE USERS on my site. I had to refresh the page as I couldn't believe it. haha!

This may seem like nothing, however, to me, it's a great acheivement!

Look at the overall average session duration. 4minutes and 48secs!

I owe all of this to the training here at Wealthy Affiliate and even more so being part of the SAG!

Since the Super Affiliate Group began, I started to take my online business more serious. Having a mentor like Kyle and being accountable really does help.

No more excuses!

If you are serious about your online business, I know it sounds cliche, but follow the training.

If you are part of the SAG, Bo's group or any other group that may be going on, stay focussed. You only need ONE mentor, someone to be accountable to otherwise by participating in more than one group, you will be led in many directions and not get anywhere.

This isn't the only achievement I've had since I started the SAG, but I like to give them in tidbits ;-)

Watch this space for more updates!

I hope this has inpsired you to keep up with the training.

It's the small changes that will lead onto bigger and better things!

Wishing everyone success here at WealthyAffiliate!

I'd love to hear how your online business has imnproved by following the training here.

Comments below!

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firstlearn Premium
You must be very pleased with your progress Jackie.

JackieSmith Premium
I'm am Derek but I still have a looooonnnnnggg way to go.

Thanks man!
MiaL Premium
That’s wonderful Jackie! I would’ve been thrilled too!
JackieSmith Premium
Thanks Melissa!
Yes, we need to appreciate the small milestones... they lead onto bigger things.
HeidiY Premium
That is wonderful Jackie, you gotta love that feeling that people are actually engaging with your work. I had 5 on my niche site last night as I happened to randomly be looking at Analytics and I was chuffed with that.

Onwards and Upwards to us all.
JackieSmith Premium
That's wonderful Heidi! I'm happy for you.

Isn't it great when you see those stats?

Wishing you continued success my friend!
MMoncur Premium
Awesome news!! Congrats!!
JackieSmith Premium
Thanks Max!
That's great!
JackieSmith Premium
Thanks Lei!